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  1. Is EVE EDITED Screenpack Versions: Mugen 1.0 & 1.1 Original: DJ-VAN Editor: Bruno Download Now!!!! Download NOW!!! More Screenpacks Is Mugen For For All
  2. MUGENGERS 3 HD Screenpack by Duralminn The third version of MUGENGERS Screenpack is released. This time, I had some works for 1.1 HD MUGEN. It was not so easy but quite interesting and have many advantages. After I recorded this video, I edited some select cursor(done). Hope you like this. Please enjoy :) This is for MUGEN 1.1 and 1280x720 screen. And also I added Orochi Kyo MA by MichaelArmaros which I edited some portraits for this screenpack. This also included portrait sample files like psd and png. You need Photoshop to edit. Lifebar po
  3. ▶Disclaimer: THIS IS A FREE GAME! THIS IS NOT FOR RESALE OR PROFIT OF ANY KIND! ▶This is my first M.U.G.E.N Project. I really hope you enjoy and please remember to share and download. Thank you kindly, Apex. ▶List of Sprite Creators Credits: https://www.mediafire.com/view/psa6mfjj562tvlh/content_creators.png/file ▶X-Men: Next Dimension (Mugen Edition) Full Game Download Links: Mirror 1) Mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6urz98flbpcf6np/X-MEN_NEXT_DIMENSION_MUGEN_EDITION.7z/file Mirror 2) Googledrive: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KH30_dFIbfg1U8QazMxVZMZn7Kj
  4. Madoldcrow1105(aka MOC1105) Mugen Creations: Main site: https://sites.google.com/site/mocgenreturns/home Old site: http://www.1105design.com/mugen/ Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/madoldcrow1105 DeviantArt Channel: http://madoldcrow1105.deviantart.com/gallery/ Characters: (Original) Madoldcrow(Crow) by madoldcrow1105 // ( TOASTERPASTERIES Edit) Broccalon (mirror link) by madoldcrow1105 Markerman by madoldcrow1105 (Nicktoons) Spo
  5. My Full Free Game Release to the public, Special thanks for the people that help me make my game a dream come true, also specials thanks to Grease-MANkey, Purple *AND D2TD for beta testing my game and finding bug along the way. MICA Final HD Collection is 2D Fighting game that take you back from the Blast from Past and future encounter Characters from Anime, Manga, Marvel Super Heroes, Cartoons and Classic video games characters from around the Universe like Pokémon and More. Mica HD Final free game was Used by free software like Blender, Bender, Audacity, MSPaint,Gimp and Fighter Factory and
  6. This is an edit of Devon's Megamix Black Edition you can find his stuff here - https://mugenguild.com/forum/profile/president-devon-84432 or here - https://network.mugenguild.com/devon/ This is a 1280x720 Screenpack, that requires OpenGL and 1.1b, it's also Animation Heavy so make sure your PC is decent. From Devon's readme file "This is a screenpack made for MUGEN 1.1. It's a deliberately unfinished April Fools joke I made to advertise my actual next project "Street Fighter Remix Turbo". Every year for the past 3 or so years I've tried to finish this screenpack fo
  7. PREVIEW Screenpack Game IMAGES DOWNLOAD Screenpack http://www.mediafire.com/file/n52a5gf1xpq2upf/KOF2002UM+IKEMEN.rar/file Small Fix http://www.mediafire.com/file/i9b21tysdqbgqqd/Up.rar/file Game (Current Version: Alpha 0.2) http://www.mediafire.com/file/oxwodsejgte3fl8/KOF2002UM+IKE+rec.+up2.rar/file INFO Luza94 did an amazing conversion of SAIZO's KOF 2002 UM screenpack to IKEMEN GO! Also he's compiling and editing a game with this one that still in development.
  8. PREVIEW Images DOWNLOAD https://www.4shared.com/rar/Cec05FiHiq/Top_Fighter_2000_MK_VIII_MUGEN.html INFO Here's the new screenpack by Petkov20/Blue Tank, based on this bootleg classic. MUGEN Version: 1.0 Resolution: 640x480
  9. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD Full Game http://www.mediafire.com/file/v7prtnpg4n8gnob/dsnw-mugen1.0.rar/file Screenpack http://www.mediafire.com/file/70i7wh85k0osood/Darkstalkers_Screenpack.rar/file INFO For MUGEN 1.0 Resolution: 384x224 / 768x448 Beserker989 did a while ago a screenpack based on the first Darkstalkers game, very accurate to the source material. As a huge fan of this franchise, surely i did some necessary work and additions in the screenpack. Contains: -Intro -QSound logo -Win and Game Over screens -Lifebars with
  10. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD https://mega.nz/file/e1kzWAYB#6sSVH0aDpq2a4AIC577koWsAe6i8ZbRk50mkkfXGJrM INFO MUGEN Version: 1.0 Resolution: 640x480 Slots: 50
  11. I originally wanted to make something I can just slap in IKEMEN GO and edit accordingly, so I didn't exactly go all out here. It combines elements from earlier screenpacks and erased works in progress I had going on. -A few things I need to get out of the way- 1. I am fully aware that 960x720 isn't a standardized size, but I am also fully aware that I am not the first person to make screnpacks or lifebars for that specific resolution (shoutout to Devon). 2. No, I won't reduce it to 640x480. There are ways around it that will actually let you do that (Though that kind of only appli
  12. This is a hi-res edit of gwa_pao/pao's Unknown Screenpack, which gives it a higher-res Select screen, making it compatible for WinMUGEN Plus, while also breaking 1.0/1.1 support in half without doing more edits after a Localcoord change. I did some messing around with the Versus Screen, Options Screen, and the Lifebar itself, not much else. Your slot counts can be 336 Slots 812 Slots 3360 Slots (this one had the background changed to purple afterwards) You can get it here, I guess. https://www.
