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  1. By a complete stranger? You know how it´s going in the community...
  2. Now I know the author - Mr. I. But I still dont have the stage. Its shocking this one got forgotten.
  3. I don´t really want this often but sometimes old versions of certain characters are down and the the AI devolves with later updates. Sometimes the AI can be "null"-ed in the cns file but 99% characters don´t support such option. I have once seen an advice to put semicolon before every row of AI commands in the beginning of characters´ cmd files which only made my game crash. Are there any universal ways to solve this issue? Or how to understand it more properly?
  4. There are animation-less versions to be found easily but I can´t find the best one anymore. here
  5. http://snkmugendatabase.blogspot.com/2010/09/athena-cool-by-raken.html
  6. Peter Griffin´s CNS (special intro against) trigger1 = p2name = "leela" ; by warner trigger2 = p4name = "leela" trigger3 = p2name = "kula_new" trigger4 = p4name = "kula_new" trigger5 = p2name = "Shermie" || p4name = "Shermie" trigger6 = p2name = "morrigan" || p4name = "morrigan" trigger7 = p2name = "morrigan by ryokucha" || p4name = "morrigan by ryokucha" trigger8 = P2name = "felicia" || p4name = "felicia" trigger9 = P2Name = "psylocke by Qkrtkf!" || P4Name = "psylocke by Qkrtkf!" trigger10 = P2Name = "psylocke" || P4Name = "psylocke" ...
  7. Does anyone recognize this stage? Where could I get it?
  8. There is another issue. No matter if I try to open the application itself or open a certain file via that, nothing happens at all.
  9. It´s possible with some stages but most of them won´t show up, even though the number of sprites is paradoxically shown. How can I make every stage show in MUGEN factory? I´d be glad for any kind of help.
  10. Is it available? Or who is the author?
  11. Old Yosinoya stage is broken, allegedly some "missing sprites".
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