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  1. And I said that I'm "REMAKING" him from scratch, not using the old shitty version as a base.
  2. Funny you're saying about "remaking" him, since I'm doing it right now to my own, old, shitty edit of Newbie. Although, the process is pretty slow, but will turn out good.
  3. The 14th Doctor's edit of Soldier: https://gamebanana.com/skins/152188
  4. I think it does contain seizure warning, because of the MissingNo. hyper? Not sure. Speaking of MissingNo., The_None's version is a good example to add a seizure warning, because of it's movesets and victory animation.
  5. ...

    I have no words about how long this took for this site to get back into shape again.

  6. The download link to Kirlia seems to be down. If anyone can find a mirror download to that Pokémon, that would be just fine by me.
  7. Oh god I forgot to post another status update of what happened in real life.

    So recently a few days ago, there was a stranger which kept knocking at our door (and into my window which was pretty annoying) and she wanted to return the phone she bought from us. The reason? She didn't even pay and says it's broken. How was it already broken to begin with? She just bought it! Then again, she couldn't understand our language.

    Few minutes later, my dad then decided to call the police to take care of her. They took her away and then was promised to never show up again... I hope.
    Long story short, the truth is, she have the same phone she bought from us, and tried to trade it away with the old, broken one.

    For now, things are as normal now, so hopefully we don't run into her again... Or if SHE shows up again.

  8. I was about to say "is this going to be another shitty kfm edit" but when I watched the video, it was completely different. A really nice touch about getting stomped from a giant. (why do i have a sudden feeling it reminds me of the macro fetishes)
  9. That Silhouette... That's Kid Dracula for sure.


    1. The Auditor

      The Auditor

      So, Nintendo FINALLY acknowledged Kid Dracula's existence....it's been years


      To be fair, at least Nintendo gave a shit about him unlike Konami



  10. I didn't know SilvaGunner made a M.U.G.E.N video which resembles the old "Everybody Hates" memories. 


    1. Solid Snivy

      Solid Snivy

      Why was that so popular back in the day anyways?

    2. Nep Heart

      Nep Heart

       Likely had to do with how Judgespear was popular back in the day and it was a meme that he started iirc.

  11. Ring Thing has been updated with some changes and addition. Changelog: Go ahead and grab the update.
  12. "Step aside! It's time for Ring Man to do his Ring Thing." Yes, this is a joke character of Ring man to almost act like how he was back in Mega Man 8-Bit Deathmatch. Also, there's a little hidden easter egg. Think you can find it? Special thanks to Solarflared for making it more of his play style and doing the Boomerang Thing for us. (and by us i mean me and tyren.) Download: https://gamebanana.com/skins/164476
  13. A joke character that me and Tyren are currently working on.


    His name is Ring Thing by the way.

  14. Tried out the character, and I noticed there were some few bugs. Turns out you mispelled victory4 with vivctory4 by accident. The animation sprite when being knocked towards the wall doesn't use those specific sprites. (it has to be 5010,20 when being launched towards the wall. check kung fu man on the wall bounce animations.) Other than that, it's a good start.
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