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  1. Collection updated. - Reuploaded/added working links to the following characters: - All characters by Tanic2KXX - Shinobu by Mgbenz - Kumi by Sprites Dorgil - Shinobu by Kinto2006 - Reuploaded the following stages: - Shinobu's stage by TESTP - Shinobu's stage by Altrouge - All stages by mh777 - Added a link to older versions of Azu's characters. Depending on each version, the older AI patches listed will work much better, compared to using them with the most recent versions.
  2. Characters by Daniel Linhares: Nicotine || Amakusa || Mizuki || Zankuro - All MVC-styled. Rufushi Kamui by Ainotenshi: https://mega.nz/file/VZUS0T4D#v5_ZHbzwXyoEnSrZ8p42JE-l6og7fQ_CKy_6TiA_s38 - Rimururu edit similar to Rimusin Ruruki and Shin Rimururu, would probably go in the same section as those two. Sieger by varo_hades & BahamianKing: https://www.mediafire.com/file/k9879xonayxasf9/Sieger.rar/file - CVS-styled, and uses his SS6 sprites.
  3. This is a "remake" of the original Asuka 120% collection, since most of the original is dead links and it most likely won't be updated anytime soon. (This is my first collection, so please bear with me if I'm getting things wrong. I'll figure them out as I go along.) Red indicates an offline article. ASUKA 120% (ORIGINAL) ASUKA HONDA: Tanic2KXX KUMI OKUBO: Tanic2KXX RYUKO YAMAZAKI: Tanic2KXX TAMAKI SHINDO: Tanic2KXX ASUKA 120% BURNING FEST. ASUKA HONDA: Maruta TORAMI HOJO: Maruta KARINA TOYOTA: Maruta NANA OWADA: Maruta SHINOBU KAWASAKI: TESTP || Mgbenz ASUKA 120% BURNING FEST. FINAL ASUKA HONDA: nyo - wakuwaku's AI patch || Cerenas: 250% / Asuka C.V. KUMI OKUBO: Sakuraka - Hachiyuri's AI patch || Cerenas: 250% / Kumi C.V. || Sprites Dorgil TORAMI HOJO: Wani_Shimamura - PM's AI patch || Cerenas - Azmix's AI patch MEGUMI SUZUKI: Sakuraka || Cerenas: 250% / Megumi C.V. RYUKO YAMAZAKI: Cerenas TAMAKI SHINDO: Cerenas || STR || NS || Kinto2006 - ピッコロ大魔王's AI patch || Ice KARINA TOYOTA: Sakuraka || Cerenas: 250% / Karina C.V. / Karina C.V. NEO NANA OWADA: Sakuraka - Hachiyuri's AI patch / wakuwaku's AI patch || Cerenas: 250% / Nana C.V. KIYOKO MITARAI: NS || Cerenas || ZETA [Kyon-Kyon-Senpai] CATHY WILD: Cerenas - akuaku2's AI patch SHINOBU KAWASAKI: Pgyu- || Wani_Shimamura - Holn's AI patch || Cerenas || Kinto2006 ICHIKO FURUTACHI: Cerenas - you-ki's AI patch || Ashman TETSUKO OGIGAYA: Cerenas || STR GENICHIRO SHINDO: Cerenas OTHER D4 ASUKA: Azu - Hachiyuri's AI patch / wakuwaku's AI patch || wakuwaku [Asuka PB] || ZETA [Asuka ZETA-Mix] D4 CATHY: Azu - Hachiyuri's AI patch / NS' AI patch D4 KARINA: Azu - Hachiyuri's AI patch / LJH's AI patch Old versions of Azu's characters, which will be a bit more compatible with most AI patches listed (save for NS' Cathy patch which gets updated as she does) FLAME DEMON: Cerenas FORIONE: Cerenas HYPER BEAST: Cerenas QUEEN OF BLADES: Cerenas DEVIL BIRD SADIST: Cerenas STAGES & ADD-ONS Stages by Cenobite 53 || Asuka 250% stages by Cerenas || Shinobu's stage by TESTP || Shinobu's stage by Altrouge || Stages by mh777 || Stages by Kung Fu Man || Tamaki's stage by NEON 7 || Cathy's stage by SophieX Portraits for Duracelleur's MMV screenpack by Storm0062
  4. Tamaki Shindo by NS: http://factoryns.webcrow.jp/ - Was released last year but updated within the month. Also listed on NS's site is an AI patch for Azu's Cathy Wild. Reuploads for STR's characters: Tamaki || Tetsuko - Noticed Tetsuko was listed as offline and Tamaki wasn't listed whatsoever, so I reuploaded both.
