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  1. BGM: Riders of the Light still playing Anwalt: Not again, you piece of shit!! Lucent: *sigh* Lord, help me... Anwalt was about to get eaten, but Lucent casted Tornado once more and saved him from being eaten. Lucent: ... Anwalt: Ehehe... oops... Lucent changed to his dark tome and the Nightmare Fog reappeared. A griffon came and Anwalt mounted on it. Lucent: From this moment onward, you're prohibited to leave this griffon until we end this wave. Capice? Anwalt: WHAT?! But how am I going to attack those guys from up here?! Lucent: Figure a way yourself, stupid brother. Lucent left Anwalt in the air as he flew down to help the others. Anwalt: Treating me like a kid... tch... Umbra: Oh, you wanna eat me?! Well, guess what?! Two can play that game!! Umbra called two wolves and used Drill Fang to escape from the worm's reach. However, instead of backing off, he and the familiars went at the middle of the worm's body, trying to pierce its body and rip it apart in a triangular formation.
  2. Anwalt: Nice... laser pelting, 2nd round... Anwalt covered himself but the lasers were still hitting him. However. thanks to the effects of Protect, the damage was being cut and it became minimal, since their lasers were not that damaging compared to the heavy soldiers and the worms. Umbra: Are you for reals?! Bullshitty sand!! Umbra began running towards the wheel in order to kick it again and send it at his foes. However... The Light Burst hit the rear of the wheel, but it was sent airborne, jumping out of the sand. Umbra: (Oh great, it's flying now. What should I do with this...) Lucent: Umbra!! Kick it!! Umbra: Kick it... AHA!! Umbra aimed at the whell and released the blades at it. Once they reached it and plunged themselves, he was pulled away with it thanks to basic notion of physics. He retracted the chains trying to reach the wheel. Anwalt: The heck is he trying to do with that thing?! Anwalt: Ooooh!! I got it now! Well, time to move on!! As he finally reached the ground, Anwalt landed and went running towards the guards. Meanwhile, Umbra reached the wheel and stood right in between the spikes. Umbra: AHAHAHA!! Eat a good lunch of wheel, you asshats!! A dark aura emerged from Umbra. His Sadistic Desire buff activated, giving him more strength and speed at the cost of his defense. He kicked it and the wheel began to descend in a diagonal angle, at crazy speeds thanks to the second kick and the Light Burst from before. But this wasn't the end of the move just yet. Lucent: Alone it wouldn't work, but let's see if you enjoy these blazes once reality sinks in! Right between the soldiers and the descending wheel, Lucent casted Firestorm, as a pillar of fire emerged from the sand. The wheel went right into it and was engulfed in its flames. Now, it was a descending burning projectile, coming to smash whoever was its target and explode in the area it would collide. System Information 1. Anwalt Vermillion Damage Modifier: x1.5 Fortified (Protect Buff): 1 turn left 2. Umbra Sadistic Desire: Active (x1.25 attack and speed boost, x0.75 defense demerit) 3. Lucent Vermillion Illusion Crystals: 7/10. 4. Melina Braveheart Evade (Whirlwind Buff): 1 turn left 5. Raina Havenray Strengthened (Flame Fusion Buff): 2 turns left
  3. Flying with his vision directed towards the guards, Lucent managed to evade the shots and rise himself up even more in the air. Lucent: (I have to be careful now. Those soldiers are aiming at me now too.) He flew back to Raina, in order to re-buff her with Boon of Swiftness. However, he had another idea. Lucent: I don't know if your stronger spells have some limits, but if you can use one now, it'll help us. Lucent casted Flame Fusion on Raina, increasing her attack power. He quickly separated from her, in order to disperse the soldiers' attention back to him. Meanwhile, Umbra leaped off from the griffon as the shots eliminated it and it vanished. From the air, Umbra had a different idea. Umbra: Hehe... I could use my wolves but I had a better idea... Umbra: I'm going to test my trinkets on you!! He summoned a giant spiked wheel and dropped it on the sand. With a powerful kick, the wheel started to roll and with another kick, Umbra sent it at the group of soldiers, in order to smash them with the wheel. Even though he didn't know if it would