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  1. Hi people, since I've posting a lot here since 2015, I decided this 2016 to make my official WIP thread with my future chars and projects in MFFA. Here you are: On works On hold (by now) I hope to add another projects of mine (like lifebars and Anti-Gouki Project fullgame), but by now only this. I hope you like this thread, guys!!
  2. This is unexpected even for me, but here it is... and it has a story: last night during a chat on Mugen Guild Discord, it was pointed to me that Scott have some bugs I never fixed. I checked it out and effectively they were there and I never noticed before, but some of them also were present in my other chars. So, I made a massive update on the 4 of them with bug fixes, mostly in CNS department. The bugs are so minor to name them, but all I can say that now they play better, only I can say that the big change you'll notice on Scott is that Bass Playing now knocks off the enemy and is not anymore an useless move thanks to all the boys and girls who pointed me these stuff, you know who you are (but you're in the readmes anyway XD). This also may reignites me to continue the SP project I got years ago, like finishing Kim Pine and a big update for Nega Scott, I hope I can make them possible in a close future... No screenshots since there's not much to show this time... and no, this is not a joke as the "update" on Sumo Santa, this is real shit ^^ Sorry I guess =P Characters -> Adaptations
  3. I've been back with characters lately and I decided to update Sumo Santa to a v0.81 with minor stuff, here're the changes: -Various bugs fixed -4 new palettes, now they're 6 instead of 2 =D -And of course: fully compatible with 1.0+, with data, winquotes and stuff, just choose "sumo-m1.def" and you're ready And since it's very small the changes I did on him that I won't post anything on my site nor new screenshots, you can see them in the past thread or in my site, of course. So here you are, I hope you enjoy him Santa's gonna sit on your lap Chars -> ClayFighter (I wanted originally to make a Lucy the Gorilla release for this date, but I couldn't do it in time, sorry for disappoint you u_u)
  4. An edit of Meta Gouki's Inuyasha, by me, Sumireko Usami. I didn't aim for any drastic changes, I just wanted to add a few new things, as well as giving more comboability. However I seemed to have stray away from my goal in some ways. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Inuyasha can now combo between all of his Standing, Crouching, and Air Attacks. -New hit animations implemented, this is for more compatibility for 1.0/1.1 era characters, as some force older chars to use the new hit anims, which they don't have, thus making them invisible. -Midnight Bliss Compatability, using Midnight Bliss on Inuyasha, deforms him to Pure Human, thus rendering him powerless. -Special Kagome Intro, following the Anime, and Manga, Inuyasha promises to protect Kagome at all costs, If you try to have him fight Kagome, he will K.O. himself instead at Round Start. -Helper Debug Fix, the Super/Hyper Anim Helper was missing an anim, this has been fixed. -New Air Attack, Inuyasha will swipe his sword upward in the air, if hit, the opponent will fall to the ground. -Sound Swaps and Addons, Some attacks didn't sound very powerful at all, so their sounds were swapped out. -New Palettes and Icon, the Icon is an edited 25x25 Crop of Inuyasha's Team Select Sprite from the PS1 Source Game - Inuyasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale - in Group 8999, you'll find Older Icons, as well as the one originally used on top of that, he has several new color sets, as well as the default now being more saturated, to be more like the Anime. (original is still present, being named InuyashaPS1.act) -Added Compatability for a few lifebars, such as Melty Blood, Alpha Storm, Miku, Vortex, Touhou 7.5, Touhou 10.5, Touhou 12.3 -the Stats for Life were changed to 1150 -and Stats for Defence were changed to 110 -Almost all Animations now labeled. -Some Hitbox tweaking, some seemed a bit too close. -Grab now uses an Explod to make a Hitspark when Inuyasha punches his target -All Self-KO coding as been moved to statedef-2.cns, as it is a much better method. -When using Palette 12, Inuyasha has a Life, and Power Boost, he's still beatable, but it will take a lot of time up -Disabled HIT_BOUNCE, and HIT_LIEDOWN's PlaySnd, and MakeGameAnim States, this is done to avoid clashing with Inuyasha's custom HIT_BOUNCE/HIT_LIEDOWN's States -Labled all of the Palettes, this is done due to several new palettes being made by me, so I didn't want it to just be inuyashax.act - x being the number -Cleaned up a few sprites -A new Air Light Punch Attack, now giving Inuyasha the ability to combo through 4 Air Attacks, but on a very