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  1. why is the default profile pic a creepy humanoid dolphin


    probably april fools right

    1. RobotMonkeyHead


      yyyup.  dolphinately (<- think I just moved one circle closer to the center of hell for that one)  
      It WAS the first google images hit for "ugliest face in the world" before The Magic Toaster provided the more tasteful and stranger dolphin man.
      So yea tl;dr April fools!

    2. RMaster007


      Because Rick and Morty's third season just premiered today

  2. Once upon a time, some guy decided to upload a video of a bootleg Frozen toy in Seoul he found unique. The toy played Axel F (the Crazy Frog version), and spun around, with lights. It was crazy.


    (That's my prediction on why there's a ton of Let it Go statuses)

    1. jenngra505


      Lolno, It's because Chuchoryu just released a crappy Elsa character.

  3. It claims to have VS-style sprites, yet it uses parts from Alex... *coughs internally*
  4. I dropped my tablet earlier today. The screen is in a bad condition, so I have to use a wireless keyboard until my replacement tablet comes in.

  5. Forgot my History book for homework, might get detention for 2 missing homework assignments.

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    2. Big Green

      Big Green

      Well, certain schools can give you detention for almost anything... Not mine though.

    3. SquidlyPoli1


      Luckily, I didn't get a detention. I have time to work on the missing assignment over the weekend.

    4. Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      Mʀ. Sтᴇαl-Yoᴜя-Wαεfυ

      Detention can be a 2 bladed sword. On one end, yknow, its annoying. On the other, all the hoes start thinking your a rough dude.

  6. I got Rhythm Heaven Fever and Vanilla SFIV today.

  7. Here's how I play CPS2 games:


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    2. SquidlyPoli1


      I use a tablet, not a phone. Keep that in mind.

    3. -Whiplash-


      that sounds much more manageable then the tiny screen on the phone.

    4. Noside


      Even so, the screen doesn't feel like a button, it's hard to get used to it, at least for me.

  8. I'm on my fourth week of school and King of Fighers XIV just got announced.

    1. Ballsdeep69


      I was pretty surprised when I saw the teaser. It looks like it's in very early development, but I'm very excited for this game.

    2. Big Green

      Big Green

      I'm on my second week!

    3. Ballsdeep69


      I'm on my 3rd or 4th. I lost track, haha.

  9. Recently found out that Gui made a MSHvSF collection.

    I have no idea what to make a creation of...

    1. Big Green

      Big Green

      Make a Clayfighter character. Those are in short supply, especially good ones. Heck, you don't need to be source accurate, as long as it's good and playable.

      Or you could continue one of your old creations.

    2. Gaulbetti


      Ooh! More Mario stuff.

  10. I feel like making a Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter collection. If someone hasn't made it already...

    1. Lord Batros

      Lord Batros

      yes we have one already 

    2. SquidlyPoli1


      When was it made?

    3. Lord Batros

      Lord Batros

      about a month ago,but its updated asap 

  11. Is there a CvS-based Balrog (boxer) without the grooves? I want one to edit into SvK style.

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