work, he dashed towards them, just to not be caught by the sand worms. Anwalt, however, was caught by surprise from the underneath attack from the sand worm. He was launched in the air and began to fall. Anwalt: Oh shit!! Lucent: Anwalt!! Lucent casted Tornado right where the sand worm attacked. This could be considered a team attack, since it wouldn't hurt the worm but hurt Anwalt instead. However, the wind rotation from the attack moved Anwalt around and upwards in mid-air. Lucent flew as fast as he could, grabbed Anwalt's hands and carried him in the sky. Anwalt: Whew... these close ones are bad for my heart... Lucent: For the last time, BE MORE CAREFUL, IDIOT!! Anwalt: I GOT IT ALREADY, DAMNIT!! NOW TOSS ME AT 'EM!! Lucent tossed Anwalt towards the group of soldiers from the sky. It wasn't a strong toss, so the fall was being a bit awkward. System Information 1. Anwalt Vermillion Damage Modifier: x1.4 Fortified (Protect Buff): 2 turns left 2. Umbra Sadistic Desire: Inactive 3. Lucent Vermillion Illusion Crystals: 5/10 4. Raina Havenray Strengthened (Flame Fusion Buff): 3 turns left
  4. BGM: Riders of the Light still playing Anwalt: Whoa, silver!! Anwalt backed off with the griffon Nightmare, almost being eaten by the sand worm. Anwalt: Shit... am I going to be thrown at close call situations all the damn time?! Lucent: Better get used to it. This is how this wave will be for us. Lucent casted Protect on Anwalt to raise his defenses. This could probably avoid OHKOs but it would still give him a trouble with the damage from the heavy armored soldiers. Anwalt: Thanks, lil' bro! I think I gotta be more careful, huh? Lucent: You think, Anwalt? Anwalt: Uh, I guess I shouldn't have asked... Lucent nods and leaves after Melina and LightFlare. Anwalt jumps from the griffon, lands at the sand and advances as well. The beast disappears as Anwalt is no longer riding it. Lucent: I think I won't even ask what did you mean with that. Be careful in the next time. Losing you won't do us any good, strategically and personally speaking. As for Melina, Lucent casted Whirlwind, slightly raising her evasiveness. Any more speed won't be exactly useful on her for now. Lucent: (And here I thought those sand worms wouldn't attack us if we didn't meddle with them. I guess I was wrong. Oh well...) Lucent: Move ahead and go after the shielders. If the sand worm rises again, make it eat the soldier instead. Lucent flew back into the air, hoping to escape from the attacks. Umbra, however, planned on descending and attacking on the ground, but decided to take another prospect. Umbra: (This griffon won't dissolve for as long as I'm riding it. Considering these sand worms, I'm not being mindless and risking myself at the ground.) Umbra: (Luckily, that training in mounted combat will suffice for something!) He takes off his axe and flies directly at the soldiers, hoping to cause trouble from the air. System Information 1. Anwalt Vermillion Damage Modifier: x 1.1 2. Umbra Sadistic Desire: Inactive 3. Lucent Vermillion Illusion Crystals: 4/10
  5. While still on the air, they had time to strategize a little bit. Soon, Light and Melina began to tell their opinions on how they should proceed. Umbra: Save the projectiles for the heavily armored guys. There was to be a weak point on those lumps of metal we can use against their favor. Umbra: Those shield soldiers are going to give us some trouble though. With their defense fully concentrated on the front and these guns means we need either to be fast or take their shields away. Lucent: ... Lucent: ... Anwalt: Well, I'm ready to give my all on this. Although I have a sensation our attacks will be tanked real hard by those heavy armored guys. Umbra: Also, why do I have the feeling their weapons aren't just for show, like the other batch? Something tells me those guys are going to OHKO us if we're not careful. Especially those heavy armored soldiers and... whatever's under the sand. Umbra and Anwalt had nothing more to say, but Lucent was completely quiet. Anwalt: Lucent? Hey, don't go thinking on recipes right now. Lucent: ... I have a suggestion. One that will work in this situation. Umbra: Alright, we're listening. *Rude Buster stops playing* Lucent: By analyzing the situation, we're not going to kill anyone this wave. Our powers aren't going to do much against those soldiers. Anwalt: