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  1. Another Warner Homer edit I found that is pretty cheap that goes by a couple different names, Iori-Homer or "Homerloli". https://www.mediafire.com/file/dntdkd246ukvty5/IORI-HOMER.zip/file Can't find a new editor listed, still named as Warner el Tochix, but very odd Homer edit here. Does massive damage and has insanely buffed grab range, can slow time by rolling, has flashy new effects, and has instant kill Level 3s that trigger the One Punch Man theme song with the KoF XII hyper K.O. background on loop.
  2. Thank you so much for the localized info of what he does in the series. One of the best original movesets for a minor character I've seen, I was imagining all this time he was a huge quirky villain.
  3. I think I have this Riz version, not 100% though. Did this Riz specfically have pink hair and lewd outfit compared to the original's orange hair and purple skintight suit?
  4. Jason Vorhees if he was a noble warrior? Now that's awesome. Just as awesome as KMF conversions still happening. Is he original?
  5. I'd say this game is kind of known. For all the wrong reasons of course.
  6. Since I guess this is the "mmmmatti collection thread", he made another character in Feburary, "Pafio". It's the very skinny vampire woman shown on his Onedrive doing kicks a lot, and her pass is just "mmmmmm".
  7. I... Never... I never thought I would see the day. Thank you so much Phantom, thank you soooo much.
  8. Ooh, those are his other files. Love this style a lot, really helps them stick out. Which file is "Mephis to Pheles"?
  9. Thank you so much, one of the best stages in Smash history.
  10. Didn't think I would ever try another Ryu again, but those beautiful hitsparks had me sold to try him. I had assumed MvC like gameplay but happy to be proven wrong. He's very Street Fighter 3 inspired complete with EX Moves, but his Tatsu oddly is stationary and has noticable startup. Can fire Shakanetsu and Dejin Hadoukens as normal specials too. The Arrange part is mainly his over the top hypers which are primarily custom moves. There's a lot of other files on his OneDrive, and I had never heard of this creator too. Going to have to test them out at some point, promising Ryu.
  11. I just now learned you don't play as Bennet Foddy. The hammer pot guy is some dude named Diogenes.

    1. WewserLethalDude


      Trust me, Foddy is a significantly bigger part of the game (and life) than the guy in the pot.

    2. Gaulbetti


      Isn't Diogenes the one getting over it though?

  12. Why is it called Akira if the guy's name is Tetsuo?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gaulbetti


      Oh. Thanks for the info. That makes way more sense.


      "Akira Bike Slide". Huh...

    3. Ryou




      it's arguably the most memorable scene from Akira, to the point it's been referenced countless of times in other works of fiction.

    4. Gaulbetti


      Simpsons did it the best out of that list for sure. Bart looking swag.

  13. This character was always so underrated. Can't wait to see what a decade later has added to him. Also... What do realredred and Robo have in common? Is there any real context why they share a Onedrive? Friends?
  14. Why did they use a NES head, without editing it, on a non-NES body? And not explicitly as a joke?
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