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  1. Sometimes I think MUGEN is dead. I mean, it's the same old engine, with nothing new to offer. Why are there still so many communities all around the net ? Can we call it a form of fanatism ? Is it a mania ? I mean, there are even a lot of users who played MUGEN without making anything in years! Aren't such people just accumulating chars ? Are they just fallen into a psychological trap, set by Elecbyte to give a reason to a reasonless life ? An obsessive hobby which creates monsters ? Or do they still dream one day a big software house will tell them " OH WE SAW WHAT YOU DID WITH YOUR KING OF FIGHTERS RE-MIX RE-EDIT SUPER-SHIN CROSSOVER 2020! WE'RE HIRING YOU IN OUR VIDEOGAME ZAIBATSU desudesudesu" lol, what a dream. wake up already I miss the days when I was more creative, more active. Nowadays I see no point in making MUGEN stuff and I wonder how the older ones are still making anything instead of, you know, concentrating on real life priorities. I mean, man, you must be some sort of screwed up fanatic if you like doing the same old thing for over two decades. Snap out of it, lol! All you get is nothing but unsatisfiable maniac players who just want to add characters to their roster without even playing with them. It's a compulsion and you're feeding it, lol! I mean, "Creator" ? Much more like " Nurse " . lol I don't know if I have to admire such people, or just pity their mental state of obsession.
  2. well, how do you call a lyncher who enjoys taking part in a group aggression in the role of the aggressor? if that's not a sadist in your opinion, then maybe consult a dictionary ? disruptive ? It's not like I've offended anyone intentionally or exploded a bomb somewhere you know. maybe you guys have a bit of fear towards my actions, because I don't recognize that "disruptive". nobody got hurt actually. 0 killed. so where's the disruption? what about @Darkflare over there lol, look at what he said. I think that fits the meaning of " disruptive " more. I literally don't know the guy or I don't even remember him, never interacted with him, yet he yells at me absurd insults. you ok with it ? don't you think that is disruptive ? Anyway, adding him to my ignore list because, hey... I'm ok with peaceful confrontation... but all that hate is toxic, especially from a total stranger who smells of mafia. And lol, he even got an award for that ? Wow. Really, wow. I must have missed that part in history when ethics got totally upside-down. Or maybe such people never heard of that, or they just prefer to celebrate brutality over rationality. Way to go, guys, I'm clapping my hands to you. Good work! *extreme facepalm*
  3. hmmm... looks like a lot of hate from a stranger. you alright ? I mean, dude, I don't even know you. You sure you ok ?
  4. Can you explain to me why I can't even reply to other people's status updates ? Did I offend anyone or something ? Really, when will MUGEN communities will stop fearing honesty and censoring somebody who says the truth ? Isn't it time to grow up already and accept what people tell us, especially if they're doing the best of their education to accomplish such task ? Come on... whatever the problem is, let's talk about it. Silence isn't the answer.
  5. I can smell your fear....

  6. Just released my first critic on Gamefaq, and it's not a good one.


  7. Wow just spent 11 hours of my life on Silent Hill 4 just to discover the game endings suck badly.

    My appreciation for the Resident Evil series is recharged. Silent Hill is too much of a good thing, for such bad endings.

  8. Eileen from Silent Hill 4 is perfectly eligible as waifu.

    Yeah, I can sense you're going to look for her on google now. It's ok, I'm doing that too. lol

