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  1. Original Character : Kamen Rider Joker by nipa3008 Editor : Anomi Polis & Ramkun [Download] https://1drv.ms/f/s!AlorPNOPutQ_ijKcdZSq7mY6FBKE Kamen Rider Joker AS was updated on 2020/12/25.
  2. HERE you will find the updated patches AND THE NEWS by SHIN DANZEY THE CHARACTERS ARE ALREADY PATCHED! THESE improvements ARE very good quality and without cheat ! There is a lot improvements and the AI is more accurate. i had a few animations ! the behavior and their will of fight are amazing ADD TACTICAL ATTACK PHASE NEW PATCH 2020 MAX UPDATE 10.0 FOR GOHAN! New stance added the unleashed potentiel New Combos Incorporated! New transformation increasing ability , speed and power! Secrets
  3. A patch I made to Ahuron's version of Kunio, removing all Zoom functions, allowing the character to freely be used in MUGEN 1.0 (unsure about WinMUGEN compatibility, but I ain't gonna check). The character can also be used in MUGEN 1.1, but due to zoom being removed, hyper startups will look weird in widescreen. Also included is an alternate CNS raising his power to 2000, but nerfing his attack to 65 to compensate. Everything else is completely unchanged. (I also had to use Snipping Tool rather than the screenshot function to further prove this is MUGEN 1.0 this is running on)
  4. A voice pack for Mikita's Murakumo that gives him his Ausf. Asche and En-Eins voices. If there are any mistakes let me know and I will fix them in the future. Thank you and enjoy 😄 https://mega.nz/folder/B8YGnI4C#5878w7-3cIzowWNPSr3tLA
  5. translated with google translator: Hello everyone and without more to say I will leave the patches with CS that I do from now on [Info] Name ="orochi98um" DisplayName ="orochi98um" VersionDate =16,10,2008 MugenVersion =06,14,2003 Author ="Zelgadis" pics: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u76fruik4tksg0t/orochi98UM.rar/file in this king CS I used the mondregon edit as a base since at the beginning I had a separation in pants and gloves [Info] name ="King" displayname ="King" versiondate =11,15,2003 mugenversion =04,14,2001
  6. Recently, I noticed how often OHMSBY uses English dubs for his characters instead of Japanese lines. It kinda threw me off when they decided to release Iori and use the JP voice this time instead of using the greatest English voice Iori has ever been given. To avert this, I have decided to create an English voice pack for him myself. Enjoy, and don't forget to "CRY, SCREAM AND DIIIIEEEEEE!": https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oKO9LdANF9xUmHpVvtMjpZeGgYw6dkTO/view?usp=sharing
  7. INFO I decide to do some small edits on characters for being closer to the called POTS Style. Don't expect huge changes on them, it's not a big deal at all, doing this just for fix issues and for aesthetic changes. This is just for fun but i hope you guys enjoy it and any help is very welcome. P.S.: I won't take requests this time, sorry. STATUS UPDATE - Hugo has received a new update! / New fixes from SZ 26's feedback and added new pals for him by El Parasito! - I did significant updates on Chun-Li (Alpha) by Nexus Games! Still on this stuff tho - Wo
  8. my video (-_-): (-_-): http://www.mediafire.com/file/17l9e66z9bl9gj7/Madotsuki2018.rar/file
  9. Please keep in mind. While I have no problem with you editing any of my AI patches, please at least credit me. I also ask you to not reupload the original character with any of my AI included. Be respectful to the original creator aswell, alright? While I'm not against AI requests, I'm not taking any for the time. Hello all. I've been into MUGEN for quite a while. Starting this year, I was finally able to make my own content. For the most part, I've only done AI patches so far, though I am working on my own projects as of right now. These AI patches are all intende
  10. Onedrive address https://1drv.ms/u/s!ApidMp-okOAFgQQ8k-dWPInTY3Dy?e=RYCPxW
  11. ;********************************************************* Character name is Dekkiw. ;********************************************************* Download Address↓ ↓ ↓ https://ux.getuploader.com/kyouakuchar14/download/87 ;********************************************************* You can download by click the 'ダウンロード'button.
  12. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/file/nvzzyz4sc1zqp5n/The_King_of_Fighters_Zillion__4.1_[720p]_-_OK.rar INFO Rayzo and Shichibukai did a Widescreen/720p version of the game a year ago, with an updated screenpack and some new content. Now Mugendrash and Zero800 (same dude that made KOF Zillion Plus) updated this version, with a new character select design, new characters, edits and fixes in the chars, new stages and some bugs fixed. Hope you all enjoy the game. 😉 NOTE: There are some few bugs that i see during my test an
  13. As alot people know that this game been around for awhile and its been growing and growing since. Nijikaku is a game full of variety of characters based off Animes, mangas, Video games and other crazy japanese Memes. which is funny and sometimes disturbing to some people. LOL! XD This game was made and still worked on by the community of "2chan" [Edit post] Links: Full game download here: New Link: https://yadi.sk/d/dvhutxUk3EHNgL (thanks SSBK65 ) [last update for the game was Feb.- 2017] Alternate link (characters and stages only): http://kazumi386.org
  14. Char: Hotaru Futaba Author: M3 Sprites: Vans Edit: ExplicitySex / XxTuviejoxX pallets: this is an edit of hotaru kof xi with the sprites of another author's char . link of the original char: Patch link: Credits especially to Vans for their sprites.
