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  1. I think you should consider staying out of things you clearly know nothing about.
  2. Can. Won't. Bottom line is, if you want someone to do the work for you, you better offer something in return. And I assure you they won't be looking for your talents.
  3. I hope you seriously don't expect people to do your work for free. You better have some deep pockets, my friend.
  4. No, it's not. Been playing for over a decade and I could find stuff just fine without Archive. Stuff gets released almost daily and they're often announced in various Mugen forums. MFFA here has a collection you can use to look for stuff. Various Mugen forums have a request board to ask if something specific exists. You're better off looking for stuff this way because you usually get what you're looking for straight from the author's source and the latest version. Because Archive rarely updates the creations they have stored.
  5. Lilith overheard the description of the crook and began to remember something she was told ("The man apparently looked to be very poor. I recall Darkflare mentioning rumors about a civil war forming up in the slums. Perhaps this robbery was simply to make a statement and not just for the sake of robbing.") "We should probably move on..."
  6. Abandon Archive and look for Mugen content from the actual Author's site/links. Don't bother asking why you were banned or that it was unfair or that you didn't do anything. They don't care and the fact that you're even here is enough to convince them to keep it perma banned. Yes, they're that petty. No, you're never getting unbanned from Archive. You're done.
  7. It's a bluff. You're another MA shill flunkie. End of discussion .
  8. Aww what's wrong buddy? Can't handle the truth? All I did was spit facts at ya. You were talking about spreading the truth, right? Covering your ears and screaming ain't going to change anything. Neither will burying your head on the ground. Damn son, you're here looking for a fight and you're already ducking out before the opening bell rings.
  9. The fact that you even don't realize what you did to get cut off from posting status updates says plenty. Those questions you just asked are fucking hilarious coming from you. It shows how much of a hypocrite you truly are. You want the community to not censor the truth as long as it's your truth, right? People decide to criticize a character and explain why it's terrible, but you have to come in and tell those people they're in the wrong for doing so. You want the truth? As you are right now, you're a cancer in the community that wants to stick to the old ways. You're a cancer that wants to prevent others from improving by denying criticism because you can't handle it yourself and want to "save" others from it. You don't even realize how harmful this actually is instead choosing to delude yourself into believing you're doing a service to the community. Take your own damn advice, you hypocrite.
  10. If you can't handle the heat, stay out of the kitchen. And you kiddo, definitely can't handle the heat.
  11. "It was just a simple letter delivery." Lilith noted Light's low tone and how he was paying more attention to the conversation. "You should let the local authorities handle a petty thief, Hero."
  12. Lilith headed outside to figure out what the commotion was about. (What that a robbery? In broad daylight?) Whoever did so had to be daring to pull such a stunt, especially considering how close to the castle they were and would likely have many guards nearby.
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