Whoa, what?! Why?! Lucent: There was a comment that Umbra spoke and that made me notice something. I don't know if this is just me, but don't you think the configuration in this training is leaving us somewhat renderless to damage? Anwalt: Now that you mention... I felt that I was taking more damage than usual. I know I was risking it, but I felt myself getting weaker while my damage wasn't growing all that much. Lucent: Right. That means both sides can deal absurd damage, us and them. If we're not careful, elimination will happen at all costs. Umbra: But if we're not killing anyone, how are we going to end this wave? Lucent: That's a simple, yet difficult answer. There is a way of taking care of this wave. BGM: Riders of the Light Lucent: The enemies will eliminate themselves. Umbra and Anwalt were the first ones to get interested on the plan. Umbra: Backstabbing, eh? Really devious, Lord Lucent. I like it. Anwalt: So how's going to be the deal here? Which enemy is falling first? Lucent: Our greatest hazards are the beings lurking underground. I have a itching telling me what they are, but we have to confirm first. Make the heavy armored finish the shields or at least give you opening to attack and finish them. After that, we'll make those monsters get these heavy armored and then find ways of killing them altogether. Anwalt: We shouldn't mess with the moving sand things then. No Cragfall or other spells on their area until the right time. Lucent: Also, I've been doing a count and we're 10 enemies away from having the portal open. That means the first raid will happen in this wave. Umbra, you know what to do. Umbra: You don't need to remind me. I can't wait to pay a visit to our "friends". Lucent: (That's right... I wonder how the other team's doing. They could be winning right now. Even so, better not to rush victory or else many missteps will happen.) Anwalt: Alright, Lu. What are the orders? Lucent: Keep the same tasks as before but focus on making the enemies kill each other. Only take the kill if you got an opening that won't risk you. And remember the order of kills: heavy armor to shield, sand monster to heavy armor and us to sand monsters. Anwalt: Alright then! Healing, please! Lucent nodded and changed back to the light grimoire. Although the Nightmare Fog vanished, the griffons stood there since Anwalt, Umbra, Melina and LightFlare were still mounted on them. He casted Mercy Rain and healed their wounds, albeit the power was weaker compared to Heal. And since it was a different spell... Lucent: This certainly called their attention. Get ready to descend! Anwalt: Yee-haw!! Time to griffon dive and kamikaze those chumps!! Umbra: Please never do that again, you're looking completely stupid... more than you already are. System Information 1. Anwalt Vermillion Damage Modifier: x 1.1 2. Umbra Sadistic Desire: Inactive 3. Lucent Vermillion Illusion Crystals: 4/10
  6. With Raph's confirmation of the wave's end, Lucent flew back to Melina, LightFlare and Raina. Lucent: I'm OK. My barrier managed to block the shots so I'm fine. I hope to present good results in the next wave. Anwalt: Crap, crap!! Umbra: I was counting for this consequence, but not so punishing...!! Umbra and Anwalt began to left the perimeter to reach the others, but the ice was cracking at a faster rate and they still had problems to move around. To aid them, Lucent changed to his dark grimoire and the Nightmare Fog appeared behind him once more. Lucent: Dispatch, beasts of storm! With his command, four griffon Nightmares rose from the fog. Two of them went towards Anwalt and Umbra as two of them went downwards and landed near Melina and Light. As for Anwalt and Umbra, the ice was reaching them and so were the griffons. The duo jumped into the beasts and were now safely in the air. Anwalt: Whew!! We're safe... that was sorta nervewracking. Umbra: Glad Lord Lucent thought about this in time... Lucent: (Good, they jumped on time. I can't afford to let eliminations happen.) Lucent: I'll heal us once we reach the desert area! You two, jump on the griffons and we'll head there through the air! Follow me! Lucent flew towards the desert area with Anwalt, Umbra and the Nightmare Fog following him. System Information 1. Anwalt Vermillion Damage Modifier: 4.77% 2. Umbra Sadistic Desire: Inactive 3. Lucent Vermillion Illusion Crystals: 4/10.
