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  1. Good to see you here. I quite like your work. This has been a good site as long as I can remember. So I have confidence you'll like it.
  2. Looks interesting. Considering him. I have Jill, Wesker and Chris after all.
  3. I'm curious if there is any other good characters that can change modes mid fight? Similar to Falcon Rappers Iori and Shermie, as well as Chazzanova's Chris. I find them really cool and was hoping I'd find more, but unsure if any exist.
  4. I'll try to name some that haven't been mentioned 😆 -Dexter Morgan -Characters from heroes, especially Sylar -Conner from Detroit become human -Jonathan Reid (or more non anime vampire characters in general) -Jesse Fayden from Control -Overwatch characters -A good Christie Monteiro -A good Negan
  5. Been quite some time though, but might as well 😆
  6. I couldn't help but notice upon my return to Mugen that a lot of sub forums were no longer on the main page and some stuff seemed like it would be difficult to find. It's already looking nicer with these improvements. I remember making palettes for the palette section back in the day, glad to see it back. (Or at least easier to find).
  7. The old unedited version is called Cathedral of the Heritic. So the updated version may be called that as well. The old one doesn't look as good. Can't seem to find the updated one anywhere. This is the updated one in video though.
  8. I've been looking for this character but all links I could find seem to be taken down. Would appreciate some help if someone could upload it for me.
  9. You've definitely upgraded my friend. MA is well known for pulling that stuff. Among other things.
  10. Edit: Nvm I found it. Here is the more recent constans II if anyone is interested https://www.mediafire.com/file/i2xqmbv44zj2sqh/Constans_II.7z/file
  11. Decided to get back into Mugen again after a long time away. Used to go by yamitri2 back in the day. Hoping the community is still strong. Also looking for suggestions for the top authors these days. Back in the day it was Z2 team and Alty and a few others. Looking to build a quality over quantitiy roster this time around.
  12. I'm so excited about this, i hope it will be good when i get the chance to add this to my roster.
  13. I think i have a more updated version for you http://www.4shared.com/rar/Nda3UkiFba/dizzy.html?
  14. As soon as i saw there was a Carl Johnson i could tell it was going to be bad
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