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  1. Oh boy, it's back! MFFA is back on their legs/wheels/whatever.

  2. This thing you said in bold is a no-no. Try anything that is distinct to it.
  3. Recently I made all stages from Tekken Advance: https://mega.nz/file/Ys8AzZCJ#dW2V9S4EvYUtfsCD6ieXXC4Sc59STSY-hjoLdAdUwiE
  4. Welp, while it's not related to MUGEN, DeviantArt, which is the only place I post my OCs here, got blocked in Russia (the country I live) again. [REDACTED] is at it again (they did block once in 2014, restricted image rendering in autumn 2020, and blocked again in August 3rd 2021 (the time when I posted this status)), since they like to block the what we love.


    1. Matiu


      Seems very horrible that this happens.

  5. I never saw this evidence before until Pokemon II was released. Also, if I recall correctly, all of his old Pokemon were updated when he released Pokemon II, like Pikachu does not say the line from the character he was edited off (SFIII Ryu to be exact. Ax's Pokemon characters are not spriteswaps, as far as I know, but they're more like edits of Ryu with the leftover sprites that will never show in Ax's games, but they will show if the characters are outside Ax's said games or even grabbed by a character that is not Ax's Pokemon) nor he flashes in red in his "intro". Yet also Ax now works in that site we had to blacklist I guess. He originally worked on Mugen Multiverse before moving to the site with the initials of MA.
  6. If you didn't exctract Mimkyu from that game before, you might use my upload of it from my MEGA: https://mega.nz/file/0kkCgbDb#Y8GhaP5bVaJWL8wfya1vJcA81Lg7oBGLU4l4JDKaYxA I also read the "readme" file (quoted because it's not called a readme file) of Pokemon II game itself, and I found the reason the reason why AxKing puts owner's name (in Pokemon's case, it's Nintendo) instead of his own name (tl;dr obviously) :
  7. Well, when today is my birthday, obviously no one will say "hbd" to me because I might be not popular enough when compared to other MUGEN people. xD

    1. Lord Batros

      Lord Batros

      Happy Birthday 

  8. @Richard 89 what about AxKing's other Pokemon characters, such as Mimikyu, for example? AxKing only uploads to [REDACTED] now, and... (continued in spoiler)
  9. So, only this, huh? Well, if the staff of that site will ALLOW me to continue browse their site, then I know the drill. BTW, I made Azurill in latroy6 style in 2017, but never released until now: https://sites.google.com/site/yochismugensite/my-creations/charactersytm/chars-2k14-2k16
  10. Let's hope that someone would reupload those characters that AxKing made to MEGA. I still know that I got softbanned there (UPD: I was now moved to Purgatory role by the admins now on that site) and thus I'm still waiting when those are reuploaded outside that site.
  11. AxKing/AxSeeker/Ax released more of his Pokemon characters (fun fact: he credits himself as "Nintendo" as always, since he does not know that author field is the field where you put your name as the one who MUGENized this character, not the name of who made it in official non-MUGEN media) while also updating few old ones, but unfortunately, all of them are hosted on now site of hatred with the acronym of MA, and all of them exceed max size limit for guests (their size is 20-24 MB, which is more than twice as max 10 MB).
  12. For some strange reason, TWSASTM misspelt Vuvid's name as Vivid, while MLPYellowSavis officially named this Oshawott recolor as Vuvid. There's also original MLPYellowSavis' Vuvid before TWSASTM made his version using MLPYS' colors as a reference, but unfortunately, the original MLPYS' Vuvid can't be found anywhere, not even on YouTube (in YT it gives nothing related to MUGEN videos with Vuvid the Oshawott recolor).
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