short time frame. -Added Failsafe Animations for Electricution, Burnt, and Frozen - This is for Characters that might force him into Animations that wouldn't exist, thus turning him invisible. -Recreated Inuyasha's Alt Palette from the PS1 Source Game, it is named InuyashaPS1Alt.act -Inuyasha's Tessaiga Transformation Animations have been added, with the first one being an Explod over the Tessaiga -Added SIT Animations -Added a few Midnight Bliss Sprites -Added tons of Winquotes for 1.0/1.1b - he still works with WinMUGEN -Animation Hitboxes all tweaked to be the same style -Cleaned up the Portrait a bit -Projectile Guard Sparks repositioned forward as they were too far back -New Hyper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hijin Ketsou Triple - D, B, D, B, y - 1000 Power ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -All Files now assorted into seperate folders. -Character Folder is now named "InuyashaGouki", this is to give him a distinct name from all other Inuyashas. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 4,1,2021 -Tweaked Hitboxes for Walking -Four Voiceclips Added, meant for Continue Screen -New Sprites added, for a New Lose Animation. -New Lose Animation -New Continue Animation -New Hyper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sankon Tetsou Max - D, F, D, F, y - 1000 Power ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Dizzy Sprites removed, the Rip used was discovered to be messy, due to this, Dizzy has been removed for cleanup reasons. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 4,11,2021 -New Hit Sounds -More Tessaiga Transformation Frames -Improved Lose Game/Draw Game Animations -Improved Guarding Hitboxes -Cleaned up State Naming (all Statedefs now have Proper naming) -Changed PlaySnd Trigger for Attack 320 (Crouch Light Slash) Swoosh now plays at Time 9 -Several New Palettes -Decreased Defence, and Life back to Standard Values -All Basic Tessaiga Attacks have been sped up slightly to better the flow -Tweaked a few hitboxes -New Hyper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hijin Ketsou Triple (Air) - D, B, D, B, y - 1000 Power ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Can Only be done in the Air (if not obvious enough) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 4,21,2021 -Hyper Level 3 Sound Added (Finally) -All Hyper/Superpause Times have been lowered to 96. -Kongosoha has been upgraded to Hyper Level 2, and will now use 2000 Power as a Result. -New Sprites made for the Kenatsu Hyper -New Animations made for the Kenatsu Hyper -New Midnight Bliss Sprite -Animation, and State Numbers for Light, and Medium Air Punch, have been swapped (Light = 400 | Medium = 405) -All Standing Attacks, and Grab have been tweaked to play way smoother. -Landing Sound now plays for Sankon Tetsou -Grab Bind Pos is now: 42, -23 -All three Hyper Helper States, have now been moved to hypers.cns -Cleaned up a bunch of Sprites -Fixed Self-K.O. Loophole - Inuyasha's Control is revoked entirely now. -Repositioned the Tessaiga for Inuyasha's Grab Sprites -Grab now uses Playerpush = 0 -New Hyper ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Tessaiga Slash - Kenatsu Hyper - D, F, D, F, x - 1000 Power ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 5,2,2021 - This one is the smallest. -Added new Grab Sprites -Changed Grab Animation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 5,15,2021 -Realigned Kaze No Kizu, left foot now stays in the same position. -All clips are now 44100, being freshly recorded from the PS1 Game, and then cropped. -Win State 182 is now using the original line once again! (which was "Is that all you got?!") -Lots of clips are now replaced with higher quality versions -All Unused Clips Removed -Few More Sprites Realigned -More Palettes Added -Four Special Palettes added. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (PS1/Anime)DXModeNoneNS - NS = Normal Skin (PS1/Anime)DXModeNone - Full Recreation of Inuyasha being used in WinMUGEN when the DXmode is set to None. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Inuyasha now has Special Win clips for his friends. (and enemies) -All SFX related to Inuyasha's Main Attacks are now in Group 9. