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  1. bump, sorry Seena by IF: https://mega.nz/file/VE0CySLZ#7s4gl9yEFncbFZrXh8n0ZJMJUa61lp_bVN3rvkPLvpE AI patches by Chiitama: Ankokunaitou's Jail Lance || Ankokunaitou's Calnarsa
  2. Psst -- Daniel Linhares' Haohmaru belongs in the CVS section, it uses CVS sprites <_< Anyway, here's some more stuff.
  3. Seiger by Descolor: https://descolor.yokochou.com/ He is found under "ナインハルト・ズィーガー S-Mix" and is custom-styled. Z-Ukyo by ni-san: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=7110B138A0C285BF&id=7110B138A0C285BF!236&parId=7110B138A0C285BF!107&o=OneUp Custom-styled. He's made for NicoNico MUGEN tournaments and things of the like, so he could be considered relatively cheap by human vs AI standards. Rimururu by Ingrid Cold: https://mega.nz/file/pR1yjITK#65UaA_QV3NKbPo1neT7jMQSXZjr5LuXusytSRs_VjBY KOF UM-styled.
  4. Cure Rouge by Xjuninho: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NW8vKyLBRZNySOQCefB3sZSBYQ0slFf0/view Cure White by Macks: https://mega.nz/file/pN9VQAiK#nJJ-DxCPdG6QITuTw3BbJNbPHMo0DP06hHc3X5DqtpI
  5. Here's some reuploads for characters that are offline or have dead links in the OP. I've put them under spoilers, just cuz it's a bit more than usual.
  6. YuugenMagan by Kurogane: https://mega.nz/file/FclHCChb#3xTryh0ns1sUKyoFfA-M0DDHeVTf9eb0sKtEqfPMbt8 She's listed as "offline" in the collection.
  7. Hatya has released a version of Lulu Amour, which can be found on their OneDrive under the filename "ルールー 12,26,2019". Like Hatya's other characters, it is fairly cheap.
  8. Ushiwakahime by Kolossoni can be found here. She's a character from Shintetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushido Retsuden, the Samurai Shodown RPG. A,c,c made a Suija and an Enja, which can be found on their OneDrive. I believe there's also a Kuroko and a joke edit of a Shizumaru, but I'm not sure if those files are there. They're all relatively cheap, however. Duracellur also edited multiple Samurai Shodown characters to play in the KOFA style. They can all be found on his blog.
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