  7. Anwalt: Alright! One down! Anwalt: What the hell?! Anwalt was suddenly pelted by lasers as he covered himself, taking damage. Umbra, seeing as his axe's blade hasn't returned yet, generated a shadow axe and spun it in order to improvise a shield. Umbra: Great, they found me. Now what?! Lucent: Umbra!! The ice!! Umbra: The ice?! Oh!! Umbra: Ehehehe... you want to escape, eh? Well, you're not going to!! Umbra charged his power while taking lasers for a moment and used his Lupine Quake, smashing both axes in the ground strongly and creating a quake in front of him. The ice began to crak in an arc, right in front of his direction. Lucent: It's true that my spells don't hit those AI... Lucent; But who said I need to hit the AI and not the ice? To help Umbra with the plan, Lucent casted Cragfall right in the area where the soldiers were. The rocks wouldn't damage them, but the same thing couldn't be said about the ice.
  8. Lucent: Don't apologize. Like I said, I came here knowing exactly the negative handicap I would have. He kept flying towards Melina, but saw her moving towards a guard rather close to her position. Lucent: Melina, watch out! In a way to prevent the fall, Lucent casted Avalanche right in the hole's area, rising an ice mount high enough to cover and stop Melina's advance in the open hole in a considerable period of time. Umbra looked from afar as the soldiers defeated the wolf familiar. He was rather away from the fight, so reaching them with a shooting would be a bad idea. Umbra: (Repeating Drill Fang won't do me any good. Alright, time to use the axe for something.) The idea was risky, but was worth something. Umbra jumped down back into the ice, removed the axe from it and began to run towards LightFlare. He aimed the axe towards Light and sent the blade away with the chain. If Light were to grab the chain, swing Umbra around and toss him, he would have a chance of reaching the confused group of guards. He screamed from afar. Umbra: Light!! Grab the chain and swing me at them!! Anwalt tried to advance on the same group, but had to stop to effectively maintain balance. He saw Umbra going at Light and understood the idea. Anwalt: (If that's going to work, he'll need a distraction. Alright.) He leaned back his body and charged his energy. Once done, he went at the soldiers with Black Doom Spear in order to either hit them or distract them from Umbra. Anwalt: Delivery for the bozos that requested a punch right in the face!! System Information 1. Anwalt Vermillion Damage Modifier: 2.23% 2. Umbra Sadistic Desire: Inactive 3. Lucent Vermillion Illusion Crystals: 2/10. 4. Buffs Given by Lucent Raina's Quickened: 2 turns left.
  9. BGM: Rude Buster (NITRO Remix) still playing A voice suddenly was heard on Lucent's ear. It would be normal for Raph to be really confused, yet he accepted the fact that no damage was dealt normally. Lucent: Sir Raph, was it? My magic cannot damage something without a spirit. My stronger ones are able to do it so, but I cannot use them freely. Hold no worries, I came here knowing exactly what to expect. Lucent: And since damage dealing isn't exactly my role, I'll return back to what I'm supposed to do. Lucent flew towards Raina, while using a barrier to shield himself from the incoming lasers. He had an idea to keep the enemy occupied while the close fighters could recover. Lucent: I suppose we'll be needing a bullet hell to cover the people at the ground. I know you're fast, but let's make you slightly closer to blinding. Lucent casted Boon of Swiftness on Raina, raising her attack and movement speed. She would be able to move and attack at a faster rate than usual. Lucent: I'm descending to help the others. Scream if you need something! Lucent flew downwards, going to Melina and LightFlare before helping Umbra and Anwalt. One of the wolf familiars was brought down, which made the Drill Fang grow smaller. The remaining wolf was ready to be shot down but Umbra had another idea. Umbra: Hunt him down with the utmost of energy you can have! He picked the wolf and stopped spinning, still in mid-air. With the wolf in tow, he charged dark energy in the familiar