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  1. Nep Heart

    Nep Art

    Who here wants an absolutely ripped ghost guardian with dual tonfa-guns?
  2. Nep Heart

    Nep Art

    Another art trade, this time with @-Whiplash-. I draw his gamer girl alien OC, N'dya.
  3. Nep Heart

    Nep Art

    Clock grill.
  4. I originally planned to mass update on Reimu's release, but it's probably better to get these bug fixes and balance changes out of the way sooner. However, I'll exclude the Touhou characters from this update since I still need to finish their win screens. All Generation 1 characters (except Touhou Project): - All non-attack based supers now lock power gain while active. - Revised Dash Bonus. All Eternal Fighter Zero characters: - Reinforce damage bonus max reduced from 10% down to %5. Hotaru Futaba: - Corrected cornerpush bug. Mai Kawasumi: - Revised Manipulation of Power - Blitz; now made into a triple cluster of fireballs. Miyako Arima: - Corrected hit detection issues for helpers. - Revised method for super armor. Akari Ichijou: - Adjusted damage for all non-EX versions of Shikigami Tenku. - Adjusted the function of Power and Defense tags' status effects slightly. - Portals now disappear when Akari is hit. - Tweaked AI to account for aforementioned power lock. Neptune: - Tweaked AI to account for aforementioned power lock. Kano Kirishima: - Corrected Aria HUD sometimes omitting level blocks at full charge.
  5. Fixed a serious bug in the combo system while tweaking the gravity mechanic. All Generation 2 characters: - Corrected bug in juggle gravity sometimes not resetting correctly.
  6. Nep Heart

    Nep Art

    Scorching summer fun with two twintailed short stacks.
  7. GYRAX decided to take a crack at Aya. Making her pen into a bo staff was a very neat touch.
  8. So, averaging out the results from both forums, Hakurei Miko won with an average of 12.8275 over Yukina's 11.795. May start the actual project towards the end of the year or somewhere early next year for I am pretty much on break from any WIPs asides from the Reimu one that I need to finish.
  9. Nep Heart

    Nep Art

    I do my part in an art trade with GYRAX. I also draw someone else's OC for once, this one being a magical girl named Emilie.
  10. Same friend, yet again, did another sketch for my OC, Li.
  11. Same friend sketched another of my OCs, this time Li.
  12. All Generation 2 characters: - Adjusted juggle gravity timer. - Adjusted Max Drive Mode timer. - Tweaked AI to account for system adjustments. Lilith: - Corrected bug where Lilith would freeze in place if Hyper Face Bomber retains no target on hit.
  13. Nep Heart

    Nep Art

    Here's Siya, an imaginary friend, house guest and spy who takes glee in trolling.
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