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Found 24 results

  1. Last month, I made the palettes for dooby dummy by Most_Mysterious/The None. Feel free to use them but give credit tho. If you don't know who this character is, dooby dummy is an enemy from pencil whipped(pc game). I made those palettes for remake version of dooby dummy. they might work for the original version. I made 11 palettes(there's total 12 which is the default palette). Here's some palettes: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vlajls00illqkan/Dooby_Dummy_Palettes.zip/file Credits: Pencil Whipped by Lonnie Flickinger/Chiselbrain(fun fact: Lonnie Flickinger/Chiselbrain is aware that dooby dummy is in mugen. here's proof: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rt2dlf23mg tip: go to the comment section Dooby Dummy(Mugen Character) by Most Mysterious/The None(Yes he also created omega tiger woods, dink smallwood, etc) Dooby Dummy Palettes by Me
  2. [Preview] [Download Link] https://www.mediafire.com/file/s3pe0r8fa0xfanh/Rugal2nd_XV.rar/file
  3. Now now, I know what you're thinking. "Oh, that fucknugget Plasmoid is releasing a joke character on April Fools again." But no, I'm not releasing a joke character today. I've decided to subvert that just this once. Anyone who knows me knows Pikaman is one of my all-time favourite MUGEN characters, so I couldn't joke around with this one. I really hope you enjoy this one! Download PlasmoidThunder's Scrapheap
  4. Palettes of the Mario Brothers along with Wario and Waluigi ones for y.y's version of Jotaro Kujo. There's also alternate versions for my edit of that Jotaro, which make their pants look like their shirts to simulate the look of overalls. https://mega.nz/file/8E1mEaLR#TcQp1kNGu199MaaAARyyaMORxoCuA5UZVIWDeU3JJyg Normal versions: Alternate Versions:
  5. This is an anime palette I made just for y.y's PSX Jotaro. Simply replace the palette you want out with Animeyy.act http://www.mediafire.com/file/xyw55g51j414cpp/Animeyy.act/file
  6. I made a color palette for Jotaro, this is the Jotaro from the PSX version where Star Platinum is a single main color, enjoy it! http://www.mediafire.com/file/4ebffntc8rnhjhn/psx.act/file
  7. translated with google translator: Hello everyone and without more to say I will leave the patches with CS that I do from now on [Info] Name ="orochi98um" DisplayName ="orochi98um" VersionDate =16,10,2008 MugenVersion =06,14,2003 Author ="Zelgadis" pics: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u76fruik4tksg0t/orochi98UM.rar/file in this king CS I used the mondregon edit as a base since at the beginning I had a separation in pants and gloves [Info] name ="King" displayname ="King" versiondate =11,15,2003 mugenversion =04,14,2001 author ="M.M.R." pics: https://www.mediafire.com/file/vie49depbvio4ce/king.rar/file [Info] name = "Kisarah Westfield" displayname = "Kisarah" versiondate = 04,14,2002 mugenversion = 04,14,2002 author = "mouser" pics: https://www.mediafire.com/file/zgbs39rjb3s52te/kisarah.rar/file [Info] name = "Caolong" displayname = "Long" mugenversion = 1.0 author = "Misamu K Young" pics: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mjfdt3m7aahpdlc/Caolong.rar/file
  8. A thread for palettes I have made. Simply click the links to download em. Odie by Zobbes Palettes: Iggy (JoJo, CPS3-esc) Wolf (Starfox, somehwat based off his Ultimate colours), Amaterasu, Duck Hunt Dog, 8-Bit and Gameboy colours Link Suwako by Veanko Palettes: Lilith, Cammy (MvC2), Pipimi (Pop Team Epic) Blake (RWBY) Sayori (DDLC) and Pepe the frog Link Iori (+Orochi Iori) by Hero Palettes: Homer, Jotaro (Heritage for the future) Shadow DIO (Heritage for the future), Akuma and Trouble Man REQUIRES: This version to be used Link Smash Ultimate Donkey Kong palettes for DMSderProgrammer's MvC Donkey Kong Link -----NEXT?------------------------------------------\ | "I HAVE NO IDEA" - The Medic (TF2)> ---------------------------------------------------------/
  9. VHS Guy's Back!!!! I'm Remaking VHS Guy using MVC2 template, cos' the Original VHS Guy (Which i was updating) has been cancelled by a mistake (probably because i didn't save the files right). this one uses my custom sprite, and i would make more sprites of him, i only made his idle. and some palletes. Stay tuned for more of this new remake.