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 8,24,2021 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Added a new palette. -the Supers that deal more damage now take more time to execute, and no longer have the same frametimes -A few new anims for the supers -new Portrait for 9000,999 -fixed winquote error -added swoosh for all Tessaiga Supers/Hypers ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 10,22,2021 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -English Dub voicepack, done by Laharl added, english cns files also created. -English cns files -fixed taunt, I can't believe I never saw it cut off for that long... dang -cleaned up sff -cleaned up grab animation -added air grab -readded the new dizzy animation, clean rip found with the the help of Laharl. -added Parry Animation support for Alexei Roschak's Miroku and Sango -sped up a few animations, as they were a bit slow -changed some of the Lifebar Portraits -added StopSnd state that's hooked to the Hitstates, to cancel out voice clips -fixed a bug leftover from the unedited Inuyasha where the Air Dash would allow Inuyasha to go below ground -fixed all leftover color inconsistency issues with sprites ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 11,8,2021 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Hijin Kesso Triple, and Sankon Tetsou Hypers can no longer be comboed into, as it did way too much damage. -Damage values for Sankon Tetsou and Kenatsu Hyper swapped, to be more accurate with Manga and Anime. -Added Frozen Sprite, as well as animations -Lowered Damage for Hijin Kesso Triple -Added Air Back Dash (States for it already existed in earlier versions of the edit, but it was broken, now it's functional.) -Replaced Crouch Stab with a Crouch Slash (at the moment is unused, and sprites might get revised later.) -Smoothed out the Hit Animations -Added Electrocution Sprites, as well as the animation (done in Eternal Fighter Zero style, so no skeleton) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 11,19,2021 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Smoothed out the Hit Anims a slight bit more -Added missing Jump Land Frames (the Unedited Inuyasha reused crouching sprites.) -Added Idle State if you do nothing for exactly 1,500 seconds. -Redid existing hitboxes for Attacks (the Hitbox for his head was a bit too small) -Added compatability with Eternal Fighter Zero - UNKNOWN's Barrel -Added in missing turn sprite to turn animation ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 11,21,2021 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Smoothed out Backlash Wave Anim -Backlash Wave state now ends once the opponent is getting up from being knocked down. -Organized the snd file -Intro, and Win, now use multiple clips rather than the same one constantly. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 12,8,2021 - I wanted to wait till' Character of the Month was over ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Lengethed the Second State for Sankon Tetsou Hyper (meaning he can't do a 2 hit combo right after to deal 330 Damage) -Added in missing frame for Air Jump Anims -Refined a few hitboxes for general anims -Cleaned up a few sprites -Hijin Ketsou Triple now has raised hit time, and now takes more time to exit -Fixed an issue where certain Hypers would give Inuyasha power -A cling now plays out when Wind Scar is used -Wind Scar Projectile is now activated at AnimElem 10, instead of 9, meaning it's activated when Tessaiga hits the ground now -Wind Scar Anims are a tad bit faster to compensate for this change ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Update - 12,30,2021 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ -Inuyasha's Jump Height has been raised to -8.9 -Width has been set to his own proportions and not Kung Fu Man's. -Ground Slam sound/explode are now tied to the common1.cns, meaning they won't play again if hit when downed. -Increased Inuyasha's movement speeds. -Special Thanks to Rumiko Takahashi, for making Inuyasha | Viz Media, Sunrise, for the Anime | Bandi/Dimps for Inuyasha's Sprites | Kappei Yamaguchi, for voicing Inuyasha, Richard Cox for dubbing Inuyasha's lines Laharl for making the English Voicepack and cns files and Meta Gouki, for making this.. decent out of the box Inuyasha
  5. Literally Dr. Kiln's right hand that mutated with the clay meteorite and was dismembered from his owner and gaining his own life... and became against his master to fight for justice with an iron fist!! The most bizarre character from ClayFighter series, appeared in CF: Sculptor's Cut and is the only beta character in the game, with limited moves, one super and no claytalities. My intention was to complete what Interplay couldn't do and make him a proper and complete character, but there's no accurate version of High Five on MUGEN, only barely intents to make him with his sprites... until now. So, to make a more complete version, it was necessary to you to meet the original one, so I made this 100% accurate version from Sculptor's Cut for your MUGEN, consider this as an advance of my work on High Five, which will be completed ASAP SCREENSHOTS: Don't worry about the source character being a beta itself, he has all MUGEN basics, 63 1/3 FX, the same base of the rest of my chars and even M1.0+ compatibility, however he was classified as "non canon" as my HoboCop (the AF2019 ver.), so I made a subsection with versions like these I would make in a future (for example, editing Ice to make the C2 version of Bad Mr. Frosty). I hope you like this character, you can always lend me a hand or give me five if you like my handmade work Nothing can withstand the hand of justice! Chars -> ClayFighter
