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  1. All he had to do was to post on the correct boards...

  2. The three that comes every sunday
  3. It's week time, I mean, Sunday Time!
  4. Weekly video with some palettes I edited
  5. Sunday on normal schedule https://youtu.be/NMkGes13b_E https://youtu.be/jzdvC3rWOss https://youtu.be/8LEPVaNliR0
  6. Sunday where the recording session was on the usual Saturday
  7. Had these video ideas out of the blue
  8. Sunday stuff recorded on friday, so no Sumireko and Akatsuki debuts.
  9. Wayback Machine couldn't save them so I wonder if someone still has these.
  10. Whoops, forgot to post these here.
  11. Try opening the sff through here http://prntscr.com/rgsz8j
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