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  1. Who wants Hazbin Hotel in MUGEN anyway? I've been thinking of that one Well, there are 4 stages i made. Also, been wishing the characters of it as what i said here! NOTE: Click on the stage name for the download Pentagram City Happy Hotel Sir Pentious' Airship Club Hell 666
  2. ----------ARE YOU READY FOR CHICKEN DINNER?---------- This is me bringing up the stages of PUBG i made back in the months. Hope you enjoy! NOTE: Click on the stage name for the download Erangel Miramar Sanhok Vikendi
  3. Is anyone here thinking of Hazbin Hotel or Helluva Boss? Speaking of those, here's who i wish to be in MUGEN: - Angel Dust: I'd say that his gameplay would be very impressive if identical to any Devil May Cry characters or armin_iuf's Grand Theft Auto characters. And i even like to hear some of his dirty jokes - Charlie Magne (both normal and full demon form): I'd like to see her to be made in normal form along with her separated full one, this means no transformation in the gameplay, just like Jin Kazama and Devil Jin from Tekken - Vaggie - Alastor: I see there's one exist
  4. I remember discovering that site here to download a bunch of those stuffs uploaded there until partly uploading any stages i made, especially the stages from Hazbin Hotel and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds/PUBG, and after the long time of inactivity, i've been wondering why i can't access there anymore. However, seeing the mass questions about the issue of MUGEN Archive, especially the Error 1020 of it, i just recognized IT FUCKING BLOCKED MY ACCESS WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION!!! Then i thought out myself that i got banned from there for no goddamn reason! In this instance, i decided to
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