  9. everyone has realized that since MA was born but nobody dares to say a thing because: - if you say a thing in MA against MA you get banned, this is obvious... if you say "thief!" to the thief in his own house... how do you expect him to treat you ? - if you say a thing against MA in other places, you get some warning like "don't incite mugen community wars". this kind of fake politeness only helps such criminals get away with it. But the fact is that MA can't be considered as a community. 1) It's a warehouse managed by thieves, who holds the fake ideology of "MUGEN preservation" to keep accumulating stuff and monetize on it. They're making money out of other people's hard work, and that's just what parasites do. They also justify themselves with the other fake ideology of "server costs". Other excuses they find: "free stuff" (yeah, if it's so "free" then why are they earning from them ? "free" means no money involved and they make tons of it). 2) They literally force people to post in the community. What kind of community forces its members to post? They say it's because downloaders (also humiliated with the label of "leechers") need to show some respect and gratitude. This is hypocritical victimism: they steal and they pretend to be honored... but they should be shamed and blamed. They want to look like Robin Hoods, but they're just Charles Mansons. Nobody likes them, nobody likes to stay in their community. All the politeness and "fun" in there belongs to ganging trolls and succubus collaborationists which have no guts to speak the truth and no other places to stay. Like sheeps in a farm, conformized and scared by the brutality of their punishments. How could you call this a "community" ? It's a dictatorship with no freedom of speech. Please, stop calling it a community, don't commit such mistake. I talked myself privately to one of their moderators, and the most I was able to discover is that you must be silent and obedient to their organization or else you get banned. Literally I was told "It's better for you to not know". This is usually what lies in obscure businesses: conspiracy of silence, omertà, mafia. Therefore, MA is not a "community". It's just a masked business, a scam. It's a capitalist dream, using the mask of communist ideology ("sharing is caring", "preservation of MUGEN", "cure to 404" and all the rest of propaganda lies by which they justify themselves on and on). We all knew that since the beginning, but we didn't speak because we felt afraid. And the guys at MA probably don't even realize this, as much as any psychopath doesn't realize to be a psychopath. They're just like " Why saying such things? It's just a game, stop this drama already!" Nope, it's not just a game. Minimizing all the time people spend making their creations is an ungrateful insult... and the authors who support them are just immoral hypocrites looking for easy alliances (and what's easier than finding a common enemy to build an alliance?). So, if you really want to beat MA, you have to build another archive, better than theirs, then un-register, delete all your uploads from there and join a new archive. It's just nonsense. Just don't go to MA, don't post there, don't upload in there. They're mafia, you will take part to their bloody business if you take part to it, believe it or not. It's not time to be naive anymore, it's time to realize who you're dealing with and they're no good. Download from authors' official sites only... and if you can't get that char you're looking for, then lurk more on the internet, ask for it to other members in other forums... but not on MA, never, not even once.
  10. Whoever coded the camera settings in the game Vexx, must be the reincarnation of Hitler.

    Seriously. Worst 3d platform ever played.

  11. what are you referring to ? the old kfm ? have you tried doing as I said ? have you read what I told you in the previous comment and followed the instructions ?
  12. " Yeah, but not to the death. " - Bill Cosby

  13. Have you checked the controller instructions in sctrls file from mugen/docs ? probably there's some parameters you're missing. PosSet and PosAdd, as far as I can remember, make the character move or be positioned in a specific part of the stage. KFM is a good char to start, but I suggest you to use and adapt (this means to study it, by looking at the controller from sctrls doc file) the code from another char that uses more complex stuff, like a SFA or MVC character. First of all enable debug in mugen.cfg. Then go to practice mode with a char that uses hyper bg. Press ctrl+D to enable debug messages, make the char do the hyper bg move. Check STATENO and that's the state you should look for in the char's cns to see how the creator of the char managed to make it look right. btw, I thought I have responded to this but my comment wasn't posted or is it deleted?
  14. find other characters then, kfm is very basic (although a very good one to start with), it doesn't have animated bg for hypers.. as far as I remember... download some street fighter alpha or mvc characters, for example, they use animated bg for hypers also I suggest you to take a look at the "sctrls" file which contains the controller for animations. unfortunely I'm out of shape as regards coding so I cannot tell you exactly how to achieve that. it will be funnier for you to study and discover 😉 I'm not making mugen stuff for a year or something, shouldn't feel entitled of visiting mugen forums tbh lol but I can tell you the best way is to test a char in practice mode, with debug enabled in data/mugen.cfg, then press ctrl+D, check "stateno" of the move you want to study, find it on the char's cns file and you have what you need.
  15. come on guys, I'm 33 years old. I'm done with internet drama like this, too old for this. whatever the problem may be, try to forgive. holding a grudge is bad for the soul, and being many against one is bullyism/lynching. it's not like beating the guy up will make him more resolute, just angrier. I know this by experience. Don't make people angry, it's no good. It's bad karma. let's keep a compassioante attitude, let's try to understand each other or else it's chaos.... 😕
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