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  1. Does anyone have the joke char "Daniel D'Arby"? I've been looking for it, and the only part where I can find it is in Mugen Archive, but I can't enter the page

  2. Does anyone have the joke character Darby from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure?
    I've only seen it on Mugen Archive and I think they already know my problem with Mugen Archive...

  3. I'm looking for Rocky Balboa but the only page I found on this character is Mugen Archive and I can't access

    Right now I will have to keep looking or wait for help

  4. Sometimes I want to create a character but I'm too impatient

    1. jo19sh92


      I get that feeling all the time. In most cases though, its more or less "I want to create a character, but doing so takes to damn long"

  5. It simply gives me error 1020, I have tried more than 16 different countries with the VPN and nothing
  6. I made a color palette for Jotaro, this is the Jotaro from the PSX version where Star Platinum is a single main color, enjoy it! http://www.mediafire.com/file/4ebffntc8rnhjhn/psx.act/file
  7. Here without being able to access the Mugen Archive

    1. Dissidia


      You'll live without it.

    2. AstroInkling45


      You're not the only one.

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