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  1. This is too amazing, all the characters of Marvel that were created. No wonder this is the most popular thread on the site. All I can find is that the Spider-Man in the same row as all the Superior Spider-Men, in between the grayed out Spidey and Zombie Spidey, only links to the image of him, and not the character.
  2. Here you go: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2he7ezwacrxszna/D4-Len20150529.zip/file Seems to be a small Kung Fu Man edit sadly...
  3. My gaming laptop sucks, it won't let me gloss over my old collection of Fighter Maker games. Those are just as important to me as Mugen, you know. I would not be the well rounded person I am today without all of them.

    1. Dissidia


      They won't run? I remember having an issue running Fighter Maker games until I ran them as Administrator.

  4. I need a bit of help trying to remember a character's name I could have sworn I got on here. It's a woman with a spear, who is a sprite edit of Maki from CvS. She seems to originate from a NSFW manga source, but she was not NSFW outside of a hyper that displayed a very long series of manga panels with some NSFW content. Anyone know who this was?
  5. Found this extremely cool Mario on the fellow Andersonkenya1 forums: Named "Madness Mario" by YUTO and uploaded by Jelly who claims to be the creator. He's pretty insane alright, and overpowered as you could guess. But man he's fun. http://www.mediafire.com/file/scx17t670smbwx1/Madness+Mario.zip/file
  6. I somehow forgot to get this stage again, and now the source link is dead... Anyone got this to revive the link?
  7. I had a theory that PokePark Wii is a game about Pikachu in a coma and hallucinating an underground Pokeparadise.

  8. Must be a 2020 update stage, never seen it before. Beautiful conversion work as usual though, KMF forever.
  9. Before the personalization meme, there was Super Mario Dolor.

  10. Thank you so much for the info actually. Happy to see this whack old thread of mine again. I'm not him, but I can say Magic Toaster has made a few characters from it, and a Japanese creator named ZETA has converted a lot of characters from it. Dissida has done a few as well.
  11. I do know that majority of Mortal Kombat characters in Mugen are intended for a heavily modified version of Mugen named "Mortal Kombat Project". I have to assume Mavado here is part of MKP. I do not know how to fix it, but I do have this: http://www.mediafire.com/file/u82r9bi831bihjn/MKP_to_Mugen_HM.rar/file A tutorial made by "Hannah Montana" on how to convert MKP characters to normal Mugen.
  12. The music was just ripped a few days ago thankfully, "Mission Implausible Loop".
  13. The theme of this stage was just ripped so definetly going to snag this now, thanks for the port.
  14. Yes, thank you so much for sharing him again. Really missed it.
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