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  1. And also, Gêmeos dos Jogos have created some stages: Vila do Chaves Casa do Quico Casa do Seu Madruga Frente da Vila Outro Pátio Terreno Baldio
  2. Gêmeos dos Jogos had created a better version of Chaves, Quico, Godines and Seu Madruga,check the links Chaves Quico Godines Seu Madruga
  3. Here are some work who are made by Gemeos dos Jogos Retro: SMS Sonic|NES Mario|Megaman 8-bit|Riki|Alex Kidd Shinobi Fighting Games: MvC Kyo|Sylvanos Chaves/El Chavo: Chaves|Quico|Godines|Seu Madruga Clarence: Clarence|Jeff|Sumo|Belson If you want,they have a website and a YouTube channel
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