  13. Chars: Naruto: Mikel8888 (Transform Chakra Mode, Bijuu Mode, Ashura and Kurama), CobraG6 (Sannin Mode) , CobraG6 (Start) , CobraG6 - Mikel8888 (Kid) / Sasuke: Mikel8888 (Rinnegan Mode), Mikel8888 (Akatsuki), CobraG6, CobraG6 (Taka), CobraG6 (Hebi), CobraG6 (Kid) / Sakura: Mikel8888 (Shippuden), CobraG6 (Kid) / Kakashi: Mikel8888 (Susanoo), CobraG6 (Kamui), CobraG6 (Kid) Choji:
  14. http://logansam.wixsite.com/logansamcreations/imagenes
  15. M.U.G.E.N. Undeground (Screenpack 1.1) [Release!] Este Screenpack de tematica urbana, ha sido liberado para todos ustedes... Y para no hacer el Release aburrido con un simple texto... Aqui tienen, el trailer oficial: (Este Screenpack ya lo venia trabajando desde hace un largo tiempo, solo que no posteé nada de progreso en este foro. Solo fueron posteados los progresos en mi Foro Rawk Community y La Calle OMFG) Disfruten del Trailer y del Screenpack! Descarga M.U.G.E.N. Underground: Rawk Official Page -Mugen Screenpacks-
  16. Yeah, it's not everyone's cup of tea, i know. I initially conceived it as a joke (and would like to apologize had there been inconveniences put upon anyone here), but felt compelled to continue working on it cuz boredom kept striking lately and apparently i had nothing better to do with my life. Do feel free to modify it to your liking, as the SP mainly steals borrows a lot of elements from other authors' works anyway; most notably Gray Fox / SOLIDUS SNAKE's GITS SP, which i edited over from (cheers!) while the Elecbyte logo shown in the intro was taken from one of Dissidia's SP (I had honestl
  17. Update 12/5/2019 - the sp has been repackaged to include the newly released/updated lifebars, courtesy of yours truly. check out this thread if you only want the lifebars without having to redownload the whole thing. ---- (i can assure you that there will be little to no involvement of underams this time compared to my previous release, so don't run off just now) *cough* So yeah, after holding out to it for years on end thanks to my incessantly lazy ass....i present to you: As you can probably tell, it's an update / rehash of my Marvel
  18. [LINK] http://www.4shared.com/zip/8PjzQ1p1ce/WWXBE.html [COMMENT] has 144 slots and 20 hidden slots for boss characters its also very heavy on animations still an epic screenpack
  19. This screenpack is completely 60fps game, that works for Low to High end PC i'm used Urban Reign SoundTrack, i'm just thinking about this end of the world music and epic theme but soon it will make a M.U.G.E.N 1.0 and 640x480 version System Requirements: -RAM: 512MB or Higher -Video : 64MB or Higher -Resolution : 1280x720 or 1920x1080 Note: This System Requires to "OpenGL" render system, if disable there the note at the Main Menu Screen Download Auto Full/Manual Install
  20. Getting rid of an old ghost. One of the first concepts I made for MUGEN. It's quite simple, but why not? - MUGEN 1.0 - 640x480 - Special characters included (info) - It has 10 variations: 10, 12, 22, 88 and 154 slots, each with versions using standard and custom portraits. Check the path data/systems. For more information, check the "Read-me" file. - Download: https://rurouniroad.blogspot.com/2019/06/rurouni-kenshin-screenpack.html Just the Lifebar: Download: https://rurouniroad.blogspot.com/2019/06/rurouni-kenshin-lifebar.html
  21. If you like this screenpack :) DOWNLOAD NOW: (Mediafire) http://www.mediafire.com/file/cptyx0mu18ziqts/SMITE_Screenpack_1.0.rar/file (Google Drive) https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zRWX48butr4fu73mDQAinrT3IKWmu37R
  22. 260 Chars with animated Hyper Portraits COLLECTION edited by tigree goods Thank you for sharing your wonderful edits tigree goods, God bless you and give you in double this good action that you did to share your works, who knows in the future if there is a time you will edit and continue your masterpiece project. I've shared it in the group so more people know about your great project. ESP: Gracias por compartir sus maravillosas ediciones tigree goods, que Dios lo bendiga y le otorgue el doble de la buena acción que realizó para compartir sus ob
  23. Dragon ball Super Screenpack Um screenpack de um projeto de Dragon ball Super Extreme Buttoden que estou fazendo, misturei um pouco do MUGEN original com DBZ, ficou bonito e suave. Resolução: 1280x720Versão do MUGEN: 1.0Criador: Antnub1 [DOWNLOAD] ou http://adf.ly/1kRBIZ
  24. Hello, everyone, I'm once again having some problems after spending roughly 2 hours on this Life bar. But before I get into the situation at hand some of you may be wondering why I'm having a problem with this. It's mostly due to the fact that I'm not using Mugen, well not specifically Mugen that is. I'm using IKEMEN PLUS. Considering I had an idea I wanted to make happen, but Mugen wasn't that far into its development to make it happen ya'know. I'm currently porting the LEGACY Screenpack to IKEMEN since I have a special place in my heart for that Screenpack it was the first I ever came across
  25. LovePlus Screenpack This is a my very old Project many years ago I start create this when mugen 1.0 is still RC ver. I suddenly not have time to improve it more than this then my wip is stop , so I decide to release it ,maybe too late now cuz now mugen are made all in HD but if you want to try for older version I hope you like it . So pls don't criticrize about pixelate pic cuz it made for old winmugen with old format pic. At first I want to release this pack includes lifebars but my wip lifebars files are lost --; Suport to winmugen winmugen Hi-Res Hack
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