  6. My Characters (edits): https://ux.getuploader.com/mhz/ RedDevil: err_connection_refused: %/The End: plzdontkillme & The End (SN): Afterainbow: 9470bb12e8a4f34476: Enigma: \u001A: Dynamic://Parallax: .void:
  7. My present gift to all of you, prepared secretly since weeks ago until this very moment. My own version of Sumo Santa now for your MUGEN with my own version of Joey Faust's Sumo Santa, which I took various stuff from the character, but the base is 100% made by so it's far more than a simple edit. It's almost finished, but has all that a character deserves to be called as one. I hope to update him very soon as well with my Bad Mr. Frosty, with both having a special intro SCREENSHOTS: Santa is gonna sit on your lap Chars -> ClayFighter Merry Xmas to everyone
  8. Hi, I supposed to do this months ago, but finally there it is, my new character from ClayFighter series... and isn't come alone 1. Nanaman The human-size banana with jamaican accent is finally made in MUGEN with my 63 1/3 style, with all his moves from CF2 plus a lot more original not just from 63 1/3 (Overhead Attack, Combo System and Claytalities) but that should be made for the original game, like throws and supers... and of course the palette 12 from his rival, Dr. Peelgood SCREENSHOTS: 2. Ice The other snowman with attitude received a good update, with 2 big things: first, the Ice Slide, the only move from CF2 I didn't include it before, and second, more claytalities, 2 weren't enough for him so I gave him 3 more, so now he has more weapons to smash his rival Frosty no screenshots here, you've to discover these stuff by yourself Well, I hope you like this double release, after this I'll be resting from CF to focus on my other projects... but the clay stuff will come back soon anyway so don't worry Get with the times, mon! Characters -> ClayFighter
  9. I have now released a Linux (woman) edit named Freax. I edited some files so that it's very cheap, with no collision boxes whatsoever and ludicrously high life, power, attack, and defense statistics, and I also edited some of the velocity and movement stats so that it's more faster and has more jumps. It uses the unused "3.110.act" and "3.111.act" palettes. It's quite extreme for a OS-tan edit. https://www.mediafire.com/file/4sc3tn8lrmpxkhj/Freax.zip/file https://web.archive.org/web/20211116130942/https://download1081.mediafire.com/sg1f7h7ufjfg/4sc3tn8lrmpxkhj/Freax.zip (Wayback Machine mirror (direct download) I feel that Ryoucchi/Kazagami or someone like them should add Freax to the Operating Systems (Anthropomorphism) character collection.
  10. This was not how good it would been made since from two years ago until it has now been reduced for the Ed, Edd n' Eddy-universe stage. They featured: Super Jump WinMugen compatible 1.1 compatible Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/914by3ghsd19059/Ed%2C_Edd_n%27_Eddy_-_Park_n%27_Flush.rar/file
  11. I'm 100% sure this is the last stage I made before I went on a hiatus from MUGEN to make content for Sonic Boll (as well as be a beta tester for a short while) before coming back to MUGEN in late 2020. This stage is based off of Sad Hill Act 4, from Sonic Sad Hill, a... decent...? Russian Hack, It could be worse, it's the Pre-SHC2019 Version meaning the backgrounds are completely static, there's Horizonal scrolling but not much of it, same for vertical, once again I can't say the stage will be good. As with the other two, this has been put up here so it will no longer be an Archive Exclusive. once more, .def file unedited from 2019, so you will find my old identity in there. https://www.mediafire.com/file/c35daunlcoowdxh/SadHill.zip/file
  12. for an SHC2013 Entry, there was a zone that was impossible to access by any normal means, only playable with FFFE10:0200 it put you in an unknown zone, with the title still being Marble Zone. it was a very unfinished 2.5d'ish level with only a few bits of solid ground, which is what this stage is based off of it's not good, in fact it has nothing going for it, but it's here to no longer be an Archive Exclusive. as with last time, the .def file was never touched since it's Archive release, so you will see my oldest identity, it was my Xbox 360 Gamertag. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ho8h6dqa61u60lu/UnknownZone.zip/file
