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  1. No jokes for today... just showing what I got done for RM so far.


  2. Two of my previous edits have been updated. Chargin' Chuck has new attack animations, aerial baseballs, a new hyper, and other various updates. Springboob has new sounds, updated specials and attacks, more sprites, and various other changes. Download them both here.
  3. Oh wait isn't today my birthday

  4. IDK if anyone's still following this thread but all the OneDrive links are down.
  5. After two years, another public release is available. Link in OP.
  6. Soooo.... remember that joke edit of SmashFan's Dexter I made?


    He's been updated for a while now, I just never bothered to release it.


    And now it is.


    Download here.

  7. I updated the stage to fix a glitch with Klaus' coding. Download link is the same. I also added a mirror link to MediaFire.
  8. Here it is, everyone, my first stage in years. ORIGIN: American Dad! MUSIC: No ANIMATION: Yes COMPATIBLE WITH: M.U.G.E.N 1.0 and up (made in FF3, may work in WINMUGEN, not too sure) Download here Alternate download link
  9. JjK1dUz.png


    Preview of a resprited Blaster for Sgt. I'm free-handing the sprites to make them much less stiff.

  10. I really want to make Fry (Futurama), but it's way too hard to draw him correctly.

  11. After more than a year, Shock has gotten a massive update. A lot of things have been retooled, mainly the sprites and moveset. With him now out of the way, I can make another new character. Get him here
  12. A dog dressed up as Peach and with Ganon's voice? That's interesting... My main complaint is the unbalanced specials and hypers. This is why damage dampeners exist.
  13. The stage already exists. WlanmaniaX himself made it.
  14. Feedback: - George's shoes change color a lot in the sprites. - George goes into state 200 (S. LP) whenever he hits the opponent with a standing or crouching normal attack. This is due to the AI coding in the CMD. Remove the movecontact triggers from the standing and crouching AI attacks and it'll be fixed. - His normal attacks are very weak, due in part to the low attack stat. - A debug flood occurs when a hyper is used. - Double Revolvers does a lot of damage for a special. - Slingshot does not work properly due to something in the cns file. In this case, the ch
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