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  1. Sigh. This one actually depresses me more than anything because both Satsuki and Ryuko deserve better than this... Enjoy.
  2. A little teaser for today's video... Enjoy.
  3. Today, we have a "Pots style Kidd, A funny man, and Spring Yard Zone... Enjoy.
  4. The Chad Captain Kidd vs The Virgin Dark Pirate: Enjoy.
  5. Here's a sneak peek of what I have to deal with next... Enjoy.
  6. Today, I rondo with a Supreme guy and fight a Chunners that manages to be a turnoff... Also, because I forgot to post these last week: Enjoy.
  7. Today, I fight goopy thing and use Leo once more... Enjoy.
  8. Here's an extra something something.... Enjoy.
  9. Stretchy Yoga Boi and not the Toyota that was expected... Enjoy.
  10. I have A Date with Rosy Chunners and get Cammy doing them loops... Enjoy.
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