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  1. I've got a question about the Guidelines update, are animted GIF signatures still allowed or should be just static images? It does mention to use pictures and text but not other media so not sure if it falls into the later.

    1. Sir Ghostler

      Sir Ghostler

      You're allowed to use animated .gif signatures, yeah.

    2. Dan


      Thanks for the answer, just making sure it was alright to keep it.

  2. Happy 105th birthday

  3. Happy almost-new year everyone, I've been checking into more Mugen stuff lately as my interest on it has been coming back, rebuilding a roster after a long time.

  4. GOOD NEWS MUGENITES: I'll be Updating Mr Incredible (With English Voice Clips from Disney Infinity 1.0, Spin Dash Hyper, Dash Parr Assist) and Elastigirl (With English Voice Clips From Disney Infinity 1.0) - This Week and Next Week!

  5. Today I learned Kung Fu Man actually has a parry move, somehow never noticed it despite I always keep him on my rosters.

    1. Gaulbetti


      It's also extremely good since it's Elecbyte Made. Most balanced character, yeah right.

    2. Dan


      He's able to survive pretty much anything as long as it's not a grab or something out of the ordinary.


    3. TheWhiteDevil27
  6. Is this an issue with just my browser or is the directory list on the characters collection page broken? a big chunk of it from B to C shows below the rest of the page and can't be seen/clicked

    1. Mister Fael

      Mister Fael

      It happens once in a while. They are already working on fixing it.

    2. HappyDappy666
  7. While looking through a few pages of the Spanish gaming magazine Gametype (which also frequently featured Mugen like I said on my other topic), I came across some weird news. On the issue no.11 from February 2003 on the last news section there's something about a port of The King of Fighters 2002 for the GameCube that would feature characters from the then recently released GBA game The King of Fighters EX2 (albeit by then still Japan only) and a new game mode called "Judgment of Fighter", though I'm not able to find any other info about this supposed port so I'm unsure about it's legitimacy. I'm a native Spanish speaker so here's the translation to said article: I downloaded a full scan of this issue but there's no other information about this other than that small section of page 8 pictured above, but all the other news are completely legit though so not sure why would they lie about this specific port of the game. What do you all think about this? maybe a lost port of the game or just a hoax by the magazine? Source
  8. Happy 104th birthday

  9. Today I learned there was a Spanish video game magazine in the early 2000's called GameType, it mostly focused on fighting games from SNK but also had entire sections dedicated to Mugen stuff and included compilations on CDs (even though I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to do that), you can check out some pages of it yourself over here: https://www.culturaneogeo.com/revistas/gametype It's all in Spanish but scrolling by you can see descriptions about recommended Mugen characters and whatnot, I'm surprised I've never heard of this before, not sure if it's still around though.
  10. Late reply but they're part of The King of Fighters EX screenpack: By the way, anyone knows which Lifebars are these? found the image on this site: http://mugen.weboy.org/juke-kisaragi/shermie-5/
  11. Happy 20th birthday to MUGEN, I might not be as much into it as I was a few years ago, but it's really fun to revisit from time to time when I'm bored, it's still an experience like no other fighting game to me.

  12. It's been a while since last time i worked on something with Mugen, but i think i will start a Neo Bomberman screenpack, sounds kinda insane but i've always loved this game, getting some resources and probably starting later tonight, expecting to finish it before starting university.

    1. Gaulbetti


      Neo Bomberman was the strangest one of the bunch. Good luck, I had a lot of ideas for a Bomberman screenpack.

  13. Nicely done! i've kinda been on a Bomberman kick lately so this is perfect for me.
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