  13. Well..... in 2018, I made a stage based off of the Hack known as Sonic Erazor, by using FFFE10:0301, the Hack put you in an empty Uberhub Zone, and the only flooring was objects you placed using Debug Mode, this stage was directly based off that, and nothing else, the stage wasn't good, had no horizontal scrolling, but huge amounts of vertical scroll, and was pretty much my first ACTUAL stage rather than a crappy tool created one off a pic of my phone. (the .def file has been untouched from 2018, so you will be seeing my old identity.) Don't expect it to be good, only uploaded here so it's status as Archive Exclusive is gone. https://www.mediafire.com/file/wtfs2h63w2sxxdn/uberhub.zip/file
  14. Yes, this exists... DOWNLOAD
  15. OFFICIAL TRAILER GAMEPLAY TRAILER ORIGINAL SCREENPACK BY NANAYASHIKI: https://sites.google.com/a/mugen-infantry.net/nanayashiki/type DOWNLOAD: GOOGLE DRIVE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vhB_yxVGU98HhCdNUssrBj953uzJUSJV/view?fbclid=IwAR1mgslCVfD_mGdYtE-ywt2nlgghCfHD6gKBQfuKnNJG1tXTgVY2BlHrtJo UPDATE: - Add new 10 characters - Add new stage - More soundtrack - Fix bug - Change Animation 3 characters - Nerf 1 characters ..... INFO: The game gathers characters from Type-Moon including in Fate Series and Melty Blood Series Fate series: 21 Characters Melty Blood Series: 27 Characters Total: 48 Characters + Move: - Player 1: A,S,D,W - Player 2: Left, Down, Right, Up + Fight: - Player 1: J,K,L,U,I,O - Player 2: 1,2.3,4,5,6 + Select: -Player 1: J or Enter -Player 2: 1 or 0 OLD VERSION: Type Moon Unlimited - Version 1.2: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Vq54SIsmd1SX4LUdpTVPfuBgfXaw3v69/view?usp=sharing Type Moon Unlimited - Version 1.1: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cmGU6vdIcOQKtTLNxcv3b4RM5APvdPb4/view?usp=sharing Type Moon Unlimited - Version 1.0: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14Qs6Lb6M-7kMsQieRnUT1CoiGwB4EU_Q/view?usp=sharing
  16. My new ClayFighter is finally ready to smash your MUGEN with his tentacles (no hentai). A conversion of his version from CF2: Judgment Clay with the 63 1/3 style you know and love. And since his source game lacks of a lot of normal issues from fighting games, I'll make you a list of what's the new stuff he has compared to his source material: Gameplay from 63 1/3, with FX and sounds, combo system (Insane Combos included) and Claytalities New throws and supers, inexistent in C2 12 palettes, 6 from the game, 5 originals and one of his evil clone Jack And of course, compatibility with MUGEN1.0+ (data, winquotes, etc), just choose "octo-m1.def" and that's all! And now, the screenshots: I hope you like this new release of mine, which also inaugurates the new ClayFighter section in Chars, with all my releases characters from this series in one page (HoboCop included) now going to finish Nanaman (it was intended to finish both at the same time, but Octohead went first), so expect a new release very soon You're octogone!
  17. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD https://onedrive.live.com/?id=6E75371007E5D7F9!517&cid=6E75371007E5D7F9 INFO Here's the newest release by Ohgaki! The badass belly dancer (and waifu :3) Arabian Moon from Superior Soldiers in KOF Style! As usual from Ohgaki, all Arabian Moon sprites were made from the scratch and yeah, the character even in the original game is suggestive like that. :v Her gameplay in KOF Style is solid and great, mostly based on KOF '98 mechanics.
  18. Yeah, I got inspirated once again, sorry In these days I learned finally how to make storyboards (I never did any of them since I started), and since the endings of this game is the closest we can call "endings" (in all the others are the character in move and a wall of text), I figured out they were easy to make. So, here you are, all the endings for the 16 characters of the game (the 8 official ones and their clones/bosses), with the bass music included as seen in this video which I'm based on I hope you enjoy them, so you can get endings for all your CF chars that appeared in this game, included my versions of Ice, Tiny and Butch (and soon Octohead and Nanaman, too). They're all in one file, but if you want, I can make separate downloads if there're enough quorum... and maybe other endings or intros Stay cool Add-ons -> Intros & Endings (new section, yeah!!)
  19. In a inspirated moment and reminding to myself that there's few-to-none content from the first game of the VG series, I decided to make this pack with all the 6 stages from the game. They were made under WinMugen, but as all my creations, can be playable with 1.0+ versions, so don't worry although I got the doubt about the size of the fighters, maybe I could apply some zoom or something. However, there're various big stages like AOF series, this could fit better with bigger chars, your choice I hope you like it, I hope this makes me reignites my idea to unfreeze Chiho and finally start Evil Satomi once for all, I hope so... meanwhile, enjoy the stages You wanna fries with that?
