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    Playing video games (Fighting, Adventure and Zombie Shooters) voice acting, video editing, 3D modelling, Shingo Kicking :P

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  1. Hello guys. The sprite sheet for CvS Shingo is done. It's now being color seperated and when it's done, it will be sent to Jmorphman. Till then, have fun with this test video.
  2. No worries! Jmorphman is going to make his own version when I finish Shingo's sprite sheets, so it will be a legit finished CVS2 Shingo.
  3. Perhaps you're referring to Ophar's CVS Shingo? It's really old and it has lot of missing sprites here and there. I didn't use those sprites though.
  4. JFCT doesn't have a CVS Shingo. If you're talking about the PotS Shingo with Dampir sprites, that one is an edit by Infinite. There's also 2Dee4Ever's version. This is the original SNK sprite from KOF 98. This is 2Dee4Ever's version with Capcom shading gimmicks on the palette. This is Dampir's version based on SNK sprites, redrawn to look like Capcom style however, resizing caused distortion on the sprites. This is Kyo's sprite from CVS2. And this is my edit. You can see the difference easier this way.
  5. Hello guys. I'd like to show you some stuff from my new project and I'm testing how to make a thread on this forum. I moved this thread from Sprites & Sounds to here. This is Shingo Yabuki from The King Of Fighters, basically a sprite edit of Kyo Kusanagi with Shingo's own unique attacks, poses and stuff. It's a concept for Capcom VS SNK crossover since he wasn't in any of the games. Shingo's Oboru Guruma Shingo's Crouching Shingo's Idle Shingo's Walk Back Shingo's Running There'll be more to see, but this is all I'm going to show for now. Thanks for stopping by.
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