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  1. Greetings Everyone, I've been away for about 2 months, so here's the Updates for both Mr Incredible and Elastigirl (Both made by Warner). By the way this Mr Incredible was actually edited by Aperson98 and Bobafett, but I've updated him with added moves (as Tweenies_1998, my actual creator name). What's new (UPDATE 2021): Mr Incredible's new specials: Assist Dash Parr (D, DF + C) (The Dash Parr Sprites are made by me!) Incredible Spin Dash (D + A) Added New Compatibility Animations (Mr Incredible): Midnight Bliss (Sulley from Monsters Inc Onesie) Cursed Form (LEGO Minifigure) - Marge Simpson/Fitness Marge exclusive Changed his old KFM Voice Clips to his Disney Infinity 1.0 voices (Since he didn't sound like Mr Incredible at all when I looked at his sound clips) Changed his old Portrait to the one from The Incredibles 2 (Since the film came out in 2018) Electrocution, Burned, Frozen & Sangue - Passare (Exclusive to Mr Incredible only) ELASTIGIRL'S UPDATES: Elastigirl now has an English Soundpack (With Sound Clips taken from Disney Infinity 1.0) for the first time! Elastigirl has her portrait changed to The Incredibles 2 one. Both Mr Incredible and Elastigirl have winquotes from both movies, by the way. DOWNLOAD LINKS Are Available: Elastigirl: https://www.mediafire.com/file/31why4oajgm7rns/Elastigirl_%28ENGLISH.Ver%29.zip/file Mr Incredible: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0usrp96jq9129d4/Mr_IncredibleUPDATE2021.zip/file Good Luck enjoying these two characters, have a nice day. (NOTE: My author name is Tweenies_1998 by the way, don't forget!)
  2. Honestly mmmachi's vampire characters use really detailed custom sprites (Though NSFW) they're still worth to play around with.
  3. BTW, is the Turkey fixed and how fast is it?
  4. I really can't do requests, but I can do regular battles instead.
  5. Thanks dude, I'm sorry for disrupting you in the forums earlier...But next time I'll not do it again. But the reason is due to the Covid-19 Pandemic which made me felt so annoying and moody that I didn't now what to do.
  6. Hey Guys, I was going to post a new Status Update but They've been turned off for some reason. But now I can only start on Topics and Events. Any ideas why that happened?
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