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  1. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = yes bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/g7mc7ype2z7aal0/KSBH_School_Gate.rar?dl=1
  2. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = yes bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/5tx6niatqqk4vsk/HappyBattle_Concert.rar?dl=1
  3. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/file/i0frwezzh91usqv/Byakuya.zip/file https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qIVKeJpq59FUrqu_5Pn8KR09JscH5pUp/view?usp=sharing INFO Kira's version have Byakuya's whole moveset from UNiB but with custom gameplay like on Kira's previous works, but with some new additions that also will be on his Qwenthur's future update.
  4. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = yes bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/nlthw5fwkuqbf8b/KSBH_Station.rar?dl=1
  5. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = yes bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/4992viwociovcjl/KMF_Amusement_Park2.rar?dl=1 Updated version of the Amusement Park stage from KMF.
  6. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = yes bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/ps0ok3ip2pzvugy/KMF_Tower_of_Pisa.rar?dl=1
  7. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD https://onedrive.live.com/?cid=DEBEC6B2610F77B0&id=DEBEC6B2610F77B0!109 Animations (.air) fix for Hugo and Sion - https://www.mediafire.com/file/gqza1ws72vowem5/Animations_Fix_for_Totoria%27s_Hugo_%26_Sion.rar/file INFO Totoria is a creator that did some characters for MUGEN playing in KOF 2002 UM Style. Two of them gained new versions which are Hugo from Street Fighter/SNK vs. Capcom and Sion from Melty Blood. Despite some animations of them are kinda off, which i fixed, Totoria did a great work!
  8. My debut character Moonlight Maze, an edit of Seravy's Kaguya Houraisan with increased power and without collision boxes. Works with M.U.G.E.N 1.1 from 2013. Unusually, this file was uploaded to YandexDisk here: https://disk.yandex.com/d/BTwQfoWX1fUH_Q
  9. 05/05/19: (Incident Zero) Aya Shameimaru and Sanae Kochiya released The 11th and 12th Incident Zero-styled characters, the tengu news reporter Aya Shameimaru, and the Moriya Shrine maiden Sanae Kochiya, has been released. Get them in the Incident Zero section of the Characters page. Link: http://ricepigeon.neocities.org First release. First release.
  10. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = Ecoco World II only bgm = yes [Download] Ecoco World I : https://www.dropbox.com/s/dr6ghctjn1ytzg7/MHP_Ecoco_World_I.rar?dl=1 Ecoco World II : https://www.dropbox.com/s/zhff46bnd1aye5z/MHP_Ecoco_World_II.rar?dl=1
  11. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes animated = yes bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/x50fiji6ue876jv/SCWU_JAPAN_STREET.rar?dl=1
  12. [PREVIEW] [Info] superjump = yes aminated = yes bgm = yes [Download] https://www.dropbox.com/s/dl1ey7ncmjn6mxv/KMF_River_Thames.rar?dl=1
  13. Hello, I recently got ahold of this character again for an IKEMEN project, and I forgot how outdated this is, therefore I decided to update her to more current standards of my characters. Reintroducing Onodera Ren, this weird lady from Crimson Alive: Extreme Encounter. Truth to be told I knew nothing about her really and I just made her because I thought she was cool. She was made about 8 years ago, when I was starting to grow up of my MUGEN baby phase. Here's a bit of a more detailed description of her features: -All her moves, even ones that were taken off the game. -Dodge, Dash, Backdash, Quick Guard and Dodge get-up adapted from the game. -Details taken from the Crimson Alive game, but with my own touches when it comes to gameplay -All Normal Moves, All Special moves, Two EX Moves (One of which was cut from the game), Various Super moves (One of them suffered a similar fate). -And other things you'll see. -A bunch of palettes thanks to Zemilia... he even made more than 12... so go pick whichever ones you like. Her gameplay consists of some heavy rushdown coupled with extremely punishing juggle combos, almost boss character esque. UPDATE 21/01/2021 Changelist: SCREENSHOTS: DOWNLOAD: Click Here! Stay tuned for more!
