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  1. Hey I need to ask you a question, it's about where to post a file with a pre-installed game file? I searched for it on here but it's seems no one has posted the version of the file I have


    Update: nvm I think i found where

  2. [Preview] [Download] Misinterpreted KFM: https://ux.getuploader.com/unlimitedseto/download/25 Hes AI only and the pass is: mugen
  3. [Preview] [Download] https://www.mediafire.com/folder/pvslmsradq7t2/3_1_2021 Note: All of his other characters were also updated
  4. That edit would be Adam by tokage. The name in the video for him was a rename done by the fella who made the video.
  5. [Preview] [Download] https://ux.getuploader.com/KN_RS3/download/31 No extra screenshot this time since this works only in Winmugen im pretty sure
  6. [Preview] [Download] https://t.co/53y06xZgOe?amp=1 Look for Y_J_S.zip . Make sure in his .def to change the common file name and same goes for the common file itself due to unicode reasons.
  7. [Preview] [Download] Buzzo: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzNNQCcmeq3KUy1KTnZkMk5hWmc
  8. [Preview] [Download] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CHU2kS3EoqB70C6w8Do110O6lgCHxXGn/view [Note] Shes AI only.
  9. Howdy there Folks just releasing a well needed update for Cubeman. ---1/07/2021--- -Hell's Hexhadron damaged greatly -All default grabs now operate closer to their orginal source -Cubeman now makes a fall sound when knocked down -Dashing Medium now wallsplats -Poweradd for most moves altered around to be more fair for Cubeman
  10. Howdy, just a quick update of some fixes. ---01/07/2021--- -Lighter Frame has been changed to operate as a projectile -Grabs have been altered to match that of how they operate in the source better -Recovery moves now have a proper effect and sound when done
  11. Puttin out a new update once again. ---1/7/2020--- -Added source accurate wall splat to Dashing Heavy -The grab version of the Bloody Ferris Wheel no longer gives you power -Throw and torturebomb grabs now push you away from p2 at the end of it just like in source -Prisman now makes a fall sound when knocked over
  12. [Preview] [Download] MS3 Airborne: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oZ8f5Ps-IM7tLlCSn4fBqAoUtjqdSfxR/view [Notes] Comes with two defs for morning evening versions.
  13. Just some quick fixes thanks to AlexSin of MFG ---11/16/2020--- -Super Psychogun's hit effect is no longer missaligned on p2's postion -Angled Psychogun's beam alignment has been adjusted to look more correct -The heavy air versiono f the psychogun has also been adjusted to look correct -P2 no longer gets KO'ed pre-maturely during the 3-hit combo super. -ChangeAnim in the wallbounce state has been altered to be its proper version. -P2's pos for the end of their grab states has been altered to be a better value.
  14. Thanks man. Means a lot coming from a old pal like ya V-Nix.
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