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    Italy, English (I do not speak it very well)
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    Racing is my favorite hobby
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    Touhou, the legend of zelda, Klonoa, Kancolle, sonic, super mario, Pokemon
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    Kantai Collection, One Piece, Dragon ball, One Punch man, My hero academia
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    DK Rap: smash ultimate edition

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  1. i still continue to live

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Lillie's 音MADs

      Lillie's 音MADs

      As for me, I'm not really into mugen "forums" as much as I used to anymore. I'm still very active when it comes to MUGEN. Making my own chars. But I'm usually only at betting sites or in mugen discords.

    3. PC-98 Fan

      PC-98 Fan

      i'm most actively working on Saltypedia and helping a lot with the work of the pages that still needs to be made

    4. Lillie's 音MADs

      Lillie's 音MADs

      Ah, Saltypedia..with Saltybet's current state, I'm kinda amazed that site is still up.

  2. hey, i still exist, cool

  3. thank you Fate/Extra, very cool

  4. this is the year when i'm going to experience new stuff

    for now i started with the Fate series

  5. i don't know what to say: how's your school going?
    to me ok

  6. it's almost christmas AAAAAAA
    I CAN'T WAIT!!!!

  7. my class is already in Christmas style since last month 😓

    I'm having doubts about what my Christmas will be like

  8. Halloween was pretty meh this year 😐
    i hope Christmas is better

  9. school have started

    the first 3 days were ok, the real hell starts next week 🙄

  10. 1 week until school starts...

  11. i never say it, but i have a weakness for games done well with rpg makers, they are too cute (even scary😓) when they shouldn't be

    my favorite games are Wadanohara and the great blue sea and Mogeko Castle

    1. Lillie's 音MADs

      Lillie's 音MADs

      I assume you know Yume Nikki? That's a wonderful one. If you haven't played it, you should really give it a go.

    2. PC-98 Fan

      PC-98 Fan

      yeah, i know that game too, it's pretty cool and spoopy

  12. yesterday my little brother did 12 years!

    i was out all day, so i wasn't able to use Mffa yesterday, so i posting this today😅

  13. i recently heard about the Kyoto Animation Arson: i'm very late to know this, but the fact that 33 people are dead makes me sad 😢

  14. i have a twitter (finally)

    come check it out: https://twitter.com/PC98Fan1

    1. Gaulbetti


      I went and was a bit confused. It's cute though.

    2. Jansen121


      I Also have a twitter too (Recently-made it today):


  15. idk how much time i didn't check mugen free for all 😐

    well, time to show to the others that i'm still alive

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