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  1. I understand all because spanish is my first language lol. i never seen the character named “hit” in videos or similar. i discovered mugen in 2005/2006 in youtube when mugen 1.1 i wasnt exist at that moment. the problem is the winmugen version was unnoficial,all my life i thinked i was a official version.
  2. funny,because i only reported a bug on that website and the staff deactivated my account for no reason. i want to stay here in mugen free for all. 🐻
  3. lala deviluke by ANGEMON777 the sprites are horrible :(.
  4. this one (for pabloSSB) is just what im looking for,finally i found it.
  5. use bandicam https://www.bandicam.com i get a free version,put in 1280 x 720 because 640x480 its very slow quality.
  6. main protagonists : another kung fu girl z,nakoruru neutral:Touhou Girls. main antagonists : rinnosuke,evil kfm .
  7. now i see who this cat thing come from. i was get it on my old winmugen (r.i.p) in 2007 .
  8. i love put night stages in my mugen,thanks.
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