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  1. This is a screenpack heavily based off the ever so glossy Frutiger Aero aesthetic. Comes with two versions, "systemA.def" which holds 159 characters, and "systemB.def" which holds 759. Doesn't come with any lifebars Screenshots: Get it here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/nxju0iajae6y4y8/eNergy_091521.rar/file
  2. Feedback: - There's a file called "AI.def" that actually appears to be a .def for OHMSBY's Es. How'd that get there? - Misaligned head.pos and mid.pos. Combined with how some of his hurt sprites are misaligned, this makes him suspectible to looking awkward during throws. Refer to http://www.elecbyte.com/mugendocs-11b1/spr.html for how the hurt sprites should be aligned. Meanwhile, you can always use Stupa's Training to check the former. - His life is inexplicably 50% higher than what the average character has. - Misaligned hitsparks on lots of moves - check your sparkxys - Both standing punches are easy infinites, same with crouching hard punch - Both standing and jumping kicks have the exact same startup and cooldown, which in both cases makes the light kick a little useless - Both crouching kicks don't have any cooldown - The cap throw does only 10 damage, while the gunshot, which shoots out a much more faster projectile that can't be as easily punished, does 43. In any case the gunshot should be nerfed and the cap throw buffed. - Gunshot misses at point blank - The slap is too safe, comes out at roughly the same time of the standing light punch yet does 120 damage, and is a borderline infinite when blocked. - 150 damage for a special like Spam Mail is excessive - Debug flood whenever a hyper is activated; "expression truncated to integer" - Let's Go DaBaby makes it very easy for the player to drain the opponent's entire lifebar, provided that they attack along with the clones - The opponent can't hit DaBaby for the entirety of the convertible and revenge death ball hypers. I would suggest adding some hitboxes especially because they're both long-ranged. - The "Basara KO" text on "DaBaby shows you the truth" is misaligned - The background that appears whenever you kill the opponent with a hyper is also misaligned - DaBaby doesn't have a state 5150 in his common1.cns which causes a debug error whenever he dies. While you've definitely improved from your earlier creations, there is also definitely room for more improvement. If I were you, I'd start studying fighting games. Look for inspirations that you could use - ask yourself questions like "how does that move work", "why does that move work" - and put that knowledge to good use when creating characters. That being said, DaBaby is also decently clever designed. I like the ideas in his moveset in particular. I would say that creativity is one of your strong suits, which is why it's important that you start taking notes from fighting games. A solid foundation topped off with creative ideas would be most ideal. You just need to work on the foundation.
  3. Here are some Paper Mario characters, all by Bec Noir: Mimi the Copycat - https://www.mediafire.com/file/ivd035vzim39mgz/Nightmare_Mimi.zip/file Nightmare Spider Mimi - https://www.mediafire.com/file/btv9n2vcteljcvu/Nightmare_Spider_Mimi_V6.zip/file Super Dimentio - https://www.mediafire.com/file/evprtdofoqljvls/SuperDimentio.zip/file
  4. To be honest I kind of forgot this collection existed until this post. Nevertheless they have all been added.
  5. Everything's added, well I tried to add everything at least. This link in particular gave me a 404. Also I'm holding off on adding this for now because it's just a paletteswap. Besides the new palettes, none of the files have been changed save for the .def. Let me know if any images/links need replacing
  6. This is a particularly odd way of typing, although I am a fan of how awkward all participants in this topic sound--including that of whom is typing this proclamation
  7. *sees that I have to download everything in those folders one-by-one* 😞 Anyways all of your submissions have been added! I also swapped out the links for Gruntzilla34's Moar Krabs because of Webs' imminent closure.
  8. Electrocaid has made literally thousands of stages http://dsarena.free.fr/Sites/ElectroArenaz/
  9. Ghost Goddess Haruhi: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1kv6474ud36fndq/Ghost_Goddess_Haruhi_%28choiya%29.rar/file
  10. Thanks to the grateful efforts of Burger-Meister, I was able to update this collection with a lot of rare goodies! What's new: - Unknown edit of UchicaCody's SpongeBob ("LOLBob EpicPants") - Unknown edit of Felixmario2011's first SpongeBob, which includes an English voicepack - "abrasive spongebob" by Ricardo Ziglio FATEC - SpongeBob by RTM9 - "Human Patrick" by an unknown author - "Pin Head Stage" by Ivan Luiz - "Squidward Chat" by Rapthemonkey9 and probably more that I'm forgetting I'm eventually going to update how this collection looks too. It's getting too cluttered for my taste.
  11. All the dead links should now be fixed. Also added most of these: I'm debating if I should add the AngryNoahs edits right now seeing as they're very simple .cns stat changes and nothing more. But then again, I did add a couple of paletteswaps... (Sorry for the wait btw)
  12. Adding onto what the others said... - any reason why you left the filenames, including even the one for the .def, as "kfm"? - Backup folder is over 7 MB and just adds useless clutter. Get rid of it. - The hadouken isn't classified as a projectile when it should be. To do this, go to its HitDef and change "NA" to "SP" under "attr". - Superjump feels very clunky. I think you should make it so the player is able to move left and right during the jump. I'll be honest here, this feels like a very elaborate joke character.
  13. From the looks of your post, you're trying to force a background to stay in one spot, correct? If so, there's no need for a PosAdd. Instead, you should code your background as an Explod with the bindtime set to -1.
  14. Added. On a similar note, Joe by Dawn de Era, Synck, dronk, and TheFclass97 has been added.
  15. Thank you very much for the feedback. Though I could've sworn I included a readme in the archive. I'll get right to updating him. Also one more thing, there wasn't much I could do with 8B, as the original only had 1 jumping kick animation (yeah, maybe I lied about the original having "plenty of sprites"). Hence why it looks so much like 8A. I'll try and do something about that though.
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