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  1. UPDATE 8/10/2020 I was planning on doing this update a bit later with my 2nd kinnikuman character release but the palette issue was too big of an oversight to not take care of right away. -Altered width distance for Puzzle Buster so it looks better near screen edges. -Irish Whip's immunity time has been extended slightly so you cant whip repeadly as much. -Dashing Medium hittimes have been altered to match the rest of his medium attack hittimes. -Cornerpush has been added to his arial attacks. -Taunting gives you a small bit of power. -Winquotes added. -Fixed Palettes not being properlly aligned -Compatability with Prisman's Torturebomb -Compatability with Kaz's XMEN lose pose. -Compatability with NS's Sawada lose pose.
  2. UPDATE 8/4/2020 I changed out a couple of issues within the character that I found needed to be address and hopefully provide a better gameplay experience. Please redownload if you can. -Dashing Medium no longer lets the opponent recover after being knocked down. -Headbutt is slightly faster to allow for comobing off of it to be easier. -Hell's Hexahedron's has more invulnerability during start up. -Small palette issue on certain frames of Cubeman's moves has been addressed.
  3. I accidentally uploaded this with a busted link so now that has been fixed its good to go.
  4. [Preview] [Download] Cubeman: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d6097z2mo5ac1cm/Cubeman.rar/file [Notes] Welp my big project to help me really get back into the flow of making mugen characters again is finally finished! I meant to complete this character a bit sooner to try and cheer up folks with this whole epidemic and such by giving them something to mess with but I wanted to make sure I got most of his gameplay down right as well as dealing with some water damage at home. But anyways I do hope you all enjoy this character especially being one of the first characters made from Kinnikuman Muscle Fight in almost a decade. Thanks for your time!
  5. Good to see ya back once again. Good work also
  6. Happy B-day Toast! :3

  7. Happy birthday and happy toasting to you!

  8. Happy Birthday Magic!

  9. a Happy Birthday for a Happy Magic Boi

  10. A toast for a toast! happy b-day!

  11. Happy 22th!!!, you develop the best KFX/KFA & SFXVI content!!!!!

  12. Happy B-Day Magic Toaster, thanks for being an amazing person in this community.

  13. [Preview] [Download] Ettoman: http://www.mediafire.com/file/7aobdc0j6sabb7a/Ettoman.zip [Comment] Just a little simple character I made by the request of a friend from the KF community who made this character but didnt finish him. Took a bit longer than I should have on him. credits are in the readme as usual.
  14. Nope. Not unless the sprites are available and I feel like bothering with it.
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