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  1. Seems to be I was thinking about making Happy Tree Friends collection, as I looked in the MFFA and there was no HTF characters collection at all.

  2. You mentioned CJ twice. Did you mean "Claude, CJ, Toni, and Niko"?
  3. My PC’s borked, as it’s stuck in a loop between Please wait screen and the screen before I swipe the screen up. Now I can’t continue my work. :’(

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    2. YochiIsC00lest333


      @GeorgeMP it's already fixed itself.

    3. GeorgeMP


      Oh really? Well that's good to hear.

    4. toonar12X
  4. Corsola by Sumin_fan64: https://mega.nz/#!tx81xSIR!5fcko4FFxFpirRSipUY1uwV9XUAlNYSACoUtUrtafh4 Another spriteswap from Sumin_fan64. It is dated 3 days ago.
  5. Pachirisu by Sumin_fan64: https://mega.nz/#!wtdHySIa!G01GGDJYntrSbPguZ8KUIXwX2k9AgJb5xVO7yyWxkuw Hooray, we've got another Sumin imitated Pikachu spriteswap.
  6. Igglybuff by Sumin_fan64: https://mega.nz/#!YtVmFIZI!HvtNxw676N6wb2OqtGRTGjBSoplO8iDBc4uO69wNlhI How many spriteswaps he made, huh?
  7. Raichu by Sumin_fan64: https://mega.nz/#!AoFjDa7R!k7BHVXuypxHav7Ub_aSl_IXKrV3H9H20I4aUDH0OKz8
  8. Oh, and by the way, vo-jk recently(?) made and released another Celebi for MUGEN after JoeyTheMarillFan's. Right now the creation is not yet uploaded on the qxmugen (the site where vo-jk mainly uploads his creations; but it was uploaded on that MUGEN Archive (where I rehosted from)), so use my reupload of vo-jk's Celebi to MEGA before it (Celebi) being uploaded to qxmugen: https://mega.nz/#!V4EWAaKK!m7dzcZAVtdzQYqezJsD1LF_Nccbfu56vbOeX30H4zKM I also edited vo-jk's Emolga. However, the edit is still in a beta state, so some bugs may occur: https://sites.google.com/site/yochismugensite/my-creations/charactersytm/other-characters/3d-emolga-edit
  9. I've could to reupload them, but the problem is that I got soft-banned on that archive, thus I get a restriction to access the site (despite not being banned), and unfortunately, can only download 7 of your mentioned 8 stages because one of them (named New Pokemon's Stage 001 on the archive) weighs more than 10 MB (max limit for downloading files as a guest in that site).
  10. Salandit by KingBowserJr (I reuploaded it from that blacklisted site to MEGA): https://mega.nz/#!dk01gIZA!B7SkpGhSp8NKZ6EjYuTnShdB6jEsZ1vFLyLMgfZadmk
  11. Looks like MFFA is up again. I still wonder why it keeps goes down again after few days of uptime(?)...

  12. I realized about that before you posted this. Added him.
  13. I never knew about that Bellossom here. I only knew about Joey Faust's one, which is more recent than Marisan's one (Joey Faust's circa 2017 versus Marisan's circa 2010).
  14. Another Grand Theft Auto character has been added to the collection.
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