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  1. Love your work, kirbey. I finally checked out Ultraman (just went with the first series) and am quite enjoying it. Thanks for getting me interested 🙂
  2. Love what you did, great work. Classic Sonic stages are some of my absolute favorites always, they make for great backgrounds.
  3. Learn something new every day, appreantlly, all of these "powered" characters are based on a 3D0 game. I wonder if there are more characters to convert.
  4. Guy Kazama made an AI patch for Dragonrod's Armadon https://guykazama.neocities.org/mugen.html
  5. Hyde233 made an AI patch for Shadowtak's Blob. It's labeled as cf2blob for some reason. https://www.mediafire.com/?2du4qj9q6yo18
  6. Guy Kazama made AI patches for Magic Toaster's Kiba Daioh and Mr. Heart https://guykazama.neocities.org/mugen.html
  7. It is, yah. Now, just don't slip up and you'll do it.
  8. Kinda forgot to put this here, could you please add a link to my AI patch for FourthRhyme's it's a Bully? https://mega.nz/folder/n5EBXIba#b78tW65rMLrBLx8Me7To3w
  9. So, uh, I was kind of a dumb stupid idiot and linked to the wrong site for Guy Kazama's stuff, instead just posting my mega link twice. Here's the actual link. https://guykazama.neocities.org/mugen.html Sorry about that.
  10. I'd like for you to please add my AI patch for Basara-kun's Tiny. https://mega.nz/folder/n5EBXIba#b78tW65rMLrBLx8Me7To3w And also, this page contains some more AIs, created by Guy Kazama. They are for LordShade67's Bonker the Clown, Octohead, Jack and Ickyblod Clay. https://mega.nz/folder/n5EBXIba#b78tW65rMLrBLx8Me7To3w
  11. New AI patch is out! This one is for Tiny, made by Basara-kun. I'm pretty proud of this one.

    Grab it here.


  12. New AI patch is out, for a Clayfighter character - it's TIny, created by Basara-kun. You can expect more Clayfighter patches in the future, though not exactly sure when. Also, I'm going to update Sattin's AI to the newest version sometime soon, just as a notice.
  13. Looking forward to what you put out next, man. I haven't gotten a chance to test out Frosty yet, but I'm sure he'll be great fun to play! 👍
  14. Glad to be of service, in fact, here's more ❤️ HRHS by E.Y.E https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=!APyaaXgXsqNEdek&id=33CEEA633F3867B1!1333&cid=33CEEA633F3867B1 Pretty unique Hol Horse edit that has Enya of all characters following him around. I guess they made up. And - I got the help I needed, thank you very much to Infernal Spectre for helping me grab this otherwise offline AI patch for NGI's Nukesaku. The AI was made by Karuhumu https://www.mediafire.com/file/6gn3fw4yp5cem3q/nukesaku_K%5Bngi%5D%28karuhumu%29.rar/file
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