  5. bump, sorry Houoh by Lucas9999: http://www.mediafire.com/file/a8xn2p2vepbioov/houoh.zip/file - KOF-styled, edited from Brown's version. Kasumi by K-Z: https://mega.nz/file/BEsiRa7Q#3G3RbieAinbFARHHGyml_bTx-tSJHYLm9UzdGOqncdM - Currently marked as offline in the collection, but has recently resurfaced. I'd advise marking it down as being unfinished, though, since it looks to be an early beta. AI patch for Nobun's Nobunaga by Zako: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=34741119DA4C3E69&id=34741119DA4C3E69!372&parId=34741119DA4C3E69!105&o=OneUp - Be warned that it is quite cheap compared to the unpatched version, and most likely meant for AI vs AI fights only. It is Zako, though, so that should probably be expected.
  6. 雨树樱枫险FXNULL released Durin a while back: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=386D56D146C8990E!727&cid=386D56D146C8990E Looks like she's 1.1 only, much like their other Arknights characters.
  7. bump, sorry Seena by IF: https://mega.nz/file/VE0CySLZ#7s4gl9yEFncbFZrXh8n0ZJMJUa61lp_bVN3rvkPLvpE AI patches by Chiitama: Ankokunaitou's Jail Lance || Ankokunaitou's Calnarsa
  8. Psst -- Daniel Linhares' Haohmaru belongs in the CVS section, it uses CVS sprites <_< Anyway, here's some more stuff.
  9. Seiger by Descolor: https://descolor.yokochou.com/ He is found under "ナインハルト・ズィーガー S-Mix" and is custom-styled. Z-Ukyo by ni-san: https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=7110B138A0C285BF&id=7110B138A0C285BF!236&parId=7110B138A0C285BF!107&o=OneUp Custom-styled. He's made for NicoNico MUGEN tournaments and things of the like, so he could be considered relatively cheap by human vs AI standards. Rimururu by Ingrid Cold: https://mega.nz/file/pR1yjITK#65UaA_QV3NKbPo1neT7jMQSXZjr5LuXusytSRs_VjBY KOF UM-styled.
  10. Cure Rouge by Xjuninho: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NW8vKyLBRZNySOQCefB3sZSBYQ0slFf0/view Cure White by Macks: https://mega.nz/file/pN9VQAiK#nJJ-DxCPdG6QITuTw3BbJNbPHMo0DP06hHc3X5DqtpI
  11. Here's some reuploads for characters that are offline or have dead links in the OP. I've put them under spoilers, just cuz it's a bit more than usual.
  12. YuugenMagan by Kurogane: https://mega.nz/file/FclHCChb#3xTryh0ns1sUKyoFfA-M0DDHeVTf9eb0sKtEqfPMbt8 She's listed as "offline" in the collection.
  13. Hatya has released a version of Lulu Amour, which can be found on their OneDrive under the filename "ルールー 12,26,2019". Like Hatya's other characters, it is fairly cheap.
  14. Ushiwakahime by Kolossoni can be found here. She's a character from Shintetsu Samurai Spirits: Bushido Retsuden, the Samurai Shodown RPG. A,c,c made a Suija and an Enja, which can be found on their OneDrive. I believe there's also a Kuroko and a joke edit of a Shizumaru, but I'm not sure if those files are there. They're all relatively cheap, however. Duracellur also edited multiple Samurai Shodown characters to play in the KOFA style. They can all be found on his blog.
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