and aimed at one of the soldiers. After charging, he uses his Cannon Fang and shoots the familiar at a soldier, itself filled with dark energy. Umbra: (Now for the landing. This is going to be risky, but it's worth a shot!) Umbra held his axe and tossed it at the icy ground. The blade got caught in the ice but it slipped away a few centimeters. Umbra twisted in mid-air, just so his feet would actually land on the axe's handle. Umbra: I think I got it - Whoa!! He landed but drove himself away a few meters. He was getting distant and rather isolated from the others. What was worse: the axe was cutting the ice. Anwalt: Aha! Got two of them in one strike! Commemoration was short lived, since the drones separated in pairs, with two of them going after Anwalt and two of them going after Raina. She could shoot and fend herself off but Anwalt couldn't. The slippery ice didn't help either, since walking on it was pretty inconsistent. Anwalt: (Shit, this damned ice is going to cause me trouble! And I can't hit them without causing a break on the ground!) Anwalt: (Hold the phone... did that boulder-) It did. Anwalt may have hit the drones, but it didn't have consequences. The boulder fell on the ice, breaking it and forming a hole where cold water ran under. If someone were to fall there, elimination would be certain. Anwalt: And I really messed up. Cool... Anwalt: (I might go after the soldiers, since they're people I can hit. Being hit by those drones won't be nice, though...) Anwalt changed targets and went after the soldiers who were aiming at Umbra earlier. The drones' lasers were hitting him, since he had a hard time moving around. System Information System Information 1. Anwalt Vermillion Damage Modifier: 2.23% 2. Umbra Sadistic Desire: Inactive 3. Lucent Vermillion Illusion Crystals: 1/10. 4. Buffs Given by Lucent Raina's Quickened: 3 turns left.
  10. BGM: Rude Buster (NITRO Remix) still playing As LightFlare, Melina and Raina went on the offensive, three of the drones were sent down. Anwalt, Lucent and Umbra didn't jump out yet, especially because the shooting was fierce. Anwalt: Freaking bullet hell, I can't go in with those stupid things shooting, even if they're all at Light! Umbra; Lord Lucent, use an offensive spell on then! It might disperse the enemies and give us an opening! Lucent: Fine. But after this, I'll cease the attacking and return to my role! Lucent flew and joined Raina in the air, not standing close to her. Opening his spellbook, he casted Thunderflare in order to disperse the enemies with thunderbolts coming from the air and hoping to hit some of them with his magic. Anwalt: This might've helped, but what should we do now? Umbra: I don't know about you, but I'm not going after these stupid robots! Those soldiers are mine! Umbra called two wolves and went out of hiding. After spinning in midair, he and the familiars converged into one single spinning drill form and went at high speeds after the soldiers. The Drill Fang moved around into a strange pattern, not going exactly into a straight line. Anwalt: Well, not staying behind on this. You're helping me, rock! Anwalt grabbed the boulder they were using to hide and threw it at the drones, hoping it would smash some of them. System Information System Information 1. Anwalt Vermillion Damage Modifier: 0% 2. Umbra Sadistic Desire: Inactive 3. Lucent Vermillion Illusion Crystals: 1/10.
  11. BGM: Rude Buster (NITRO REMIX) still playing Lucent: What Melina said is true. Don't follow the strategy blindly. If improvisation and role changing is necessary, do it as you must. With that being said... Lucent opened his grimoire and began his buffing magic work. With his powers, he uses Chill Focus and grants a Spellstrike to LightFlare, allowing to a 100% hit rate on a single skill usage. Lucent: This is to make sure that you won't miss the target. Anwalt: Nice! Whenever you're ready to strike, we'll follow! Umbra: Hmph. I'll let you have the opener. I want to see your power for myself. System Information 1. Anwalt Vermillion Damage Modifier: 0% 2. Umbra Soul of Chaos: Inactive 3. Buffs Given by Lucent LightFlare's SpellStrike: 1 skill left.
