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  1. dont you get started there...
  2. why does joey faust does code better than me?
  3. joey fuast has made dawson and blast. https://teamfaustgames.wixsite.com/team-faust-games/mugen-chars
  4. heres blue machine by joey faust https://mega.nz/#!48FSgQgC!91zFjGjsUDv4wLoUXkF4rwnEVYqs5XJv_JWOhjVgK-8
  5. Joey Faust Has Made Some Charaters for this. https://teamfaustgames.wixsite.com/team-faust-games/mugen-chars look at the ClayFighter Section For This. NOTE: All of Characters are lacking of Claytalities and Ultra Combo Moves. However, in Sculptor's Cut version of Ultra Combo moves were removed in this game.
  6. heres the link for those is not working for you. https://gamejolt.com/games/mugen_infinite_character_arena_final_compilation/450074
  7. dont worry! you will find a way to get them back!
  8. yes he should upload this to google drive! and your good at making screenpacks!
  9. heres a mk1 sub zero http://www.mediafire.com/file/5j9xlrwfbbdugdi/rgm_subzero.zip/file and it has fitalities! here there are.
  10. here is a dalisam created by KAZ. http://www.wolverine.sakura.ne.jp/HSF2_Dhalsim.html
  11. https://qxmugen.com/character/14865 here is nightmare twillght.
  12. here is a incineroar by joeythemarilfan https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0Bzv4UbA19nJdbGdqbTFxNE0tSHc here is his account http://mugenfreeforall.com/profile/21491-joeythemarillfan/
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