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  1. It's been a while since I've experienced actual sadness. That streak's been broken thanks to Lady Kim being confirmed for KOF All Star. Thanks, SNK. 😢

  2. Forgot to mention. Ranno got some fixes over the past few days. (6/03/20) - He's got a new stun animation. Dunno how I overlooked it, but I found it when playing RoA against Dronk lmao (5/29/20) - Fixed a bug where the AI attempts to air block when being launched (which isn't a thing) and ends up being teleported to the ground. (5/28/20) - Fixed a random typo I made in the .cmd file causing Ranno to cancel JUMPING medium into STANDING heavy. Whoops. (5/27/20) - Fixed some AI compatability issues and Toxic Tongue because I did a bad. 😕 The fixed version uses the same link, so no worries.
  3. To celebrate the upcoming release of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2, I decided to port The Hangar from the Gameboy Color version of THPS2! The nostalgia and hype is through the roof for this new remake and I hope Vicarious Visions does the best they can with it. 😄 (btw I used Venice Beach's music for this instead of the actual Hangar's music because it's a bit too slow paced for my liking.) Screenshots: Feedback is much appreciated. DOWNLOAD: https://drive.google.com/file/d/11MibCVzY1q-gFpLYFuL85bdMGoWutN4s/ Resolution : 1280x960 Superjump? : No Parallax? : Nah Animated? : No, but at least that's source-accurate ...? Height : ~1 screen Width : ~3 or 4 screens
  4. Listen man, feedback is cool and all. I get that. Trust me, I'm no Wlan. I'm willing to take any and all feedback given to me seriously and actually improve upon my works. But what I'm not willing to do is take rudeness from said feedback lightly. Spurting out things like "YOU TOOK MY SUPER JUMP CODE" in the most passive-aggressive way possible is not what I take into consideration. There's indeed something known as "giving feedback and NOT coming off as overly rude". Please practice it more before you derail a release thread like this again, okay?
  5. Yeah, sorry about all that. I released the character and just-so-happened to not save the stuff that got fixed beforehand. Now almost everything that's been listed here is fixed and ready to go.
  6. HE'S FINALLY HERE!! Ranno, The Poisonous Pacifist from Rivals of Aether has now officially made his way into MUGEN! To be honest, I was kinda expecting people to make the RoA cast sooner thanks to their popular Steam Workshop content, with it being considered as "MUGEN except Smash-style". Nonetheless, I am proud of the work I put into my first stand-alone character and I hope you are too. Screenshots: As always, feedback is much appreciated. Thank you and see ya later! Download him here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1x9VRmuYHK6PRXR6hvpMSFPCpBjdG4Mjs Or from my website: http://joeythetricky.wixsite.com/mugen/ranno
  7. Ranno's pretty much done! I just need to do some other things for him so he may come out later today, tomorrow or the day after.

  8. I've been loving these past few days. Enjoying the nice weather, going out skateboarding everyday and actually getting things done with Ranno!

  9. This is just RoySquadRock's Mania Sonic but cheap and not worth anyone's time, no offense. You really should've spent more time fixing your other characters or something, not this. All that feedback I gave in your self-insert? I don't see any of that being applied here.
  10. Wrote the script and recorded the lines for the Self-Insert tips vid. Now comes the hard part of editing it.

    1. GeorgeMP


      Nice! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  11. This is a compilation. A very lazy one at that. It's so unbearably slow and clunky that it isn't even funny. If this did end up in SAGE '17 then god help us all. Also 4shared is scummy. Here's a Google Drive link instead. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Ob0SNgeDjIVxj0kutILNVnHp0kGlP8KF/view?usp=sharing

  13. No. Namely because I don't have a phone and I'd just use the browser version anyway. Also weren't you told numerous times by other people to not say "hey I made a thing totally unrelated to the current topic i'm in"?
  14. I've been thinking, should I make a commentary vid on what someone should or shouldn't do when making a self-insert? Just curious.

    1. mugen_70


      probably. a lot of selfinserts have a lot of the same problems.

    2. GeorgeMP


      You probably should.

  15. Ok. -ahem- - Walk speed is insanely high (wayyy too high for any character) - Debug popup shows when trying to run - Literally every single standing attack is an infinite in some way shape or form - Why is the only crouch move medium kick? Why not the other attacks - That stepping noise I find unneccessary (combine with fast walk speed and that speaks for itself) should be gotten rid of - No projectile limit (especially on hadokens)? Why? - Missing hurtboxes on basic things like taunt and launcher - Speaking of launcher, it feels slow and clunky for P2. Almost like there wasn't gravity to begin with while they fall - Misaligned hitsparks basically everywhere - All attacks play way too fast. Throw looks so jank I almost couldn't tell it was a throw at all. - Misspellings also basically everywhere - Hyperjump is all 3 punches and not just Down, then Up? - Despite all those infinites, he still feels really weak and does little to no damage Rowser also tested this and found other things: - Portrait for MUGEN 1.0 has incorrect palette, or no palette at all - Jotaro also has a messed up palette, where no black outlines exist where they should - Why doesn't the Gun special have a helper projectile? Making it like a normal attack means someone like Geese can counter it, even though he shouldn't be able to. I'd hate to tell you this, but you've got a lot of work to improve here. If ya miraculously get all these problems taken care of in a... *mouth* then maybe I'll consider this an ok character.
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