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  1. Damn, I never would have guessed that you'd actually release these lifebars. What a way to come back, Phantom!
  2. An old idea from a few years back, but I figure this would be kinda more relevant than before thanks to the advent of games released by Netherrealm Studios. Kusanagi (King of Fighters '02-'03) vs. Kyo Kusanagi (King of Fighters '94-XIV) Kusanagi: You will burn, Kyo....... Kyo: Haven't heard that one before from Yagami. Try me, though. Kusanagi: You're a dead man walking! Erron Black (Mortal Kombat) vs. Ryougi Shiki (Melty Blood) Erron: I reckon we're not here to parlay, are we? Ryougi: As far as I'm concerned, you're just another gun-toting nuisance. Erron: That talk will end with you six feet under, missy. Chucky (Child's Play) vs. Monokuma (Danganronpa) Chucky: You know there's only room for one killer doll...... Monokuma: I'm no doll! I'm the loveable Monokuma! Chucky: Yeah, yeah, who gives a flying fuck, anyways?
  3. Thread has been updated with newer requests, with the completed ones being marked as such.
  4. I checked. It's not there, unfortunately, despite there being other patches for some of Kohaku's characters.
  5. Boy, oh, boy, it has been a loooooong while, hasn't it? Been busy IRL and been doing some things over at MFG for the better part of a good couple of years now, but I'm back now just wondering how so much has changed and with some missing stuff I could help in locating. Current Requests: 1. AI Patch for DivineWolf's Rock Howard 2. A version of Yuri Sakazaki with her stance from KOF XIII and XIV? I am aware that an edit of that is in KOF Wing, but I want to know if that exists outside the game's parameters. 3. This Orochi stage edit named "Joya Yasakani no Magatama": 4. Forest of Green stage from SVC with these weather transitions: 5. This edit of the Sky Noah stage, by the looks of it? 6. Fa8ble by Saphira 7. This stage: 8. This stage: 9. Safa Ahmed by Mambojambo 10. NESTS Kula. Was she ever released, or is she still a private edit lost to the annals of time? 11. Alpha EVE by A-KUE 12. Black Rock Shooter Project MUGEN Screenpack (Both links posted here are dead) Completed Requests: - AI Patch for Kohaku's Ryougi Shiki by sw - Ruth by JuanABL - Kana-Chan by Miyabi & DHQ - Rainbow Moon Night by Manny Lingle - Fallen Seraph by MOTVN - RedMoon by MadlaX
  6. Okay......So can anyone let me know of what's changed around here since I was last active a year or so ago?

    1. Uncle Dante

      Uncle Dante

      Huh, I just realized it's been over a year since I've last been active on here too. Where does the time go?


      Though, to be fair, the frequent technical issues with Bluehost did make it pretty difficult to really be involved last year, since the site went down multiple times. Luckily that all seems to be taken care of now.


      As far as what's new, there's not much that I'm aware of. However, I do know that some new features were added to the forum. Alexei also stepped down from being an Admin recently, too.

  7. Oxy, check the messages please. 

  8. For my next batch of requests: Oume Goketsuji, KILL, and Kloss
  9. Requesting portraits for Constans II, Constantinus III, and Robert Garcia:
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