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  1. JjK1dUz.png


    Preview of a resprited Blaster for Sgt. I'm free-handing the sprites to make them much less stiff.

  2. I really want to make Fry (Futurama), but it's way too hard to draw him correctly.

  3. After more than a year, Shock has gotten a massive update. A lot of things have been retooled, mainly the sprites and moveset. With him now out of the way, I can make another new character. Get him here
  4. A dog dressed up as Peach and with Ganon's voice? That's interesting... My main complaint is the unbalanced specials and hypers. This is why damage dampeners exist.
  5. The stage already exists. WlanmaniaX himself made it.
  6. Feedback: - George's shoes change color a lot in the sprites. - George goes into state 200 (S. LP) whenever he hits the opponent with a standing or crouching normal attack. This is due to the AI coding in the CMD. Remove the movecontact triggers from the standing and crouching AI attacks and it'll be fixed. - His normal attacks are very weak, due in part to the low attack stat. - A debug flood occurs when a hyper is used. - Double Revolvers does a lot of damage for a special. - Slingshot does not work properly due to something in the cns file. In this case, the changestate occurs when the a button is released, when it should be x+y. - S. MP and A. HK are easy infinites, this is why having normals combo into themselves isn't a good idea. - Sounds are supposed to play when George is electrocuted, squashed, wedgied, etc., but they don't play. In the statedef -2, move the Misc SCTRLS to above the Hell Dunk states. - The last hit of Uppercut does not have a hitspark due to the spark being 4, which isn't a hitspark number. - The dust effects face the wrong way when running or using a standing kick. - Minigun misses at point blank range. - Little suggestion here: have the opponent be in the Toasty state longer (when hit by Wonderboy's beam) so the full animation plays. - The sound that occurs during the Kung-Fu Dojo hyper doesn't play due to it being 24-bits. It will work if converted to a lower bitrate. - He could use a better 12th palette instead of "shadow". - George disappears for the last three frames of his squashed animation. You need to have four sprites (7689, 0 to 7689, 3) for the animation to play properly. - The hit text is misplaced for certain attacks. Overall, he is a nice character (better than the original George), but he still needs adjustments to coding and spriting.
  7. https://youtube.com/wKxaJwe2Ayo Chargin' Chuck updated with a new intro and winpose, buffed attacks, and new compatibility animations for MK characters. Download
  8. I'm heading to Key Largo tomorrow so I won't be able to do M.U.G.E.N stuff or play TF2 until I return on Tuesday next week.

  9. I feel like it was time to finally release this guy. He's not 100% complete, but he's almost there. I really wanted to get him out of the way so I could focus on another new character. Download here.
  11. Jf4f8MD.png

    1. RMaster007


      I'm actually making progress on him. I just added three specials today.

  12. The Mask by Mammalman - 2 Dopefish by The None - 2 Ice by Basara-kun - 3 Vera Trappz by MrPr1993 - 2
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