  14. http://i.imgur.com/gaWR2Rp.pnghttp://i.imgur.com/pCwU2aK.png link: https://ricepigeon.neocities.org/
  15. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/folder/xwl9qmm9zpbuz/mm2-mugen2020 INFO It's finally here!! The newest VERSION 9 of the MUGEN Match game that i compiled and edited! With new characters, updates in the existent ones, new stages and fixes in the Tag System. Stay tuned for more special releases! 😉
  16. Whoa hey, so I decided to edit RicePigeon's Flandre. Video preview: The idea to rework her moveset dates back to early February, but it took a while to plan everything out and subsequently edit it all in, plus a month or so of beta testing and such; also remember to factor in my innate ability to procrastinate like nobody's business. I'll be brutally honest, while at first I was OK with Flan's moveset, I gradually grew to dislike it over time because to me it just feels like an amalgamation of two completely different characters whose movesets don't really work well together at all, much less on a character who was stated to have unrelenting rushdown and close-range pressure. In short, I found her boring and incredibly linear; that is of course my opinion, so don't take that as fact. That's enough of me being unnecessarily mean, so here's the changelog: Download PlasmoidThunder's Scrapheap Original RicePigeon's MUGEN Spot
  17. A voice pack for Mikita's Murakumo that gives him his Ausf. Asche and En-Eins voices. If there are any mistakes let me know and I will fix them in the future. Thank you and enjoy 😄 https://mega.nz/folder/B8YGnI4C#5878w7-3cIzowWNPSr3tLA
  18. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/file/kiw7zikj6caikym/Qwenthur_Barbotage.zip/file INFO Like in Kira's previous work on Kojou Akatsuki, Qwenthur plays with some elements from the original DBFC game, UNIB and even the POTS Style stuff. I believe it works only on 1.1 because of zoom stuff on EX specials and supers.
  19. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD MEGA https://mega.nz/folder/DtcnyAZA#wNrhzbbHiYZgxW2i_rt-8A Mediafire http://www.mediafire.com/folder/xwl9qmm9zpbuz/mm2-mugen2020 INFO This time is the Version 8 of my edited MUGEN Match 2.1, with the chars in POTS Style gameplay, a great variety of stages and the add004 Tag System by Shiyo Kakuge. Many of the chars got new/updated versions and some aesthetics issues were fixed. Hope you all enjoy the game!
  20. Another 2ho by me and one of the main characters herself, I plan to make Reimu lean towards a hybrid of zoner/rushdown whose Unique Ability involves the Hakurei Barrier (to which I still have yet to implement). With something that versatile and effective, she'll compensate by having relatively below average damage output compared to what is standard for Generation 1. For the record, this will be exactly the last WIP in line I'll be doing for a while as I'll go on break, making periodic updates while working on my attempt in an all Nep Heart compilation with the ambition of taking them for eventual online play.
  21. With quarantine ongoing, I have a bit more than enough free time since ever to spare and that motivated me with the goal to do two projects side-by-side started roughly around that same time as a first as opposed to starting a single new project towards the end of creating the previous. With that said, I've decided to go back to doing an EFZ character in a while as well as my second Generation 2 character who happened to win the poll. Coincidentally, both will be slow heavy-hitters who do massive damage even with singular attacks. I'll post progress for both in this thread since they're being worked on at the same time.
  22. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HUW8AAQ_32psXY7AK7zCu-JDiKuJpqbx/view?usp=sharing INFO Original Topic H O E S M A D ! :v Newest release by OHMSBY and as expected, another great work!
  23. A new decade come a new year, which comes a new start on a new play style that I have been planning out since late last year on a more grounded base battle system loosely inspired by various SNK games including The King of Fighters in particular. It will be dubbed "Generation 2" and Eri Hasumi will be the first character to be in this style. With that said, the previous gameplay style for prior characters I've been releasing for the last year and a half will be dubbed as "Generation 1," which has not ceased for as I still plan to do more characters in that style, but I wanted to try something new for once. https://streamable.com/i74da The main emphasis on this one will be the Style that can be chosen at the start of a match; Power and Speed. Power Style sacrifices movement speed and combo options for more damage per attack. Speed Style has superior mobility options with more combo and blockstring options, but requires longer combos to catch up with Power Style's damage output. This basically changes the way a character will be played quite a bit in spite of the moveset remaining the same between Styles. If this takes off and is well-received, I may do more characters in Generation 2 gameplay.
  24. PREVIEW DOWNLOAD http://www.mediafire.com/folder/xwl9qmm9zpbuz/Mugen Match 2.1 (Version 7) INFO Here's my Xmas gift for you, the 7th update of my POTS Style edited game. New features, some bugs fixed (there are few more that i need to take a look) and now over 200 stages available. All the credits and thanks for the amazing creators and editors of the stuff, specially Shiyo Kakuge, creator of the screenpack and the add004 Tag System. I'll post more showcases presenting all the new stuff of the game today and tomorrow. Enjoy and Merry Xmas!! 🙂
  25. https://streamable.com/t8fiy Next character in the works is another one from the Touhou Project and just so happens to be my top favorite among the entire series, the 12th WIP will be the half-ghost swordswoman of gardening. My aim this time is to make a character who is a rushdown-puppet user hybrid, however, I can't reveal her Unique Ability yet as I haven't even started on it... but I already have a definitive idea on what it'll be. In a similar vein to Sayaka, she'll be incredibly fast, but compensated by a low life value and, as a matter of fact, will make her the second frailest character among my creations up to date.
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