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  1. Mario Odyssey Plot: Junior gets in trouble for buying a princess peach body pillow
  2. Recently i installed Mugen 1.1, haven't had a single problem with it recently, until now. Whenever i close and open mugen, a character that works when i had mugen open had a problem with the .sff file when i reopened it. Anybody knows why this happens?
  3. Just recently installed mugen 1.1 and now, every time i close the game, some characters that DO work with 1.1, stop working.


    Life's good

  4. Happy bday The Tagic Moaster

  5. Kinda weird how we still don't have a esports section in the gaming discution hub, since i have a feeling that alot of people would love to discuss esports related things, myself included.

    1. Darkflare


      Honestly, I think there's too many sections and not just in the gaming group. It would have been fine if this were a very large community which would need so many groups but here it's a bit cumbersome to go through so many sections to find the one thread with the new post.

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