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  1. is anyone still active on 3DS? (i would presume not)

    1. mulambo


      I'm active on my old NDS, but offline.

  2. https://www.dropbox.com/s/jx38h7gmwpscj6o/MugmanTNG1.zip?dl=0 This character has lingered on one of my old laptops for a few years. I was probably planning on releasing it in 2015, but I apparently forgot to. This character is based on Mugman, the main character from the eponymous, now-finished webtoon series by Lenstar Productions (Lemurboy123). It uses the Marvel template and has a somewhat limited move set. However, its AI can be rather aggressive and can deliver some lock-down combos that can be tricky for some fighters to escape. VIDEO:
  3. Hi! Am I back? I’m honestly not really sure. I haven’t contributed to the MUGEN community in years.

  4. This isn't a new release at all: I haven't worked on Olimar in about four years. However, I forgot to officially release him. Like in the Super Smash Bros. series, Olimar relies on Pikmin to give him a decent range. He can throw purple, yellow, and white Pikmin, and he also has a red Pikmin that follows him. Olimar has a pretty limited moveset, and its sprites were taken and edited from the other Olimar release that is much older than this one. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7c4fr9kjqd0cnzn/olimar.zip?dl=0 Video of Olimar in action:
  5. I created another version of SpongeBob in 2015. I haven't updated it since, and a somewhat large fraction of its move set is derived from various references in the show. Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/kvomboo32dq2j8x/Bob_of_Sponging.zip/file Video of SpongeBob in action: A Random MUGEN Video (unrelated link for anyone who wants to download the Olimar shown in the video as well: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7c4fr9kjqd0cnzn/olimar.zip?dl=0)
  6. Currently, I'm working on a *decent* version of Olimar. While I HAVE programmed enough for a beta release, and I probably WILL release it as is for beta purposes, I still think I should do more before I give y'all a full release. Currently, he has 4 specials and 2 hypers, however, 3/4 of the specials are just variations of each other (they vary by what type of Pikmin Olimar throws). IMAGES:
  7. currently making Olimar, a beta of him will be released soon

    1. TopKirby8305


      Cools!  We can use a good Olimar in Mugen!  Can't wait to see him!  xD

  8. BUMP! I wanted to bump this post, tell me I'm not to early to do so.
  9. We need some WHEELS.

    1. RMaster007



  10. A really bad and unfinished character, but I might as well post it here. http://www.mediafire.com/download/8rafb16wd74p5nh/Max+%282%29.zip
  11. Hello, I am TheNoahGuy1. I am a fellow MUGENite on this website, but you could've already guessed that. Welp, that's really all I'm gonna say.
  12. How tough am I? I ate a bowl of nails for breakfast Without any milk.
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