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  1. I've released a new AI patch for, well - @Basara-kun's Butch. Since it is at the same link as my other one, you should only need to add a note about it, no new link or anything.
  2. qN0m9jw.png


    A new AI patch is out! This one is for Basara-kun's Butch. Get it at the usual link:


  3. As promised, I'm back to working on MUGEN big time. A new AI patch has been released. it is for another one of Basara-kun's creations - Tiny's evil counterpart, Butch. This is my most technically advanced AI, so I'm quite proud of it. Get it at the usual link. I have quite a few targets picked out for patches. Except some of those in at least a couple of weeks.
  4. I have made AI patches for Michael J's Mario, Gemeos dos Jogos's Mario aswell as Exlamation_Question's Kart Fighter Luigi and Bowser. https://mega.nz/folder/n5EBXIba#b78tW65rMLrBLx8Me7To3w
  5. I'mma be real, I wasn't the biggest fan of your work up till now, but I honestly find myself quite liking this character. Assuming this is based of that parculiar smash mod and as such, I think you did a good job porting the craziness of that over into MUGEN. I mostly play MUGEN for AI vs AI, so I'm not minded by how cheap it is at all (low god tier battles are some of my favorites, to be honest). There's some minor issues I have with the hitboxes here and there, but I don't really see it as much of a problem considering this is quite obviously not meant to be a super serious "standard" char (and I'm not totally about that anyway, none of my work is balanced either, yet). The one really big issue I have is how every sprite Luigi uses is a different palette. It's so much more benefical if you just index all of those to one single palette like any other char you can find around. Not only does it mean you get to make additional palettes, it saves a crapton of space. I know most of your creations have this, so please, try to stick to this. In conclusion, good job, this char geniunly gave me a laugh. Looking forward to what you can put out next.
  6. The amount of material for chars in Ultraman is honestly just fucking insane.
  7. Not to book any of these for myself, but once I get to - irl stuff taking up time - I'd be really interested in recreating at least one of these. The game itself is actually very fun to play.
  8. Emperor is not really unbeatable by any standard. He's got insane regen and the ability to decimate practically any non-gd tier, but just run him against someone like Blond Wolf and he'll fall easily. He lacks any code to counter the true unbeatables, he's essaintly just "really strong, but not advanced strong". Not to say he's a bad character though, I like him alot.
  9. Battle WIndows/Computer Virus by muteki(?): https://mega.nz/file/SoFHwArQ#TljgtqYEeqPostr2A6L7RbneG_78mHoqQUHO2Bwg5h0 (this one was reuploaded because i could not for the life of me find any other link.) AI patches for waniwani's Dark Matter and Kracko aswell as H.A.L.L's Ghameleoarm by Tyanko: https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!AIpD-zLazt-I3Mc&id=209935C605E77ACE!235&cid=209935C605E77ACE
  10. unknown.png

    I've released 4 new AI patches, for Kozeni's Bagan, man's Ebifrygon (nijikaku project), FourthRhyme's Mangle and Gemeos dos Jogos' Mario. More information and the link to download them in my thread:


  11. Four new AI patches are out. These are for Kozeni's Bagan, man's Ebifrygon, FourthRhyme's Mangle and Gemeos dos Jogos's Mario. Go grab em at the usual link. I got some stuff coming up IRL, but after that, I wanna get back into AI making big time (aswell as a couple of original projects)
  12. Congrats, that was a fantastic show of skill 👏
  13. If you want to try lunatic difficulty, only do rhymes from now on.
  14. Love your work, kirbey. I finally checked out Ultraman (just went with the first series) and am quite enjoying it. Thanks for getting me interested 🙂
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