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  1. Let's see how worthy this opponent is.
  2. Here it is. Bimmy Wesker
  3. I've uploaded James on Mega. I suppose i might put the link in here. Also, Ash isn't uploaded as i will added some new features in it. Coming soon for Ash Ketchum.
  4. I've uploaded Bimmy Wesker on Mega. Mind if i put the link in there?
  5. Welcome to Edited Mugen Characters and Stages!!! These are the characters and stages i've edited for fun and some of them are released on
  6. Hey Georgie boy. Thanks for the following.

  7. Hello everyone. All fine and good at home? We all have still difficult times at this and we need to focus on happy times rather than bad times. As for me, after being on hiatus and long at home, i come across a idea. A idea to bring my favorite tv character to mugen. With the help of a character and had more time to work on sicne then. It's the orange dress kid herself... Angela Anaconda Yup, Angela Anaconda. From the tv show of Fox Family. Some people like it (like me) and some don't. Unlike the other characters i've released, this character has a intro
  8. After Angela Anaconda has been released, i've made 5 stages from the tv show Angela Anaconda. These are the 5 stages: Tapwater Springs Elementary School, Angela's Tree House, Johnny Abatti's Pizza, Nanette Manoir's Manor and Prince Abdul Khalid Jabalasaldin's Palace. Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/89t0o652wpwj0na/AngelaStages.rar/file Please enjoy the stages.
  9. i found these 2 chars that fits in this category. Pai Chan: -https://www.sendspace.com/file/stpyqqLau Chan: -https://www.sendspace.com/file/ii8lt3
  10. Hello homies and smurfs. I'm GTAguy, the guy who likes to help mugen like characters in which I like. Good to be here.
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