  10. both templates are used for a single colour, if you want a custom flame colour indicate with (256,256,256) also if you can come up with a name for your colour that would help alot. the name can be whatever language you want as long as its in the latin alphabet. default fire looks like this:
  11. While I already posted it in the collection, I'm not sure if they should go here as well. In any case, custom palattes for the currently Mugenized Monster Ancient Cline characters Delga, Othello, and Aleksandr. Each ZIP comes with 14 custom palates for the character, as shown below. Delga http://www.mediafire.com/file/bx3rxrrnl9fw6ll/Delga_Custom_Palates.zip/file Othello http://www.mediafire.com/file/uuh1ljdxr4okktc/Othello_Custom_Palates.zip/file Aleksandr http://www.mediafire.com/file/dcfi1b80vhs4swe/Aleksandr_Custom_Pallates.zip/file As an extra tidbit of information, 6 of the 14 palates for each character is a reference to another character, most from either from Monster, or another game.
  12. Created this as a hub for whatever patches I make, since I don't bother making release threads for them outside of probably three instances. A.I. Patches Marion by MugoUrth Original Download Palettes Ramparudo by Minoo Koishi by RicePigeon Plutia Pikaman_R by Ryun Original Download Original Download Original Download Voicepacks Utsuho Reiuji by RicePigeon Heavy Weapons Guy Marisa Kirisame by RicePigeon Labrys Chen by RicePigeon Sr Pelo Original Download Original Download Original Download Portraits Life of Maid 忍忍 (Renren) Puppet Dance Performance Album Album Album Misc. Gardevoir by Ðshiznetz Palette Patch Wario Colosseum by Luneth 640x480 Patch Original Download Original Download
  13. Following the request made by Cook4251, another package of palettes is created. NOTE: This Karin palette package is compatible with the POTS version edited by Gui Santos. DOWNLOAD HERE!
  14. Ten packages of pallets released by kater15 Hyde by Websta Jin Kazama by Byakko Mangle by FourthRhyme Nanoha Takamachi by Finir Omega Rugal by Falcon Rapper R. Mika by QuickFist Shizuo Heiwajima by Websta VelaSherry by BlackCurl Violent Ken by The Lord of Flies Vita Yagami by Finir
  15. Hi guys, today i bring you palettes of these JoJo´s Characters. They are Jotaro and Kakyoin with their colors of the anime and the game "Eyes of Heaven". Original chars are Warusaki´s Jotaro and Izumo´s Kakyoin. I hope do you like it... Demostration: DOWNLOAD https://mega.nz/#!C0RzgZ5Q!YDQG0Sv9w60RwI5ZEoilJEYwDnNFWAo9Equ2BX69cgU
  16. Minoo's Rampardos doesn't have any palettes, so I made some. Download PlasmoidThunder's Scrapheap
  17. Doki Doki Melty Palettes Hey, I recently got into Doki Doki Literature Club. It's a free game on Steam and a pretty good experience, though I'm pretty sure everyone's either played through it already or been spoiled . Anyways, I made palettes for the DDLC characters over Melty Blood characters. Monika, Sayori, and Natsuki are put over Nineball's Akiha, Satsuki, and Miyako respectively (all of them the MBAACC versions), while Yuri is put over YoungKirei & Take.K's Ryougi. Palettes aren't designed for other versions of these chars. Chars with the palettes installed: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vlc7ip23g1d8kir/Doki+Melties.rar - Akiha, Satsuki, and Miyako have their palettes set to 36 in the pre-fight pal select, Ryougi's Yuri palette is set to palette 12 (you gotta select it in the char select screen) Just the palettes: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jvxlz0gpcc9l3ls/Doki+MB+palettes.rar
  18. Ako Tamaki by Sennou-Room (Palettes made by kater15) DOWNLOAD More palette packages in my DeviantArt profile.
  19. Shana by Kohaku (Palettes made by kater15) DOWNLOAD You can find more pallet packs made by me on my DeviantArt profile.
  20. Azrael by Deoxgigas (Palettes made by kater15) Compatible for versions 1.0 and 1.1. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5a97unnoey3on7h/azrael-pals.rar More palette packages in my DeviantArt profile.
  21. I noticed that there is only one palette available for Boa Hancock by kijunten, but now a pallet pack is added for it. DOWNLOAD HERE!
  22. Hello everyone, I added one more package of palettes, now for Ivy Valentine from SoulCalibur. I hope you like it. DOWNLOAD HERE!
  23. Fou-Lu by UN -Palettes (made by kater15) I could say that this new pack of palettes was one of the most elaborate and laborious I've ever done. DOWNLOAD HERE!
  24. アプデートUPDATE: MUGEN1.0 versions added I make a break of my "retirement" (it was more from my duties in the forum than from MUGEN itself, BTW) to bring you this A E S T H E T I C pack of 3 stages based on Vaporwave, my new drug right now, all of them with (of course) Vaporwave songs and with S U P E R J U M P, presented by デアドポオル and エアルドヲルムジム And to complete the combo, I added some N O S T A L G I C palettes for my characters: Eric, Blizzard, Shelly, Mad Grinder, Another k9999 and Frosty Ninja I hope you like this P A C K, it was intended to be released at April Fools Day, but I prefered to release it last night instead. Maybe something related to this maybe done for that day, but for now, just relax and enjoy ;) SUBARASHII
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