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  1. Soon, hopefully. I've just been busy working on other stuff, especially college. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. I gotta say, I really like these new rule changes that crack down on the smut.
    Keep up the good work, guys! 😄

  3. "Oh boy, here I go shitposting again!" Got bored a while back and tried my hand at editing Brergrsart's Vinny to be a more balanced character. I was going to release this way sooner but college started up for me recently and I want to focus more on that kind of work lol Get him HERE. Screenshots:
  4. Not sure if this collection's still active, and I'm sorry for necroing but my Pocket Kim exists now lol https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LLKqss1j0crrdlU6OYt7jkfdJBYwgSEy/view?usp=sharing
  5. The justice zealot from SNK's Fatal Fury and King of Fighters franchises goes pint-sized! He is the first character that uses a brand-new groove system that will be used for all of my future characters. No matter his size, he's ready to teach wrong-doers that the best way is the Korean way! Get him HERE! Screenshots:
  6. I decided to revisit Skate It for the Wii recently and decided it'd be a great idea to recreate its visuals into MUGEN lifebars! As always, feel free to contact me if you find anything funny going on with these lifebars so I can fix whatever may be wrong with them. Get them HERE! And now we wait for Skate 4... Screenshots:
  7. Guess I'm in luck. Giko's new self-insert is out and it's... borderline okay. Making a decent self-insert isn't exactly a high bar to clear. Making an interesting self-insert is, however. I have a strong feeling he's watching this thread because I've been happily greeted with these in his cns file. But I digress. In addition, I have a few older versions of Taydo I'll put up soon. EDIT: Just found out Maavo released a new version of himself as well. Will add separately. 🙂
  8. I guess "updating the collection soon" shouldn't exactly take a month to do but I digress. I have added the following: - Drowin - Hieloso - Isaias - Kimsi - Michael Peng - Rikard - Rylee111 - Thomas - VinVulpis I have updated the link to Gallegos which gives him the new moves. Besides that he plays relatively the same, so he will use the same link as before. I'm hoping to find alternate/older versions of George, Taydo, Akito and possibly Edward. I don't know if I should include Aaron Roulette. He's a real person and it seems like there's a self-insert of him, but I am very not sure. While waiting for Giko's self-insert I checked his site out of boredom and found out he has made himself 16 different times. I'm not sure if I should include all of them or just the versions that are noticeably different.
  9. OK, I think it's about time I properly addressed this. You know how I said "no quality control will be applied" to this collection? I try my best not to judge people about it, but I think this is where I will draw the line. On almost all occassions, I do not test a character myself that includes NSFW elements. Luckily, I didn't have to this time either. I skimmed through the readme for this one and my god, have I never read a readme so insanely twisted in my life. I CANNOT believe how uncomfortably detailed the readme gets when it talks about the vore moves. Whoever wrote it clearly had fun doing it and I am mortified, to say the least. With all that said, I'm absolutely not adding it. I refuse on behalf of everyone else just so they never have to see what I have read. Good night.
  10. God I don't fucking care anymore.
    I need to take a short break. From everything.
    Fuck the drama, I just want to get my life back on track.

    1. gui0007


      Hope you can cool your mind after all that trouble Joey.

  11. OK that's cool and all but there's no real download link besides the forbidden site. Could you please provide a legitimate download link before I list it? Thanks. I had a feeling he did, but I for some reason couldn't properly find a link to it. Thanks for that. I will not include the Jessy edits. I feel that the original version is gross enough. Ravenous looks like an OC to me. It was probably mislabeled or something 'cause the readme doesn't show any signs of him being one. I'll update the collection soon.
  12. yo can you read the message ive sent you?

  13. Added the following self-inserts: - Old Adam - Anderson Miguel - Old Daniel - Jimmie (by Dawn De Era, "Jimmie" is not his real name lol) - 1st and 2nd version of Josh Geary - My Oliver Remake - 1 Version of NeoOverlord (I'll get to the rest soon) - Pedro - Jessy Smoke - 1st and 2nd version of Ulikander Hope I got everything. Still hoping to get older versions of George Goodlake since older links to him have vanished. Also, I am aware that Austinanims has made a new self-insert under the alias "Giko" and showcased it on SpriteClub. If and when I can get it, he will be listed alongside Austin's old self-insert to prevent confusion. That is all. 😄
  14. Nice catch! Fixed. (In addition, the links for Pau and O Illusionista have been fixed as well.) I hope to update this collection sometime this week, so long as I can get more of my college work done.
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