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  1. But otz-kai’s Madoka is currently still a WIP, so you’d have to wait for that, right?
  2. There’s also Kuroko Shirai by S.Y (the same creator that made Misaka), but I don’t know the “actual” link b/c I got it from MUGEN archive...
  3. One question, couldn't they be sprite styled in JUS? Just a thought.
  4. LLENN B-DAY and request. Wishing LLENN a happy birthday today on 4/20 (MLG)! Also an idea for making LLENN into a MUGEN character. Putting the idea out there (like what I said with "Hyperdimension Neptunia" characters). since she has sprites from DBFC Ignition and sounds as well. Although in that she was only an assist so possibly JUS to make things simple. Also, I have LLENN sprites from SAO Memory Defrag (bringing in the idea of MD characters in mugen though their sprite work is all in body parts... but just a thought), and sounds as well if anyone wants me to link them. Thanks everyone in MFFA, and have a good night! Something I did in my spare time. :3
  5. You go to State -2.cns and change var (57) = 1 to 0. You can spam the basketball, and her other climax art can only be activated when your damaging the opponent. (doesn’t work against bosses but the attack for Ro-Kyu-Bu can do a small bit of damage against bosses)
  6. FF-Tomoka by Gondwana is out and I've played with her. She's like a "Flame" edit/version of FC Tomoka Minato, and she is fantastic! A must have for the collection! Has all her basic moves, but with flame effects. It's like she borrowed Alastor from Shana, and became a flame haze. The first "MUGEN" Tomoka that has her Climax Arts!!! YES THE POSE!!! Don't know where the "initial" download link is but here's where you can start from. http://mugen1gondwana.blog.fc2.com/
  7. Can't download any of the stages anymore. Please help...
  8. Sounds good, another work coming to the list.
  9. Depends, if he’s got the WIP version available (like Ako) then it’s best to put it in for now so when it’s finished it can be put it then.
  10. I don’t like jokes. (Oh GS “Normal” Homura...)
  11. You have to keep using rifle attacks until your soul gem (on the upper right hand corner) glows. There’s also a voice line indication that she’s ready to use the attack. Then just do D, DF, F, a+b ( down front a+b) to activate. A bonus is when you win (I think with a Fatal Tiro) and lose once and it’s round three. Try and use the attack again then... well that’s for you to find out (or someone else can tell you, unless you want to be surprised)
  12. I hope for your dream as much as my dream man. Glad someone noticed.
  13. You said Terumi did you not? (Can you not read your own comment?)
  14. What you’d said... (Blazblue)
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