  15. Hello, there. I've made a Giant Chicken edit within the span of 3 days. He uses Team SMRT's Guilty Gear Giant Chicken as a base, while having the GGXX-related stuff removed. While most specials and hypers were removed, the one I kept are very useful. The edit mainly focuses on gameplay change and to not make him a complete edit of Peter, which was already a Kung Fu Man edit, anyway. He has a Power Charge. CHANGELOG - Sparks and Effects. - Advantage frames are changed. - Clsns are fixed/heavily modified. - Due to some sounds being heavily long during intros, it s
  16. Hello, everyone, I'm once again having some problems after spending roughly 2 hours on this Life bar. But before I get into the situation at hand some of you may be wondering why I'm having a problem with this. It's mostly due to the fact that I'm not using Mugen, well not specifically Mugen that is. I'm using IKEMEN PLUS. Considering I had an idea I wanted to make happen, but Mugen wasn't that far into its development to make it happen ya'know. I'm currently porting the LEGACY Screenpack to IKEMEN since I have a special place in my heart for that Screenpack it was the first I ever came across
  17. Created this as a hub for whatever patches I make, since I don't bother making release threads for them outside of probably three instances. A.I. Patches Marion by MugoUrth Original Download Palettes Ramparudo by Minoo Koishi by RicePigeon Plutia Original Download Original Download Voicepacks Utsuho Reiuji by RicePigeon H
  18. As much I have tried Pizzasauce's English soundpack of Marge. Apparently, it uses her voice clips from Beanfan112. As I can think of a plan, I decide to make the English voicepack of Marge very comparable to Pizzasauce. Feel free to use the English voicepack if you tried Warner's version of Marge If you need me, I would be currently working on Ed, updating Courage and make a better English voicepack for Leela. UPDATED (11/06/2018): Do hate to steal someone's thunder but, I have edit some of a few basic flaws from old_gus's English voicepack for Leela. If anyone
  19. Following the request made by Cook4251, another package of palettes is created. NOTE: This Karin palette package is compatible with the POTS version edited by Gui Santos. DOWNLOAD HERE!
  20. Hi guys, I have made AI patch for Strider Hiryu, the high-tech ninja. I also have some minor edit for him. Preview: Download link: - Edited version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0yuq4df343q2vyf/Edited_DivineWolf_Hiryu.rar - A.I only version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/bip06obupl5b365/AI_Patch_DivineWolf_Hiryu.rar Detail: ------------- EDITING -------------- - Vajra's distance now depends on what strength punch used to perform it - Increased Super pause time for Warp Legion --------------- A.
  21. My Christmas Gifts for ya! ANNOUNCEMENT VIDEO INFO Hey everyone, gui0007 here. Merry Christmas to all of you MFFA-ers! There are some gifts for you, i'll post them as it shows in the Announcement Video. Christmas Gift #1 KOF Memorial Level 2 Red Edition -Extended Pack- DONE! Christmas Gift #2 KOF Memorial Level 3 -FINAL VERSION- DONE! Christmas Gift #3 MKP Season 2.5 -Ultimate Update EXTRA CONTENT for the Final Version DONE! Christmas Gift #4 MUGEN Match 2.1 -VERSION 4- DONE! CHRISTMAS GIFT #1 The King of Fighters Memorial Level 2 -Red Edition-
  22. Hi everyone, I have edited Jmorphman's Ryo Sakazaki. He now have one more Super, more easier to play and new A.I. Preview: Download link: - Edited version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/efnlssdfbvax3dc/Edited_Jmorphman_Ryo.rar - A.I only version: http://www.mediafire.com/file/g5qrdae9lwl5dzs/AI_Patch_Jmorphman_Ryo.rar Detail: ------------ BUG FIXES ------------- - Fix Zanretsuken cause freezing when affect multi opponents on Simul Mode - Fix missing target bug (sometime happen) after getting hit from Tenchi Haoh Ken ----------
  23. 1 Year Anniversary (8 Characters Compilation) Here are the team 1 Year Anniversary's present, including 8 characters released by the team in one compilation. Thank you and enjoy. Download Link: https://youtu.be/ieqih2XSH6o
  24. [MLEO002] Raphael - Battle Lancer (2nd Update) [Mugen League FREE Release] Info:- Name: Battle Lancer (2nd Update) Author: Raphael Version: 1.0+ Release Type: Update Patch Release Catalog: MLEO002 Release Date: 25/09/2017 Release Team: Mugen League Video Info:- Type: Real Play Provider: Raphael Download: https://youtu.be/tHGHHDTN8_Q
  25. Update AI Patch for DivineWolf's Sagat by Jadeeye I have updated my A.I patch for the newest DivineWolf's Sagat. I brought most of the old ShinSmoke's Sagat A.I to this version. Preview: Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/5o51clc1vs1l1wc/AI_Patch_DivineWolf_Sagat.rar Updated: - Replace the old A.I with ShinSmoke's A.I for most movement (Walking, Jumping, Guarding, Special, Super) - Adjust Sagat's combo for the latest version - Remove Rolling when standing near an opponent A.I Difficulty Option: Level 1-4: Easy A.I
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