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  1. The shop inside was just your average souvenir shop. It was loaded with all sorts of merchandise promoting the city's landmarks. Lilith proceeded to look for the shopkeep. "Welcome! Looking to take a piece of Candor back home? Then you've come to the right place." (So they all look the same in this world as well. .... hopefully we won't meet too many of them.) Lilith proceeded to take out the letter that was entrusted to her. "I was entrusted by your sister back at the Hangout to give this to you." "Hm? Why didn't she just call me instead? Let me see." The merchant opened and read the contents. "Ah, a business proposal. Guess she didn't want to risk anyone else taking a peek at my screen and taking her idea. And a good one too, I'll actually have to consider it." "Thanks luv, I'll let her know I got her message."
  2. Lilith proceeded to walk toward the shop "I'm just going to deliver a letter to the shopkeeper, Light. I doubt there will be anything interesting happening."
  3. I asked 3 questions and only got an answer for 1. I strongly suggest you take this down.
  4. What makes your app better? Why shouldn't I just use the mobile site? Did you run this with the staff to ensure its safe?
  5. "Forgive my easily excited friend here. We got caught up in the sights we didn't realize we had wandered near the entrance." "Our intention was simply to visit the surrounding area like a typical tourist. We have no business with the royal family."
  6. "I'll have to look a bit, but I shouldn't take long. In the mean time, just have fun looking around. I doubt they'll let you inside the castle, so I wouldn't plan on it."
  7. "I wouldn't recommend trying to force your memories back. Sounds like something is blocking those particular details on purpose." "Well,....the other thing I can think of is you're having the memories of another you, but to be honest that is just reaching too far."
  8. No, you're not. This isn't worth getting worked up over.
  9. If this page was unsafe, do you think we would tell you? I mean, I've been here for years and never had a virus from here.
  10. 2 cosas. 1. Se habla ingles aqui 2. Mugen Archive esta prohibido aqui con buena razon
  11. "Hard to miss the castle right in the middle of all this. The path to it is easy to figure out."
  12. Just abandon it and don't think about it. I don't think anyone will care about googling an account with no content in it anyway.
  13. It hasn't. That's been a thing since about a decade around here. It's just you came from MMV where they still uphold this creator's rights BS.
  14. You don't. Just give credit to whoever you took anything from and that's it. Anyone who tells you otherwise is an elitist stuck in the old ways.
  15. ("I guess it doesn't matter as long as we have a coordinated time.") Lilith proceeded to begin leading the group toward the castle.
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