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  1. Honestly mmmachi's vampire characters use really detailed custom sprites (Though NSFW) they're still worth to play around with.
  2. BTW, is the Turkey fixed and how fast is it?
  3. I really can't do requests, but I can do regular battles instead.
  4. Thanks dude, I'm sorry for disrupting you in the forums earlier...But next time I'll not do it again. But the reason is due to the Covid-19 Pandemic which made me felt so annoying and moody that I didn't now what to do.
  5. Hey Guys, I was going to post a new Status Update but They've been turned off for some reason. But now I can only start on Topics and Events. Any ideas why that happened?
  6. Zangief kinda looks like a bull bellowing smoke that's literally coming out of his nose!
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