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  1. yup, I am new to this. I know about fighter factory and I had been using that to create modifications to characters, but had never understood how the states worked, I had just hoped I would learn through looking at enough characters to understand it.
  2. I had no idea about the docs folder in mugen that literally tells you everything to know about making characters... lol?... I have the small brain
  3. Hi. I go by Softy or Remy and I lreally like mugen, both the nsfw side and the normal side of it, I have known about mugen for about 2 years I think. I am interested in creating characters for the game, and maybe will be doing requests, I have already started learning to use fighter factory and creating sprites. Also to any nsfw character authors, I would probably like to talk to you about how that whole thing works, with the states characters go into and any other important information about making one myself, either in my messages or here. some more about me: I like music a lot, particularly GWAR and Danzig but I like a lot of stuff. I like Street Fighter and Halo and am very excited for Halo Infinite. I like nsfw games where it the nsfw part isnt the sole entertainment of the game but also games where it is they are made well. I am just generally a very horny person and I'm pansexual and single.
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