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  1. Reimu's Unique Ability, Hakurei Barrier, is now implemented. Also, a special winpose she has under certain circumstances.
  2. Nep Heart

    Nep MUGEN

    The marathon isn't dead.
  3. Another Lilith WIP match-up. Might be the last one before I release her next week.
  4. I am aware EFZ is pretty niche in MUGEN nowadays, but glad I can deliver to those who wanted them including Kano. Anyway, made a quick hotfix for Neptune since she had a few minor stuff to address. Neptune: - Further corrected some sprite and animation errors.
  5. I've done a collaboration before, but only because someone made sprites that I coincidentally wanted and it worked out. Otherwise, I'm going on break for several months from doing WIPs once Reimu is released. But you're welcome to borrow from the Hakurei Barrier's coding whenever Reimu is released.
  6. The Hakurei Barrier gimmick isn't implemented yet, but I already have it conceptualized in my head and an idea how to go about it when I do get to that part. For the most part, I'm content with doing the coding since I am sure it's not going to be too hard anyway, I'd argue Akari's portal gimmick was probably the hardest thing I've ever coded. What I do need more of is beta testers if the point I ask for them ever comes. But thanks for the offer anyway.
  7. Another 2ho by me and one of the main characters herself, I plan to make Reimu lean towards a hybrid of zoner/rushdown whose Unique Ability involves the Hakurei Barrier (to which I still have yet to implement). With something that versatile and effective, she'll compensate by having relatively below average damage output compared to what is standard for Generation 1. For the record, this will be exactly the last WIP in line I'll be doing for a while as I'll go on break, making periodic updates while working on my attempt in an all Nep Heart compilation with the ambition of taking them for eventual online play.
  8. Requesting to add Kano Kirishima by Nep Heart to the collection. https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvDqTmHZ37DikzVuaMP1JX9sMvzi?e=TNQtuU
  9. Nep Heart

    Nep MUGEN

    Kano's now available.
  10. Kano makes a magical wish into MUGEN. Probably my first fully dedicated character release who very much plays on the defensive side and is rather high execution, so, she may not be as easy to bring out her potential as my previous Generation 1 characters, but she's got a lot of tools at her disposal thanks to the unique Aria mechanic. This is also the return of an EFZ character as I haven't made one in nearly a year. Enjoy! https://1drv.ms/u/s!AvDqTmHZ37DikzVuaMP1JX9sMvzi?e=TNQtuU All Generation 1 characters: - Updated method of all project reflectors with how they handle sound channel nullification. - Wallbounce FX updated with custom FX. - Corrected error in perfect FX. All Generation 2 characters: - Corrected bug in attack landing lag sometimes cancelling early. All Eternal Fighter Zero characters: - Added Gold Mode. Nayuki Minase: - Decreased damage for all normals and a few specials/supers. - Increased landing lag for aerial specials. Akari Ichijou: - Corrected bug in portal projectile redirection velocity. - Corrected cinematic detector to cover more scenarios. - Tweaked AI. Neptune: - Corrected bug in which Elemental Status effect would reappear and loop even after a round is finished. - Corrected a few sprite issues. - Tweaked damage and guardstun for all normals and elemental projectile specials. - Cross Combination now does increased damage when Elemental Status weakness conditions are present. - Tweaked AI.
  11. Nep Heart

    Nep MUGEN

    Kano against some less-than-fair magic users.
  12. You can say this is a fairly extensive showcase of Safety Wall. Trust me, it was absolutely necessary given who my opponents were, but it does show itself to be a fairly powerful defense when used correctly.
  13. Even if I'm probably one of the newest testers, it was a fun ride indeed. I hope I am able to do the same for Incident Zero's eventual development.
  14. Nep Heart

    Nep MUGEN

    Lilith proves that she is the superior rassler.
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