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  1. My own rendition of Tekken 7 SP. 4gb patched already. It's heavy so... need a good comp to run this ole bad boy. I'm open to doing portrait requests and will be able to help modify / customize your slots / etc. if needed. However.. I think I'm happy that I finally finished something appropriate.. and something that is good quality in 2020 lol. Screenshots: Update: Video: [youtube]0hO3YZ9gHa4[/youtube] Video Update: [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKoryq9hSM8[/youtube] DL Link: https://mega.nz/#!WwU1nCzK!74Rd0OHfNZtnfVxgwAZl7URJKUrMsZJ1bB3coIeSm9o https://mega.nz/#!f1ElGIqZ!ruVcF7ckbNtBXlgdTernynupyzUBJmkhbEZMNp9wdLE https://mega.nz/#!GscVUaRC!KJBQruzH_a3bL6ryrdTX0Cq6UpNevgxvt47csc3UY-Q Make sure to download all parts and extract them in the same folder. Portraits are in the files but a template tutorial will be made later. Stage font is at font files and there is a template for that as well.
  2. Made a new WIP post. I need to finish something so I guess for a good start for 2020 is to actually make something nice for the community... and to stop people from making halfass renditions of my screenpack by taking my sprites lol.

  3. Really Heavy. 4gb patch and all. Honestly just doing it for fun and see how far I can go with it. The background loop are actual HD images of the game and no quality downgrade btw. I go by "Veolf" or "Okami" now. Formerly known as SXVector. Video: Screenshot: Intro (actually animated in video) What needs to be done. - Better versus screen ? - Update lifebars with round animations (going to take the most time cause yeah..) - Menu Fonts based on Tekken 7 Retribution (going to take time as I need to order the images properly and it's selected horizontally by threes. - No win screen as it's based on Tekken 7 (no win screens in this game compared to Street Fighter V) - Update character font? - Custom MOTIFs (honestly I'm lazy but I'm open to ideas) - Custom Stage Fonts based on below pic (in progress... slowly) THIS OR THIS? Open to feedback. Only can be run with 4gb patch and with good graphics card / 16gb + VRAM. Updated: Menu screen font "Welcome to Tekken 7 Retribution" is animated but I did not make a video on it yet.
  4. Making a JOJO screenpack lol.

    1. Ex✭Cᴀʜᴍ
    2. Okami


      Won't finish it but it was fine memeing it out.

  5. Watched Part 5, got inspired.. ish. Tried to replicate the game screenpack, though I have to make a lot of things from scratch. Seems easy but yeah this is just what I have so far ._. Most of it is close or just custom =o
  6. if anyone has a link for my old sp, please let me know LOL
  7. Back from the dead, or so I think.

  8. Kamizen [Tekken Inspired] 1280 x 720 1.1 SP [BETA] [Introduction] Welcome, I don't know if I will complete this, but I think I should... I'mma just release a beta so it's easier for people to access it for now (since I'mma prob take a hella long time finishing the thing if anything). This screenpack is kind of Tekken inspired (even though it does take a lot of Tekken elements), it's mainly Tekken 7 inspired with some custom bits. Templates are in the folder and it's RAM heavy. Only OPERATIONAL with OpenGL users. To begin, here are some screenshots of the screenpack. This screenpack doesn't have a win screen since the actual Tekken 7 doesn't really have it rather than it has a select screen for rematch/character select/quit. [Screenshots] Menu Select Versus Team Select Lifebar (Incomplete) Credits will be given, within full release. Video [youtube] Download Link https://mega.nz/#!28NgjDRS!yv-UD1HZdDhoCAFXFiV7tSOoaCLbjBwK40ilqRSDR18/ Enjoy.
  9. So yeah.. I'm working on something new.

  10. Should I come back?

    1. Hyoudou Issei

      Hyoudou Issei

      come back in M.U.G.EN? well you better be!

    2. Darkflare
    3. ManInTheIbukiMask
  11. Welcome to the remake of UNIB (Updated version of my previous SP) Wasn't really satisfied with how my previous SP was so I remade it and mixed in elements to make this. I hope you enjoy it! IMAGES Options Team Select Versus Title Victory Select In-Game DL Link: https://mega.nz/#!7AkjBB4Y!22cPuo8R11KZ7zXu9EF4EHyqBuC7rvP0710CbLxZXqQ Portraits can be either requested here or a thread can be made in edits and addons. Tutorial video is uploaded (It's long): (still uploading) Credit is given! Feel free to request though I rather just help if you guys have problems =)
  12. Happy Birthday, man.

  13. happy birthday to ya man! congrats!! :-)

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