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  1. You instantly had me sold with the Postal 2 HUD and Postal Dude voice *clicks link* Oh jeez dude, an epilepsy warning on your home page please?
  2. A bit off topic but who's Doremy is that and where can I get it? It's not the one in the touhou collections
  3. There's an edit (or atleast shares the sprites of) Eve called Evelyn, by Buyi https://www.mediafire.com/file/e8rm6e85l4lffdm/Evelyn.rar/file Also: dies-irae-deus-guilty-gear-style-released-by-flowrallia-2017-03-14
  4. No, you got good points, and I think the one about baidu is especially a good point baidu... ew, that site is practically impossible to DL anything from if your a westerner, but I largely hold the author accountable for using baidu over using axfc.net uploader (there is quite a bit of hentai thou) or ux.getuploader.com, both of which are quite popular by eastern creators, and accessible by westerners too. (I even saw someone use GitHub once to release their characters) Yeah I use QXMugen, it's a great Chinese site dedicated to recent releases, you can still navigate around due to the addresses still being in a completely readable english Eitherway, the request was completed: https://mega.nz/file/qV5DkKKS#GMPKZUAdHm3ZFhvGbZm-kK3kG8gY2TTOU1TXnpPtLgo
  5. Jesus Christ, the other Archive threads were already locked/cleaned up because of reasons like this. We already know all this, the archive is what it is, it's a necessary evil and the adfly's exist to pay for the servers hosting the files (Just think for a moment what it would cost to host what is terabytes of content, server hosting IS NOT cheap) No one likes it, but it doesn't change why I made this thread. Please don't force the staff to have to lock my request thread. All i want, is stuff mirrored off the archive because they have, and this stuff is offline/no where else to be found, that's it, that's all I'm asking for. Now please, if anyone has an account they can use to download the files, do so in secretary, do not post the links publicly where your name can be seen, and send me a private message with the links, I will repost them for all to download as I get them. Thank you!
  6. we all know this song and dance so there's no reason to spark another conversation The reason I asked to be Privately messaged links is so they CAN"T find out who mirrored them, thus saving people from being banned. EDIT: Then I would repost them myself because sharing is caring, right?
  7. Ok it's almost been a week why has no one mirrored the links? Please I need someone with an account to download, and reupload the files elsewhere please
  8. Anywhere else that doesn't require an account to download from. (Mega, Dropbox, even sendspace) There's alot of drama relating to the archive, *alot* You have to pay, be it in money or "forced dedication" to download anything, I of course am, not gonna do that. But as long as the archive has something, it won't vanish off the internet, so there's a good flip of the coin as well, it just won't be very easy.
  9. Someone who downloaded it reuploads it, obviously
  10. And... the Link is already dead What is it with people and these stupid "limited releases"? We need a mirror
  11. It's that time again, more offline stuff that the archive has, could I please have these mirrored? incoming Mugen Archive links! Please mirror these, but this is important: DO NOT POST THEM HERE! The archive WILL threaten to ban you for mirroring their downloads. Send me a private message with the mirror links and I will repost them myself Thanks ❤️ EDIT: added a few more
  12. does anyone have this character on the left? I am having trouble even finding who the author is, yet alone a download link
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