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    Croatia, not gonna say city...
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    Croatian and English
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    I am interesing for drawing, creating chars for Mugen, Making papercraft figures, etc.
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    Neptunia Games, Super Mario Games, Super Smash Bros Games and Mugen
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    Elfen Lied, Neptunia, Jojo's Bizarre Adveture, Touhou Project, Hyperdimension Neptunia, Akame ga kill
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    It doesn't exist. LOL

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    BestGamerReview - Dark Red Heart#8674
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    BestGamerReview - Dark Red Heart
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    BestGamerReview - Dark Red Heart

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  1. Stage I made back in September of 2018 got updated with 2 more themes, more explods and now it'a patched for WinMugen (works now for all engines). If there is something that needs to be fixed, tell me. 


  2. Too late for me to get that screenpack because links are gone. Damn, I'm late to get it.
  3. Yes. It should be in blacklist. I mean website does have a lot of characters, but they can link it in other website like MediaFire and put it here. Mugen Archive have limits which makes people mad, aspecially guests. Better keep Mugen Archive out of Mugen Free For All.
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