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    games and anime nearly all fighting games i also like Skyrim and Fallout l like anime like Dragonball z,One Piece,Cowboy Bebop,Trigun,Samurai Deeper Kyo,Yu Yu Hakusho,Hakuto no Ken and many others

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  1. I'm slowly getting back into mugen not gonna lie having fun running the more ram heavy screenpacks on my new laptop

  2. Akuma by Mr Ansatsuken the effects plus the fact you can make him shin akuma and Oni and stuff its pretty awesome
  3. people were right when they said that the dreamcast version of mvc2 was the best its so good omg

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. mulambo


      what about the XBox classic version? is it good?

    3. Noside


      I like the PS2 version way better.

    4. Jewel men10

      Jewel men10

      yup, they were

  4. starting my legacy roster (for the third damn time) gonna be a whole lot of portrait making for me lol


    Also got addicted af to fate grand order thats why theres a whole ass role of fate characters 

  5. starting my yearly tradition of watching Yu Yu hakusho and legit Christopher Sabat as kuwabara will never not be amazing honestly  

  6. uh....hey guys i have returned from my eternal slumber and im getting back into MUGEN its nice being back on the site my god ive missed this place  

  7. Hey guys I'm not dead....yet lol anyway I'm in the process of building a new PC instead of getting a laptop this time round the PC seems powerful enough.... Can't wait to run those ram heavy screenpacks lol

  8. So I have been having....technical difficulties with my laptop it literally committed suppuku or some shit lmao I just hope they can extract my stuff..I am not losing NY Legacy Mugen I REFUSE 

    1. Darkflare


      Your reminder to make it a habit to back up your stuff.

    2. Infinite Kyo

      Infinite Kyo

      Yeah basically lol 

  9. Whoever thought of mixing streets of rage and 2pac is a fucking genius lmao
  10. So like the internet has transformed planet earth into a little anime girl called Earth-chan.....not gonna lie the memes are wholesome as fuck 

    1. Gaulbetti


      That sounds fairly commonplace though. For sure better than Steamed Hams and GET OUT OF MY CAR by default.

    2. RicePigeon


      Is it coincidence that she happens to be flat? :P

  11. So Beerus, Goku Black and Hit are coming to Dragonball FighterZ.......i was hoping for Hit so im happy as fuck right now it seems like Black will play differently from normal goku thank god 


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