  12. BGM: Trial Underground still playing With the teleportation magic in play, the teams were teleported to the plains in the center of the map. Anwalt: Whoa, we're in! Umbra: All that we need is the start and we can rush in. BGM: Rude Buster (NITRO Remix) Anwalt: Time to pile on some AI! Let's head in! Umbra: Time to kill! Lucent: I won't let us lose! Anwalt and Umbra ran towards the arctic area with Lucent following them on flight. The training began and they were in for the victory. The trio was the first to step in the area. Upon entering the arctic area, Anwalt, Lucent and Umbra hid behind a frozen rock. The moment their steps were made, the drones seemed to get more active, searching for whoever stepped in. Anwalt: They gotta be searching for us. Should we attack right now? Lucent: Wait until the others arrive. We can't risk any jump-in without the rest here. Anwalt: Got it. Let's try not to call attention then. Umbra: The enemies seem really attentive, so I bet we already caught their focus. One misstep now and we're caught. Lucent: We need the right moment to misstep, though. Right now isn't that moment. Lucent called upon the Kiravel grimoire and held it tight. Anwalt and Umbra kept themselves at attack position, ready to jump in as soon as the attack possibility appeared. System Information 1. Anwalt Vermillion Damage Modifier: 0% 2. Umbra Soul of Chaos: Inactive
  13. After hearing the explanation of the map, Lucent started to consider a strategy for them. Anwalt and Umbra saw Lilith take off to her team. Anwalt: Well, we're gonna need a strategy. Lilith and the other won't give us a simple pushover. Umbra: I think we already have one. Isn't that right, Lord Lucent? Lucent: ... Alright, I thought onto something. Listen closely. BGM: Trial Underground Lucent: We already have to count the fact that our opponents, from the most part of it, are unknown to us. Their skills and abilites will be learned throughout the training. I would say they have an advantage over us because of Lilith, but I can dismiss that. Umbra: Even if she was to explain whatever she saw about us, just talk doesn't mean the real thing. A lot of our specialities are still very unknown, even to each other. Lucent: Exactly. This is why we'll need to have to fill roles here. Considering our situation, this distribution I planned should work nicely. Lucent: Anwalt, we will make use of your damage absorption so you'll take the role of the defender. Your idea is to secure kills, but we also need you alert when the invader comes out. In the 20 seconds they have to attack us, we'll need you sustaining the hits and building up your own damage for the later fights. Anwalt: A high risk, high reward task for me? Nice, I like it! Lucent: Melina, your focus will be on damage distribution. Your attack power seems slightly subpar compared to Anwalt, but you have speed to back you up. Focus on attacking as many targets as possible. Your own personal skill seems to help you on that, but I'll cover that up with buffs so you can leave your trick to the last shot. Be careful, though, and don't get overconfident or else the enemy will swipe you. Lucent: Raina, your magic skills at long distance are your prime asset, so having you airborne for most of the time will be a good position. With an amplified sight of the field in the air, you should be able to check whether enemies and the invader are arriving, as well as doing damage distribution from afar. We'll be counting on you as our long-distance fighter. Lucent: Umbra, you'll join the front field with Anwalt, Melina and Light but in the moment the portal opens, you're to be deployed as our invader. Your high mobility and wolf summoning might help us on distraction and since this is a role you wish to fulfill, I see no better person. Umbra: My wolves aren't the only things they'll worry about, I can assure you that much. Lucent: Light, you'll take the versatile role and be our shot and long distant fighter all at once. Your power is incredible and potent so I can trust you to do the right thing. You'll help on all spots, whether against enemies or helping Anwalt with the invader. Just be sure to be accurate enough to not hit us. You know your power and your fighting style more than myself to know the possibilities of you hitting us. Anwalt: That leaves you as the healer and buffer from our team, right? You'll be covering our damages and giving us those sweet power-ups to our abilities, making us even more deadly on our roles. Lucent: Yes. Albeit my magic works on single target, I'll be focusing on giving you buffs according to your roles. My main focus will be on healing and buffing, so I'll attack only when needed. Umbra: Wait, that makes you as our team's main target! Forget my role, I'm going to protect you! Lucent: Please don't. I want to try this on my own. If I get attacked, I'll counter at will. If necessary, I'll change to my dark grimoire in the middle of the fight and use the Nightmares to aid me. I'll try to stay close to the team for as long as I'm able to. Umbra: I'm not agreeing entirely with this but I'm not going to discuss it any longer... Lucent: This is the insight I have thus far. If someone has a different opinion, I'd like to hear it and discuss it while we still have the time. Anwalt: I don't have objections. I liked my role!
