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  1. does anyone have cr-noise by morinonaka, because I tried to get into the link but it will not work... could someone request this if you have him/her?
  2. I'm not being stupid...but, why are all of exshadow stages hosted have not got their own music included with it?
  3. I think those MK characters are for mkproject here's the link to other ones that you want them to start on zero: http://network.mugenguild.com/guild/mugenwiki_mkr.html or http://network.mugenguild.com/guild/mugenwiki_mk.html
  4. try re-downloading it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8nqfg4np0ahjdob/mugen-1.1b1.zip
  5. its showing blank when you go into elecbyte's webby: http://www.elecbyte.com/mugen
  6. how is ryoucchi lucky as hell to find all the characters that are offline and never found publicly (like for instance, fujiwara no mokou) featured in this: https://i.imgur.com/zl4LJrJ.png
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