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  1. Considering there's pretty good versions of Panty and Stocking from...well, Panty and Stocking... I'd like to see versions of Scanty and Kneesocks aswell.
  2. Thread updated with the release of Daniel FreeLen.
  3. Since I've been recently finishing my own projects, I figured it might be right to keep it in my seperate thread from my AI patching. I'll post updates whenever I release something or make changes to previous work. If you see anything at my MEGA that isn't here, I probaly just forgot to update since I don't really care all that much about many forums regarding mugen anymore. Mind that my stuff is not only intended for Ai vs AI - therefore might be quite cheap to fight - but was also developed under Fast 5 and works best at that speed. It might work perfectly on normal speed, but t
  4. Would love to see a 1.1 version! Contra's one of my favorite NES games. Great work on the screenpack!
  5. Thread updated. Arthur, I'm adding your stuff in the next couple days. Just a bit stressed out and without tiem at the moment this past week. -Added Very Gnawty by Lillie's 音MADs -Fixed link to Hoshikujaku by MoloMoloChow
  6. After a hiatus, my next patch is finally out. This is one for a rather simple char, A.T's Very Gnawty. Grab him at the usual link. Rank: Strong A simple patch that takes advantage of the few attacks that Gnawty has. Will relentless try to jump on his opponent again and again, though this can be blocked. Chips down opponents with his bomb special, which the opponent can actually hit and hurt himself, giving Gnawty more chances to hit. Also uses the coconut spit to approach, though not for much more. Despite keeping up his defenses when not attacking, Gnawty can easil
  7. Thread updated. -Added Bleu by HelloMyNameIsAAA (AI Patch) -Updated TF2 Scout by HelloMyNameIsAAA
  8. Hotfix. Plus two I missed in the batch. -Added Avatar Tharja by TheTrueAnalysis -Added Atomic Thouther by Deoxgigas -Fixed link to Corrupted Veter Driffin
  9. Big update time -Added Amy Black & Kaioshin Rouge by TheTrueAnalysis -Added Inu Hanyo Tharja by TheTrueAnalysis -Added Legendary Hero Noire by TheTrueAnalysis -Added Matilda the Armadillio by TheTrueAnalysis -Added Omega Tharja by TheTrueAnalysis -Added Perfect Tharja by TheTrueAnalysis -Added Shogun Tharja by TheTrueAnalysis -Added Tharja by TheTrueAnalysis -Added Tharja Yoshikage by TheTrueAnalysis -Added Thrilling Tharja by TheTrueAnalysis -Added Hoshikujaku by MoloMowChow -Added Mythic Rare Kinyo Roadshow by HelloMyName
  10. Happy birthday, man.

  11. Thread updated. -Added section for characters by Warunoyari. Characters: -Added Corrupted Veter Driffin by HelloMyNameIsAAA -Updated Refrigerator by HelloMyNameIsAAA -Added Manifestation Goenitz/Sandbagger Goenitz by Warunoyari Note from Warunoyari, Goenitz might lead to crashes on Windows 10. Nothing harmful, though.
  12. Very Cheap Insane Silly Gaelik SSJ1 (has the same idle as Gaestick): https://mega.nz/#!bg13DKDI!tYXUJlRE0Laqv8jWRianmSadUIgyVFldP47SXcCBPjY
  13. Late update, sorry it took so long -Characters: Added Me and the Boys by Brergsart Updated Buster by Brergsart Added Meteoric Marisa by Deoxgigas
  14. Just asking, for karter's chars, don't you mean "Cyclone" instead of "Cyclops"? I'm unable to find the latter
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