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  1. Luis

    Luis VS AI Videos

    Arcade mode with Rice Pigeon's Yukari.
  2. Luis

    Luis VS AI Videos

    Some Ai do funny things when your character is in the middle of their hurtbox or sprite.
  3. The cat is in the game but not playable. Yeah Kuroneko should be moved to special edit.
  4. The Monika by G-R + p0008874 is a good example of number 3 but people still went crazy over that character because it's Monika. (No not really she's just a recolor of Misuzu Kamio)
  5. What character are you using? I'll try to beat him with your main just to challenge myself.
  6. I actually like fighting his Bowser. I have beaten him with many characters.
  7. Oh now that I think about it. Aquapazza has that too. Forget what I said then.
  8. When a character gains more defense when they have low health. I wish that wasn't a thing in mugen. It looks like you're winning but they have more health then you think.
  9. Hakuoro from utawarerumono by CSX. https://pan.baidu.com/s/1zDDhs7xnp7BsmcIcV-oFRg#list/path=%2Fmugen%2FMugenChars&parentPath=%2Fmugen
  10. I heard the reason why they do the community weekends thing is to get people to be more active in the forum instead of just downloading everything.
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