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  1. Happy B day, man. We haven't always seen eye to eye, but I hope all is well with you.

  2. also why are you posting when this thread is super old Killer stop it.
  3. Dizzy is the admin of archive not mod. He owns the place.
  4. hey not sure if you remember me but I tried to give you feedback way back when you first released this and showed you the busted hitboxes and such glad to see you actually fixed some stuff now.
  5. oy oy laharl, do you have any laharl sprites? i'm looking to use them to make a char, like rance, but will need sprites ones with most attacks or at least good quality, i'm either making laharl or etna (csw sprites)

  6. OH GOOD another overpowered gundam to add to the list lol.
  7. I just uploaded those lifebars I had them still.
  8. Where is the Rance Char? I'm still waiting.

    1. Websta
    2. Arya Chan ☆

      Arya Chan ☆

      change that profile picture aleadry

    3. Laharl


      I released all the stuff I had for him im not making him anymore but anyone else is free too pick it up



  9. I miss you bby

  10. yo ryou kongman by maty seems to be going to lilith instead
  11. way back when I tried my hand at ripping these and for one reason or the other I ended up not being able too however I was able to get a hack of the game to make the background entirely black and used a program called animget to record it frame by frame. I do not see myself actually coding anything from scratch maybe an edit here or there but. I figured after all this time since this project isn't going anywhere on my end I would just release the resources needed to make Rance for mugen. I also have his voice ripped and named the files as they sounded to me at the time though they are proba
  12. fixed all broken images in this collection next will be adding any lens I missed while I was away or just forgot to add in general. I have been away from mugen for awhile so it is highly probable that some of these chars are outdated versions for the ones I had to host myself. If this is the case kindly tell me and I will update the link. also reccomend any len edits that I do not have in this collection I am aware of basketball len and she will be added I just want to get more to add at once.
  13. yo so its been awhile huh? Im back and noticed that all my images are no longer working, gonna get that fixed and add any lens I missed in the past not sure what happened with all my images. also after looking back on it I will include overpowered as hell lens in this collection I will just describe them as such.
  14. I live again

    1. Noside


      Holy shit dude, haven't heard of you for ages, welcome back.

    2. CozySquirtle


      How long has it been? 2~3 years?! Are the OGs finally coming back? Anyways great to here from you again!

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