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  1. For the people ( @RobotMonkeyHead) who are managing the MUGEN resource folder for the "Mugen Software" link at the top of the forum's front page, some of the links aren't working for "violations" and seemed to have been removed by the hosting site itself. Also, I'd suggest using something that isn't MediaFire seeing as it's blocked in some nations like the Philippines. They could use update given this is sort of an archive type website and all.
  2. Contributing to Day #9, have some lovely armpits from my favorite member of Hololive.
  3. Finish Taiga's last two supers.
  4. He's not an admin/moderator anymore, so, I don't think the weight of responsibility has as much impact as before. Not to mention, if there are prepubescent users on this board, I think MFFA's remaining staff should be questioned first for allowing that to be a thing in the first place... Not that I don't question their authority in the first place.
  5. Is it okay if I can post armpit pics here?
  6. Adorable kitsune pose!


     Higanbana with an adorable pose!

  8. Tiger feasts on its prey.



     Tiger feasts on her prey.

  10. Level 3 done. Now to do the rest of her supers, finishing touches and finally the AI itself.

    Insert Chris Tucker's role in "Friday" here.

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