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  1. As one of my older characters, Hotaru has finally received a much needed revamp to keep her up to standard with my newer stuff. With that complete, I can move on to another character overhaul to coincide with the return of her series; Haruhi Suzumiya! All SNK Characters: - Revised Roll/Air Dodge mechanic to cancel normals on contact instead of canceling guardstun for the 1000 power cost. - Improved Hyper Drive activation FX. Hotaru Futaba: - Completely overhauled.
  2. Nep Heart

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    Higanbana joins the fad.
  3. Full Hotaru AI showcase.
  4. No Context Meduka MUGEN.
  5. Updated a specific code in every character who has it. All Generation 1 characters: - Corrected bug in anti-custom state glitch coding.
  6. Requesting to add Reimu Hakurei by Nep Heart to the collection. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvDqTmHZ37DilRe__n7c22OI429G?e=faTT2Z
  7. Reimu seals the deal as she makes her way into MUGEN. Considerable late for a release due to my MUGEN hiatus as I wanted to put more focus into my other hobbies, but I finally have her out ready for the 1st of the month. From here, I'll be mostly focusing on overhauls for older characters until resources for two characters I really want to do become available later this year, if not next. Anyway, hope you all enjoy this new iteration of Reimu! Download her here: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvDqTmHZ37DilRe__n7c22OI429G?e=faTT2Z [b]Reisen Udongein Inaba:[/b]
  8. Gonna post a full video showing off her AI later this week.
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