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  1. Also i get the Shiny Luminous's Hatya, the same character are you looking in but with a weak cns. I can't upload that Onedrive folder cause by the heavy file i send you here. Get it in individual download link, Okay? https://www.mediafire.com/file/al4flh7ud8p43k4/Shiny_Luminous.zip/file
  2. About that, I mean the characters doesn't always are available in the original link..I strongly recommend you guys must to make backups for anything you know. Repeat. EDIT: My english is broken as hell..i'm trying to talk than i can do sorry for my apologies.
  3. Hey, Kazagami, i remember i downloaded Hatya's Onedrive in the past year..(i think but does not matter now) i have the most of the stuff thanks god for that and if you want to check all the folder for reupload them again..it is okay for us all. I recommend you and for you guys backup the files for anything if not you aren't able to get again. Since sakuraka and hatya for some reason they remove the download link because his the most of stuff was leaked and uploaded in Mugenarchive without permission but who cares that..you guys know the characters don't can be downloaded there in the original link..i also i uploaded some mugen precure characters in my mugenarchive account as Crockrich.( lol i know the name is weird but what gives more) They dislike a little bit that..for whatever reason that was deleted by them..alike they were retired after of this. I don't know if the download link is prohibited or not..you can download it. https://www.mediafire.com/file/2eakn9cvbj056y0/OneDrive-2016-05-17.zip Enjoy! Reuploaded by me
  4. I don't want to bumb this topic but i hear some rumors where Hatya also make some A.I for mugen precure characters.. Like Cure Happy and the original Precure from Drowin. Someone can reupload these A.I? i know they are cheap to beat up.
  5. Also i was updating my stuff... you can spot me in mediafire and my edited character pack as well. Why? because some people was requesting my characters in their videos (in Spriteclub) and yes anyway can include this as extra bonus. My regards! http://www.mediafire.com/file/t3c8y3whrtwegza/Mugen_all_chars_edited_2018.rar
  6. Hey people i was updating once more and prefinal versión for Peter Griffin XI... i just made this update for finish for all at once...check it Mugenarchive and reupload the mega.nz again, and please support and share my mugen char pack i really beg you! I need your help because many people were posting there in some fórums for my edit characters... and without any preamble, good luck discover my secret stuff and my regards too! http://www.mediafire.com/file/t3c8y3whrtwegza/Mugen_all_chars_edited_2018.rar
  7. Hey... i found that precure character called "Shiny Luminous" one of these cheap characters made by Hatya.. looking forward in his OneDrive folder..you can check her here with the Japanese name シャイニールミナス https://onedrive.live.com/?id=398224317E7A72AF!105&cid=398224317E7A72AF Good luck!
  8. Damn... DDR's website is gone and offline! you guys can reupload all the characters including Peter Griffin/Sho Nuff Moleboxed and others in mediafire or Mega.nz? Please ws need to reupload again...because the website is gone i dunno why...dont blame me why..DDR is back in August 31 with Gossamer!
  9. Thanks for reply! Now i have all the pack in one!
  10. Hey! You guys could reupload all the MugenX's characters in one pack rar or zip file? Please i really like..because i only have TekkamanPikachu and Mr Game Watch T_T
  11. Hey dude, you could reupload Sho Nuff and Peter Griffin(moleboxed SMM game) in the DDR Character Collection, if you need download link, i could gave you..or check in Mugenarchive for more info search Sho Nuff authorname DDR and same thind does with Peter Griffin, you can contact me here, okay?

  12. Correct, they are template from Underdog files..but they act differently like Hong Kong Phooey as a base Sho Nuff but use some changes..TOTALLY is different..is just a leftover from the Underdog stuff..nothing more, yeah?
  13. Someone needs to fix the download link for Sho Nuff (the original link) and Peter Griffin(moleboxed)...or just asks me for someone can reupload again this.
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