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  1. well, i thought you're going to use CF2 Portrait instead
  3. err... it's on MUGEN Archive, sorry, but i'm busy to host it on Mediafire
  4. Neera Li FP1 was made by Broder IX
  5. spended my time watching Futurama movies

  6. Typical Josh Geary Fan


    1. Rowser64


      >hating josh in 2020



      For fuck sake
      josh is still a deadhorse
      stop beating up a deadhorse

    2. Jewel men10

      Jewel men10

      Rowser64 he's the one who's fucking with Josh Geary! not me!

  7. Happy Birthday Magic!

  8. since i was a kid in 2000s, i remember watching some classic Warner Bros & Hannah Barbera Cartoons, such like Looney Tunes and Scooby Doo series, and i aswell watched classic Cartoon Network series like Dexter's Laboratory and The Powerpuff Girls, starting the 2010s, i've watched some adult animations like Aqua Teen and Beavis & Butt-Head and the old Simpsons and Family Guy episodes. yeah, i just wish that they're re-aired
  9. after watching the last episode of Digimon Frontier now i'm watching Digimon Data Squad
  10. - Gunner & Kane from Survival Arts. - Derek O'Toole, Hannah Hart, A.C Current & Maya from Tattoo Assassins. - La Pa & Naga from Battle Monsters. - Blob & Bad Mr.Frosty from Clayfighter 2: Judgment Clay.
  11. feel bad that Zorn was abducted in the last episode of Son Of Zorn.

  12. Digimon Tamers Pokemon (Season 2) Dragon Ball Super
  13. Pokemon Battle Frontier could be a better anime along with season 1-5 and Advanced Battle

    the anime was on my childhood, and i never forget it

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