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  1. Didn't think I would ever try another Ryu again, but those beautiful hitsparks had me sold to try him. I had assumed MvC like gameplay but happy to be proven wrong. He's very Street Fighter 3 inspired complete with EX Moves, but his Tatsu oddly is stationary and has noticable startup. Can fire Shakanetsu and Dejin Hadoukens as normal specials too. The Arrange part is mainly his over the top hypers which are primarily custom moves. There's a lot of other files on his OneDrive, and I had never heard of this creator too. Going to have to test them out at some point, promising Ryu.
  2. I just now learned you don't play as Bennet Foddy. The hammer pot guy is some dude named Diogenes.

    1. WewserLethalDude


      Trust me, Foddy is a significantly bigger part of the game (and life) than the guy in the pot.

    2. Gaulbetti


      Isn't Diogenes the one getting over it though?

  3. Why is it called Akira if the guy's name is Tetsuo?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Gaulbetti


      Oh. Thanks for the info. That makes way more sense.


      "Akira Bike Slide". Huh...

    3. Ryou




      it's arguably the most memorable scene from Akira, to the point it's been referenced countless of times in other works of fiction.

    4. Gaulbetti


      Simpsons did it the best out of that list for sure. Bart looking swag.

  4. This character was always so underrated. Can't wait to see what a decade later has added to him. Also... What do realredred and Robo have in common? Is there any real context why they share a Onedrive? Friends?
  5. Why did they use a NES head, without editing it, on a non-NES body? And not explicitly as a joke?
  6. I know it was Valentine's Day yesterday. And good job to everyone involved this year...




    Knuckle Fighter still kicking in 2020 though. 🥳

    1. jo19sh92


      Good ol' Knuckle Fighter

  7. I can relate to him having to hide for thinking "negatively" on The_None's work... Thank you though, anon editor. Commissions are such a amazing thing.
  8. I somehow got one of them open I think. The Braiya one. I had no clue this guy was behind that character. Trust me you don't want those images. Just look at Laura and Draculina for a hint of what you'd get. Should we add Vampy to here as well?
  9. Basically, MIllarca had a wrong localcord that made her very tiny. It can be easily fixed by erasing the localcord part in her .def. She's the best she didn't deserve that. 😟
  10. Never knew this character existed, but after your demo video I definitely want to see his cartoons. Does he inject himself to heal?
  11. Beautiful character. A bit rough around the edges, but very pleasant so far.
  12. Update got deleted but we thankfully still have the backup by Auditor. The Gradius mode on this character may be the best power-up mode I have ever seen, and the "glitch" aspect is done wonderfully. Don't know what I'm missing out on the update but I regret not getting it now.
  13. Got Andres' Rick and reuploaded it: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2s8h9e7w2lcj004/rick0.zip/file
  14. I want Super K' to be ported so badly.
  15. Instead of celebrating Halloween...




    I made this Hunger Game Simulation... In 2019... Will never forget this little meme generator.

    1. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      Ah, Hunger Games Simulation...such greatness


      I'll never forget this generator, Not even Fed Simulator could replace Hunger Games Simulator for me

    2. Gaulbetti


      Also, "Asriel dressed as Hina" won after Numbah One and Baseball Donald fell onto each other. It's a long story why I have a image of that on my computer, and how I got it...

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