  20. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/file/aeqmbvth5vz3bbb/Dr_Octopus_Bigpimp-EditUp_by_DC_VS_MARVEL.rar/file INFO DC VS MARVEL shared an update for Bigpimp's Doc Ock. - Fix palette issue so now can use any pallete fine - Fix Time Lose so now he doesnt disappear also add extra sprites - Add Taunt with new sprites - Add Throw with new sprites - Fix tentacle sprite 250 was missing part of the tentacle - Add sparks and fix spark pos at some hit def - Remove walking forward hit def - Change HIT_GETUP sound with shorter - New palettes
  21. Your favourite worm is back!! Groovy!! Earthworm Jim has been updated with the 2 pending claytalities from 63 1/3 now finally recreated in MUGEN: Knock Off Top Half (cutted in half, 7710) and Squeeze Claytality (bloated up, 7780). These states come from Darkstalkers, so technically both claytalities can be executed on DS chars and get the expected effects than in my CF chars. For those ones who don't get these states (which are the 99%), performing them will make different effects: Knock Off Top Half will make the Launch from MUGEN instead, and Squeeze will stretch your char on width (just like Squish do with height). However, the Squeeze is still on works, may cause some bugs, so any help is welcome to fix it Also, the other ClayFighters has been updated as well, but just with minor stuff: All CFs -Added anims for 7780 (bloated up) and 7710 (cutted in half) states to be fully compatible with Jim and his claytalities (soon all will get them too) Blue Suede Goo -Changed the c to y button for throw commands, now follows the line of my other chars Ice -Also added the 7689 state anim for Squish Claytality, ripped from the game just as the 7710 one -Now the palette 12 has a proper Frosty palette finally (I forgot to add this in readme XD) My two upcoming characters, Octohead and Nanaman, will get these states to be compatible with Jim, there're very advanced now so expect a release of some (or both) of them soon. And before you ask, my other CF chars will have these two new claytalities, you'll be seen it soon I'm a superhero!! Chars -> Adaptations
  22. ˚ ༘♡ Omg, everyone hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, it's been a while hasn't it. ----------------------- I would all like to finally introduce you guys, and finally announce the first and official mugen with over 4000+ characters is now filled and ready for download..... > If you wasn't aware of my previous post on this very mugen, that I made before it was filled to the brim, I highly suggest checking it out here for some better context... For the purpose and the reason why this idea came to mind is because, wanted everyone to finally be able to get a huge mugen in their possession without any hassle and without having to encounter mugens that are just as huge as this, but they never provided the download link for people to enjoy...previously I was debating on filling it up, but after some thought... After realizing, very well that this may be the first mugen with over 4000+ chars in mugen history to be downloadable and available to everyone, I decided to pave the way and go on with it uwu...nonethless... I now present to you all FULL EVE Mugen All-Stars 2020 (DOWNLOADABLE) + Chars: 4898 + Stages: 133 (not satisfied with this amount? feel free to add more via select.def) + Bonus: STILL does come w/ the 3v3/4v4 Mod along with, the Uno Tag Team Patcher Mod. + DL Links(s): Download to the game, (aka stages, fonts, sounds, etc..) is here. and, Download to get the chars are here + Preview: The video below (also, highly recommend you read the description for more info on this very mugen :D) That is all.... You can check out more of my contents and such in my YouTube channel, that you're viewing the video on also, before you ask...no I wasn't able to upload it anywhere else..mega.nz was the only place that accepted this big of a file, literally it was 58gb. so pleek do not ask why I wasn't able to add it anywhere else, for that was the reason why. I hope you all enjoy, and you can all thank me later
  23. Download that oaf, here: Ed If any M.U.G.E.Nites tested Ed to see how they think, please send a positive feedback.
  24. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/file/mwyohkoxcorql44/Spider-Gwen.rar/file INFO Pilgrim released an unfinished Spider-Gwen for people continue to work on her. JARRO77 and Candido159 decided to work and release Spider-Gwen, with a lot of additions and new features. Also Somm made a new Hyper Portrait for her.
  25. My another stage from Invader Zim's content has been recently reduced for this part of decade! It features: WinMugen & 1.1 compatibles Super Jump Music Download Link: Download Dib's home stage! Video will show up soon!
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