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  1. Just as the title says. It's linked in the Melty Blood character collection but it seems to have been removed from the author's OneDrive. Apparently it was a WIP? I'm less interested in the character itself and more the sprites since a friend of mine has thought about making some hi-res sprites of Len and I was thinking of sending the character to them for some inspiration.
  2. Don't worry fam I gotchu. I only have one of them (it's the only one on the Mugen stream I watch) but I hope this helps.
  3. Where can I download that Emperor Leo character? I never expected someone to make a Mischief Makers character for Mugen, much less one that isn't Marina.
  4. Questions regarding the "collab" works so I can correct author names on a betting site. 1 - Who's the co-author for Saber Alter? 2 - I know that Hato is supposedly the co-author of the hi-def Sendai Miko, but the wording is confusing. Would "Pre-to, edited by Hato" or "Pre-to & Hato" be a more correct description? 3 - Junko in the Touhou collection is marked as being by "Pre-to & Hato", but she's not in this collection? 4 - Finally, there's a character marked as being by Pre-to called "Omega One" (I think it's a Mega Man Zero thing? Here's an image if you're curious). What's
  5. MichaelArmaros' Neco-Arc. Unfortunately this isn't the original upload, but until one is found this will have to make do. Kinda cheap I guess? Doesn't venture into unbeatable-without-Rare-Akuma territory except for 12p (but that's the case with most of Michael's characters), so cheap warning is up to you.
  6. Link to Arrange Accelerator Unfortunately this isn't the original upload (found it elsewhere on MFFA), and while there's a few results for the author's name on Google (including a page on a Japanese Mugen wiki about Accelerator) , those are moonrunes and I suck at navigating those. AI patches for Otika's Kamijou and Accelerator can be found here, under the names of Kamijou_CAIver5.8 and Accelerator_CAIver3.2, respectively. Additionally, Neco-Misaka is by Mob7 (or at least one version is, I'll do more poking around to confirm it later). Enjoy~
  7. Warunoyari is the name of the person who patched it, though I think that they didn't credit themselves since most people wouldn't care who did it and that someone can probably do it on their own (I've seen G-Dialga on SaltyBet before, with some ((?, it's been a long time)) of the 11p/12p code intact so it's certainly possible. And no, as far as I know the patch is private, so that's why it took until this long to get a 1.0+ compatible version on here). Regardless, that's the name you should use if you want to credit them.
  8. https://www.mediafire.com/file/ly004ecww7purho/Will_Of_Time.rar/file Alt. Version of Merufimu's G-Dialga/Will of Time character that works in non-WINMugen versions. Palettes 10, 11, and 12 are broken (they won't crash, but I don't think Dialga will be able to do anything) due to removal of the WINMugen code, but other than that the character works fine, including the cheap 8th and 9th palettes. Palettes shuffled a bit because I sent this into one of the Mugen betting sites but otherwise there aren't any changes. Not entirely sure if it works in both 1.0 and 1.1 (I didn't patch this, s
  9. "Boss" ZeedMillenniummon by BoyzBoyz. Increased damage and life regen, plus a new move and one move is "restyled" according to his release post on MFG. Also has a new sprite and has permanent superarmor, plus he's a lot bigger than the regular one. Base sprite is from Digimon Battle Spirit, though the green "rings of code" have been edited out.
  10. Internet Archive link for Tiki since Geocities has been taken down and the original link no longer works.
  11. Godzilla, it's been a long time since I've updated this collection, hasn't it? I've kinda left this here to sit and rot for a while... But today brings a small update, and I might come back to this at a later date. Especially since King of the Monsters comes out later this month... - This has been fixed. - Gamelen and Gyaoslen have been added, along with AI patches for both. - God King Ghidorah removed, turns out it's a duplicate. Hope you enjoy!
  12. Rice released IZ Yuuka a few days ago. Here's the download.
  13. By the looks of it, the former link is the author known as Muu? I can't read Japanese, so I can't really tell. As for the OneDrive link, there's a good deal of characters here! I'll update the collection some time this week, though not today because I'm tired thanks to screwing up my sleep schedule.
  14. A few things - - I personally consider Otto's old Neco-Arc Chaos and Toma's Neco-Arc to be pretty cheap - regular Neco-Arc has one super that it likes to spam a lot that gives it iframes and attacks the majority of the screen, and Chaos has some absurd reach and regen when in Blood Heat mode (plus a multitude of cheap palettes) - The Hi-Res sprite Kohaku from Battle Moon Wars (also known as Deka Kohaku) is WINMugen only- I can understand that's why the cheap/broken link was used, but I suggest a note saying so myself - Catgirl Kohaku is a null character AFAIK (if I recall I've s
  15. Collection has been updated with Gamera Kaiju. I can now see why changelogs are separated into individual posts at this point...
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