  14. BGM: Electronica in the Velvet Room still playing Anwalt: I'm not saying I'm not taking this seriously, but you do realize Lucent's definition of "serious" is different from ours, right? Umbra: Well then, if that's the case, let's go and rip some enemies apart. Anwalt: My fists are ready to roll through all enemies! As Leon approached the group to thank them, Lucent did the same thing. Lucent: We would like to thank you for this opportunity as well. The experience we shall gain fighting you and your team will help us in the future. Anwalt: You guys look really strong! Let's make this a training to remember! Lilith proposed herself joining the other team. Lucent thought it would be a good idea for them to have an specific odd of someone who fought with them join the opponents. Lucent: I have no objections and frankly, I'm intrigued to see what kind of strategies you'll pull against us, Lilith. I'll do my best to not fall behind. Anwalt: Me neither. After all, I've wanted to try my hand against you. Umbra: So we're losing our team's strategist to them, huh? Well, we're screwed. Lucent: Why are you being pessimistic about this? I don't see any problem on the formation. Umbra: It's just that we don't have a tactician. I mean, we have you, but I fear it's not going to be enough. I'm more of a hunter so that part doesn't fit well with me, Light's the last person I can say that needs a team to win a fight and I didn't see much of Raina to talk about her. Umbra: And if I have to depend on Lord Anwalt or Melina to do strategies, the last thing we'll have is a "fighting" strategy. Anwalt: Wow, you're the best teammate ever. Glad to know you looked at yourself on the mirror today... Umbra: Just stating facts. You're the last person I can see doing a strategy about something and Melina is as rushy as you are. Lucent: *sigh* What a pain...
  15. BGM: Electronica in the Velvet Room still playing Lucent: Alright. Oh, I'd better free those two. Lucent used magic and casted fire to melt the ice. Anwalt and Umbra started to move again, but were completely soaked. Anwalt: G-Geez... you didn't have to freeze us. Lucent: Really? Good. In the next time, I'll burn you both. Anwalt: Christ, but you are one to employ violent methods with magic, aren't you? Umbra: And then you complain about me... Lucent just ignored Anwalt and Umbra's protests and went ahead, following the rest of the group. Seeing as their complaints wouldn't change anything, Anwalt and Umbra stopped talking and went alongside the others as well. As the trainer explained how the drill would work, it seemed it would be a mix between cooperative and competitive. Anwalt and Umbra's usual pumped spirit returned as Lucent thought about what should he train first. Anwalt: Heh, now we're talking big! I'm ready to crush anything that gets in our way! Umbra: So we can mess up with the other team... hehehehe... that's going to be fun for me. Lucent: (... A drill where we fend off waves of enemies while trying to defeat another team. That is interesting, although the "experimental" part of it worries me...) Lucent: (We have a lot of powerful fighters in our team, but according to what he just said, numbers are against our favor. That could mean the wave of enemies will be big or the other team has a bigger number of people than we do. This is troubling too...) Anwalt: Lucent? Hey, don't get lost on us. But Lucent was too deep in thought in order to pay attention to Anwalt calling him. Anwalt and Umbra followed what he said thus far and were getting more excited for trying this new training. Lucent, while concentrated, heard the explanation and finally reached his decision about the team placement. Anwalt: So we got a big catch in the end then?! Well, say no more, I'm on it! Umbra: Limited time to mess with their team... 20 seconds is enough for me and my wolves to wreak havoc at the other team. Lucent: ... Thank you for your explanation, sir. Well then, I'll assist you all with my light magic set. Anwalt: Not going for Nightmares? C'mon, it's a way to train those beasts. Lucent: Someone needs to provide supportive backup. Aside from me, I don't see anyone else capable of healing and buffing in our team. Anwalt: Well, that's... true. Umbra: Do you really think we'll need a healer, though? It's not like we can't hold it against some AI. Lucent: Get overconfident at your own risk. I'm not putting myself on the line for a full offensive spread. Anwalt: Lucent, this is just a training session. You don't need to go serious on this. Lucent: "Holding back" isn't in your dictionary, neither "taking it easy" isn't on mine. I'll treat this as the rest of situations I've been through. Umbra: Well, it's your choice anyway. It'll help us though, since you'll be taking this as "life-and-death".
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