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  1. Nanabe's Ryuki Jus-Sized:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1bVmPex0A3BeTrufP1-hz89MHXvJaoaem?usp=sharing now can change into Ryuga(doesn't have any guard vent move tho) and also can use the Final Vent and the Advent as many as you like Ryuki Movelist: Sword Vent Special: z+b Strike Vent Special : z+a Guard Vent Special: z+y Advent: z+x Final Vent: ~D, F, z or ~D, F+z Change into Ryuga: 1. you must use the Final and Advent at least for once 2. your power must be 3000
  2. sorry I'm not doing request i just resize when i feel like it and now I'm focus on Mura's Agito.
  3. i have a question. so I'm about to edit Mura's Agito and i will add some Ennki's Agito's moves in it like the upper Ground Form's Rider Kick and the Rider Punch and some more new moves, am i allowed to do that?
  4. here is my Jus Sized collection https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1fCgRFUQbkmvO3GTZQqbjmoZOgHE7Q9g4?usp=sharing
  5. can you replace it with this link? https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14jg5T4ZPZ0TXwbMj7SHu8FHLSuzoMBFM?usp=sharing
  6. thank you i am looking foward to know your opinion about this edit
  7. Kabuto by Alf and Ev133 Jus sized by me: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/14jg5T4ZPZ0TXwbMj7SHu8FHLSuzoMBFM?usp=sharing command change: normal clock up: a+b rush foward clock up : hold foward, a+b put on: b+c put on (counter), hyper clock up (teleport behind the enemy) : b+c all zector combine in hyper clock up (teleport behind the enemy) : a+b+c all zector combine while guarding : a+b+c roundhouse rider kick: c flying side rider kick and hyper kick: D, DF, F, c in ride
  8. BlackCat's Kuuga jus sized by me: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1gYv0Zm_AUs7AtQXtbLSiU2bDpzqaGUwy 1. to use Rising moves you must lose 50% of your life and your power must be 3000 or more any Rising moves will cost you more 500 power 2. the moves to fill up the Kuuga symbol are: Rising Mighty Kick, Rising Splash Dragon, Rising Blast Pegasus with Gouram, Double Calamity Titan 3. during the Rising Mighty Kick, if you hold the z button, Kuuga will perform it like the normal Mighty Kick 4. to use the Amazing Mighty Kick you must fill up the
  9. understandable but still kinda sad because that Ouja seems very fun to play, i like him very much
  10. hello can someone help me find this Ouja? http://b23.tv/WWOmZM he looks like the one made by Tommy-Gun but with more new stuff like when he get killed and returns to his human form and his contract Monster will appear to attack the enemy and then he gets up and henshin to Ouja
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