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  1. [Preview] [Download] Misinterpreted KFM: https://ux.getuploader.com/unlimitedseto/download/25 Hes AI only and the pass is: mugen
  2. [Preview] [Download] https://www.mediafire.com/folder/pvslmsradq7t2/3_1_2021 Note: All of his other characters were also updated
  3. That edit would be Adam by tokage. The name in the video for him was a rename done by the fella who made the video.
  4. [Preview] [Download] https://ux.getuploader.com/KN_RS3/download/31 No extra screenshot this time since this works only in Winmugen im pretty sure
  5. [Preview] [Download] https://t.co/53y06xZgOe?amp=1 Look for Y_J_S.zip . Make sure in his .def to change the common file name and same goes for the common file itself due to unicode reasons.
  6. [Preview] [Download] Buzzo: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0BzNNQCcmeq3KUy1KTnZkMk5hWmc
  7. [Preview] [Download] https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CHU2kS3EoqB70C6w8Do110O6lgCHxXGn/view [Note] Shes AI only.
  8. Howdy there Folks just releasing a well needed update for Cubeman. ---1/07/2021--- -Hell's Hexhadron damaged greatly -All default grabs now operate closer to their orginal source -Cubeman now makes a fall sound when knocked down -Dashing Medium now wallsplats -Poweradd for most moves altered around to be more fair for Cubeman
  9. Howdy, just a quick update of some fixes. ---01/07/2021--- -Lighter Frame has been changed to operate as a projectile -Grabs have been altered to match that of how they operate in the source better -Recovery moves now have a proper effect and sound when done
  10. Puttin out a new update once again. ---1/7/2020--- -Added source accurate wall splat to Dashing Heavy -The grab version of the Bloody Ferris Wheel no longer gives you power -Throw and torturebomb grabs now push you away from p2 at the end of it just like in source -Prisman now makes a fall sound when knocked over
  11. [Preview] [Download] MS3 Airborne: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oZ8f5Ps-IM7tLlCSn4fBqAoUtjqdSfxR/view [Notes] Comes with two defs for morning evening versions.
  12. Just some quick fixes thanks to AlexSin of MFG ---11/16/2020--- -Super Psychogun's hit effect is no longer missaligned on p2's postion -Angled Psychogun's beam alignment has been adjusted to look more correct -The heavy air versiono f the psychogun has also been adjusted to look correct -P2 no longer gets KO'ed pre-maturely during the 3-hit combo super. -ChangeAnim in the wallbounce state has been altered to be its proper version. -P2's pos for the end of their grab states has been altered to be a better value.
  13. Thanks man. Means a lot coming from a old pal like ya V-Nix.
  14. New update. ---11/15/2020--- -Added source accurate wall splat to Dashing Heavy -The grab version of the Bloody Ferris Wheel no longer gives you power -Throw and torturebomb grabs now push you away from p2 at the end of it just like in source
  15. [Download] Cobra: https://www.mediafire.com/file/atruxfuo0jm2b3x/Cobra.zip/file [Note] Something ive had on the back burner for awhile hopefully youll folks enjoy a good deal. I tried to make sure I could get as much of his little extra source bits in as I could (special intro states, lose poses, etc.).
  16. Another small update I fixed up an oversight of mine when i was updating Hero M so now his supers should be fine.
  17. Looks like Sendspace botched on my end and the link didnt have both of them together like it should have. So, Hideabu's link should be working just fine now. Go get'em
  18. [Download] Hero M: https://www.mediafire.com/file/02g3gngqmk75b7o/Hero_M.rar/file Hideabu: https://www.mediafire.com/file/5nqlwaks967419m/Hideabu.zip/file [Note] Just had these guys sitting on the back burner for awhile I meant to release earlier this year but didnt get around to. I figured itd be a nice little thing to throw out there for the folks that like my live-action characters since ive been getting a lot better with my coding. I do got plans to hopefully make a good few more of these later on again along with some well needed update to some of my other characters.
  19. Overall a pretty solid Kiryu ya got there man. Still testing through it but it seems ya gotta work on thep ostioning on the helpers for the Styles Kiryu uses on the 1.1 version. Zoom doesnt quite agree with it.
  20. Dunno why ya would just make it a LISA Collection when virtually ever LISA release has been done by Oddish and it might as well just be a collection dedicated to him instead
  21. [Preview] [Download] Prisman: https://www.mediafire.com/file/tsp2te4ikuv3fc0/Prisman.zip/file [Note] My 2nd conversion of a Kinnikuman MF character! Coding a lot of this stuff from this game is tough work but damn is the payoff worth it as well as the fact it makes a great learning experience for dealing with more wacky coded supers and such. Anyways Prizman is mostly a weird zoner with a lot of really aggressive jump in options and I hope you folks enjoy him!
  22. UPDATE 9/5/2020 -Surfing grab now has unique positions for victims with the compatible sprites. -Compatibility with Felicia's headscartch attack -Hell's Hexahedron sprprioty reduced so it doesnt obscure fights in tag mode -Air hittimes in Medium attacks have all been modified -Jump sound has been corrected
  23. UPDATE 8/10/2020 I was planning on doing this update a bit later with my 2nd kinnikuman character release but the palette issue was too big of an oversight to not take care of right away. -Altered width distance for Puzzle Buster so it looks better near screen edges. -Irish Whip's immunity time has been extended slightly so you cant whip repeadly as much. -Dashing Medium hittimes have been altered to match the rest of his medium attack hittimes. -Cornerpush has been added to his arial attacks. -Taunting gives you a small bit of power. -Winquotes added. -Fixed Palettes not being properlly aligned -Compatability with Prisman's Torturebomb -Compatability with Kaz's XMEN lose pose. -Compatability with NS's Sawada lose pose.
  24. UPDATE 8/4/2020 I changed out a couple of issues within the character that I found needed to be address and hopefully provide a better gameplay experience. Please redownload if you can. -Dashing Medium no longer lets the opponent recover after being knocked down. -Headbutt is slightly faster to allow for comobing off of it to be easier. -Hell's Hexahedron's has more invulnerability during start up. -Small palette issue on certain frames of Cubeman's moves has been addressed.
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