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  1. I forgot to tell that all my Sonic vs Pokemon characters can be downloaded from this link below, and I also released Pichu that I made for my aforementioned Sonic vs Pokemon: https://sites.google.com/site/yochismugensite/sonic-vs-pokemon/svp-chars
  2. So, this topic has not been updated for two years, right? Alright, here we go with the recent updates. Character Select and Versus screens were updated, and Pichu and Celebi were added. Pichu will be released soon on my website, while Celebi still needs to be finished, though.
  3. So, now the website design was changed, but, for some reason, Deviant (Square Avatars) theme (which is the only classic theme remaining) is broken (probably they forgot about it).

    1. Ryou


      The forum underwent a software upgrade last night, and the deviant theme was broken due to the CSS being incompatible with the new software (I'm basing this off of what i heard from RMH). He was well aware of the issue, which is why a new default theme was created in first place.

  4. Actually, for my first Emolga, not third, as my third Emolga is actually MvC2 one with custom sprites by FelixMario, and the first one is the MvC1 one with sourced sprites from Pokemon Black/White.
  5. PokePark + Anime soundpack for my MvC1 Emolga by gabe2006: https://gamebanana.com/sounds/48149
  6. So, the question is should I make Happy Tree Friends characters collection as I'm still thinking about making one? If I make one, the problem is, as Jewel men10 said, MUGEN Archive is under maintenance mode.

  7. Today is my birthday, MFFA people! I'm now 19 years old boi!

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    2. Greensonic2006


      Happy birthday, my man!


    3. Jewel men10

      Jewel men10

      Happy Birthday, Bro

    4. joeythemarillfan


      late to this not a good look for me tbh anyways happy late birthday

  8. Seems to be I was thinking about making Happy Tree Friends collection, as I looked in the MFFA and there was no HTF characters collection at all.

  9. You mentioned CJ twice. Did you mean "Claude, CJ, Toni, and Niko"?
  10. My PC’s borked, as it’s stuck in a loop between Please wait screen and the screen before I swipe the screen up. Now I can’t continue my work. :’(

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    2. YochiIsC00lest333


      @GeorgeMP it's already fixed itself.

    3. GeorgeMP


      Oh really? Well that's good to hear.

    4. toonar12X
  11. Corsola by Sumin_fan64: https://mega.nz/#!tx81xSIR!5fcko4FFxFpirRSipUY1uwV9XUAlNYSACoUtUrtafh4 Another spriteswap from Sumin_fan64. It is dated 3 days ago.
  12. Pachirisu by Sumin_fan64: https://mega.nz/#!wtdHySIa!G01GGDJYntrSbPguZ8KUIXwX2k9AgJb5xVO7yyWxkuw Hooray, we've got another Sumin imitated Pikachu spriteswap.
  13. Igglybuff by Sumin_fan64: https://mega.nz/#!YtVmFIZI!HvtNxw676N6wb2OqtGRTGjBSoplO8iDBc4uO69wNlhI How many spriteswaps he made, huh?
  14. Raichu by Sumin_fan64: https://mega.nz/#!AoFjDa7R!k7BHVXuypxHav7Ub_aSl_IXKrV3H9H20I4aUDH0OKz8
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